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  1. Ohvall

    New P-10 F CR

    I have yet to see a P-10 FCR at any of my local gun stores. Is that because CZ isn't making them fast enough or because retailers don't think they'll sell?
  2. Ohvall

    New P-10 F CR

    Thanks, that's a great picture. Is the CR chamber a hair wider as well? It looks that way.
  3. Ohvall

    New P-10 F CR

    And a third question: Why did CZ bother with aftermarket magazine baseplates that don't add any capacity?
  4. Ohvall

    New P-10 F CR

    I'm interested in the new CZ P-10 F Competition-Ready model that CZ just released. Please share your impressions if you've handled one. Things I wonder about: 1) How good is the upgraded trigger and what is the pull weight? 2) Does the barrel not have the typical CZ short chamber/leade? Does this have any impact on accuracy and/or velocity?
  5. How does the grip size of the AXG frame compare with a medium X5 (non-Legion) grip module?
  6. I handled a Witness P Match Pro (polymer frame, long slide, adjustable sights) last week. It felt great in my hand and I liked the sights, but the trigger was not good. The single action pull was long and I could feel multiple bumps before the sear released.
  7. It appears that Beretta has discontinued the APX Target model. Only a few ever trickled out to distributors before the COVID panic hit and the gun market went crazy.
  8. I would like to hear from those who have put high round counts through the CZ P-10 pistols. How well do they hold up to heavy use? And when things do start to wear out and break, which parts are likely to need replacement? The P-10 pistols are so Glockish that I would expect them to be very durable but it would be nice to see a testimonial or two for peace of mind.
  9. When the long slide version with the 5" barrel arrives I will give the PDP a closer look.
  10. Is anyone here shooting a VP9L? I am curious about how much of an advantage the long slide provides.
  11. The new pistol is the FN 509 LS Edge. As expected, it does have a 5" barrel and magwell, but the three magazines it comes with are all 17-rounders. (Really, FN? You couldn't include even one of the 24-round mags you already make?) Sights are a fiber optic front and fixed black rear. The upgraded trigger has a flat face and a 4-5 pound pull weight. So... this 509 Edge is probably very nice but it looks a lot like a Canik TP9SFX for over twice as much money. MSRP is $1499. Compared to a SIG P320 X-5, the FN comes with fewer, smaller magazines, no adjustable sight option, no modular grip frame and still costs more money.
  12. Now FN is billing this release as "The ultimate in tactical firearms". Hmmm... They already have a 509 Tactical, so how much more "tactical" will this be? Anyway, odds are it won't be the match pistol I hoped to get.
  13. FN America has sent out emails hinting at a new model to be released next Monday. From the teaser pic, it looks like a 509 with an optic plate and slide lightening cuts, so I expect that this will be some sort of "sport" model along the lines of the SIG P320 X5, XD(M) Competition and Glock 34. I've been hoping for something like this ever since the 509 was introduced, but my expectations are low. Maybe we'll get a long slide with a 5" barrel, a magwell, an extended mag release, a rougher grip texture and 22+ round magazines, but the sights and trigger will probably be generic 509 and the MSRP will likely be north of $1400.
  14. I am a little surprised that some of the 380 EZ Shield pistols are not cycling properly. Mine has run 100% in limited testing and it feels undersprung. I was thinking that adding about 2-3 pounds to the recoil spring would make it a bit less "EZ" to rack but also softer shooting. Further testing will have to wait until I can switch my reloading press over from 9mm to .380. I'm not going to pay $1.50/round panic prices for factory ammo!
  15. Is the 941F compatible with regular CZ-75 magazines? And are there many holster options?
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