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  1. Depends on how much spare stuff you like to have. I carry 3 170's and 2 140's in my bag. I started and reloaded with 170's, after I got used to them it was just as fast as a 140 and keep options open.
  2. I have one.  I can send you pictures when I get home tonight if you'd like.  I'll need to make sure I still have the screws for the holster attachment.  Everything else is there.

    1. johnsonian85


      Sorry, a BOSS hanger

    2. Posvar


      Yes please. Thanks!

    3. johnsonian85


      Sorry.  Forgot about this.  Listing a house monday so preoccupied.  I put in on my calendar for tonight.  Email that you want the photos sent to?

  3. I don't like having one on my limited gun but have a go gun on my open gun and love it. Not really sure why I like it on one and not the other but it works and the transition isn't bad with a little dry fire.
  4. Well I switched out my grip for a PT Evo I had with a dawson mag release. That fixed the MBX mag issue. Overdid it a little on playing with the trigger pretravel and it wouldn't shoot with the STI mags (would with MBX). Corrected that and now it seems to work on the bench, will need to test on the range. Testing the mags is a good idea, The STI tubes are all wider (front to back) than all the MBX mags I have (9mm). I'll look at some of the Atlas videos and see what they should be. Thanks for all the info!
  5. My open gun has an offset mount and it bugged me for about a week. I stopped noticing is while dryfiring/shooting in a couple days, then forgot about it completely. You'll forget about it and it wont matter.
  6. It was the same load as I normally use. I got a Dawson mag catch in there now (switched the grip) so I'll test that out and see what happens. His mags are over a year old and work perfect in his gun, I'll see about measuring the feed lip but might just have to buy a new mag and test it out in my gun. I'm not messing with his mags since they work great for him. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  7. I tired my STI Edge .40 with a friends MBX mag and it wouldn't feed, bullets nose diving into the feedramp. Anyone else had this issue/have a potential solution? I was thinking about trying the Dawson Mag Release with the positive lock to see if that will help. Normally the mags I use are STI tubes, TTI basepads, grams spring/follower. MBX have worked great in my CK 9mm and would like to be able get them for the .40.
  8. Sorry. I mean wearing hard plastic/metal cleats doesn't have enough advantage (over trail running shoes) to risk slipping in the cleats.
  9. Seems like the risk of stepping on a wood fault line is not worth the marginal grip gained from trail running shoes.
  10. Yeah, my CK open gun did the same with MBX mags. Same as the others, I just filed the mag a bit, cleaned it up after with a buffing wheel.
  11. Just get the MBX, they work. I have a couple 140's and don't use them a ton. I like the feeling of reloading a 170 better and didn't see a change in my reload par time. The extra oh crap mag on my belt is the only time I use a 140 (saves weight on the belt).
  12. I have used the wilson ones in my 2011's for the and never caused an issue. I do change it out when it looks chewed up and gross.
  13. I will second the Stoeger and Anderson books. I have both, they go about thing slightly differently with the same objective. I think it is worth buying both, reading them and seeing which method you like. I use drills from both.
  14. Speedcross (or other trail shoes) have been the best thing I have found for indoor matches on concrete. I got about 3 years out of my first pair before they started to wear out, I only wear them at matches or outdoor range practice.
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