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  1. Ohvall

    Sig P 210 old and new

    How did the American P210 group compared to the Shadow 2?
  2. The new APX Target (long slide, 4.7" barrel, 5# trigger, adjustable sights, optics plate) looks interesting. I am waiting to see how retail prices compare to the MSRP of $699.
  3. I rarely see threads about the FN 509. Why is that? I know that FN has a poor history of supporting competitive shooters, their magazines are over-priced, their triggers are only a bit better than Glock's, and aftermarket parts and holsters are scarce. But it does seem like a 509 Tactical could be competitive in Carry Optics.
  4. Looking at the online load data from Alliant and Hodgdon, Sport Pistol seems to be very similar to Win 231/Hodgdon HP-38. I've done a little testing in 45 ACP and Sport PIstol performs much like Win 231 with light loads in that cartridge. The Sport Pistol granules are also about the same size as those for Win 231 - maybe a little smaller. I'm going to test to see how the two powders compare in density.
  5. I load 5.2 grains of BE-86 under a Zero 115 grain JHP-C and it's a very accurate, soft shooting load in my Glock 34. The same powder charge with an Xtreme 115 gr heavy plate concave base RN bullet also works well. You'll probably need to go up to 5.6 grains of BE-86 to make Minor PF.
  6. I just noticed something interesting in the online load data from Hodgdon and Alliant. Both loads are max for a 45 ACP with a 200 grain LSWC: IMR Target 5.8 gr 1007 fps Sport Pistol 5.8 gr 1005 fps Curiously, Alliant has far more data for Sport Pistol than for Bullseye in 45 ACP.
  7. I've done a little loading with IMR Target. It is similar to Bullseye, but not close enough to share load data. When I loaded 4.3 grains under a Zero 185 grain JHP I got performance similar to the same bullet over 4.5 grains of Bullseye. (Sorry, I don't have any chronograph numbers.) I'm still trying to find a niche for it.
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