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  1. johnsonian85

    Mag hitting underside of barrel ramp

    Yeah, my CK open gun did the same with MBX mags. Same as the others, I just filed the mag a bit, cleaned it up after with a buffing wheel.
  2. johnsonian85

    0pen Magazines

    Just get the MBX, they work. I have a couple 140's and don't use them a ton. I like the feeling of reloading a 170 better and didn't see a change in my reload par time. The extra oh crap mag on my belt is the only time I use a 140 (saves weight on the belt).
  3. johnsonian85

    where to get 4/40 flat head screw for mag button ?

    I think I got mine at Fastenal locally.
  4. johnsonian85

    Can recoil buffer cause FTE?

    I have used the wilson ones in my 2011's for the and never caused an issue. I do change it out when it looks chewed up and gross.
  5. johnsonian85

    Help me develope a dry fire routine

    I will second the Stoeger and Anderson books. I have both, they go about thing slightly differently with the same objective. I think it is worth buying both, reading them and seeing which method you like. I use drills from both.
  6. johnsonian85

    Salomon Speedcross life? How much wear?

    Speedcross (or other trail shoes) have been the best thing I have found for indoor matches on concrete. I got about 3 years out of my first pair before they started to wear out, I only wear them at matches or outdoor range practice.
  7. johnsonian85

    Springs and followers

    MBX springs and followers have worked for me.
  8. johnsonian85

    So I ordered my Limcat Sabercat, now what?

    I would skip the 140s and 155's and just get 170s. I started with 140s to reload with because I thought it felt better (coming from lim). Then I had a stage were I wanted to reload to a 170 for round count reasons and had issues reloading off the belt with a 170. Spent the next couple days dry firing with only 170s for reloads, now it's easier for me to reload a 170 than a 140 and I never have to think about where in the stage my reload is happening.
  9. I just watched his videos, it was a huge help. Having a really strong weak hand grip seemed to help me with good trigger pulls. I tried to do this:
  10. johnsonian85

    First open gun

    I bought a used CK on the forum and it's worked well since the day I got it. I plan to get something built (or build) in a couple years. Are you currently reloading? If you want to shoot major that's almost a must so the cost should be considered.
  11. johnsonian85

    Cheely E2 vs PT Evo

    Thanks for the magwell pics!
  12. johnsonian85

    Cheely E2 vs PT Evo

    I assume so but can you confirm is you have to use the CK magwell with the Cheely grip?
  13. johnsonian85

    At home kit for custom ear plugs?

    I used the Radian home custom once for a couple years. They work ok and are comfortable. I'm using Wild Ears now. It's a home fit kit that you form and send to them to make the plugs. They have been really nice so far, I started using them this spring.
  14. johnsonian85

    Bent firing pin

    I've always put snap caps on the top of the mag and in the chamber for this reason. They get pretty beat up but still do the job.
  15. I would say you don't want them moving because of the trigger pull. The Bob Vogel grip training help me a lot with this.