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  1. This sounds like a mess waiting to happen. We always try to set steel far enough from the closest part of the fault line.
  2. I just use the same 124 RN Plated Berrys I use in all of my guns. I did have trouble with some hollow points one time.
  3. They make a tool to tune the extractor. It just controls the amount of bend applied
  4. EGW is what I always replace them with. No MIM parts and don't have to worry about working down too much and getting soft spots on the hooks.
  5. Are the feed lips making contact with the slide? Like hanging a little?
  6. I have had good luck with my DAA Racemaster mag holders that I use with the 2011 just adjust them all the way out on tension.
  7. Challenge targets has a new one that can use 2 arms if you want as an option. Looks cool have not shot one yet though.
  8. I never shot aluminum myself but that makes sense. This one separated but blew powder and debris out the ejection port.
  9. I saw this a while back with Aluminum cased ammo. Not sure if it is a PCC thing or not but the guy was running PCC. Obviously new ammo.
  10. I have had great luck with the Gibbz with the extended handle and a JP bolt. I did do the silent capture and had to change springs on that to get it to run my reloads reliable but now it shoots great. It is a heavier gun with the EoTech and full barrel. COmpared to my Taccom and Aimpoint micro gun. I enjoy shooting them both and both have their strong and weak points.
  11. Been having trouble with one of mine. I am definitely going to try the Hyperfire but did they change the letter/numbering?
  12. I run both a 558 and a T1 on 2 different PCC's I have and do well with both.
  13. A buddy built his own Master Caster and I bought the Ballistic Sizer and we have a bullet co-op of sorts. I use powder coat as well. So far I have used Harbor Freight powder and have been happy with it. It is not a nice looking as the ones you have there. We bought literally a ton or more Lino and Monotype lead at an auction from an old newspaper owner. We mix that with soft lead we find.
  14. Set mine up for 5.56 and 7.62. I made a collector out of an old powder jar to collect the swaged cases instead of removing them one at a time. I don't sort headstamp but it says to. I like it a lot better than the bench swagers and a 1050 is not in my budget so it works for what it is. If the cases stick I think you need to add more pressure so the spring can push it off after is swages. (I think)
  15. Midway has free hazmat on Winchester primers right now. You have to buy 5K I think to qualify.
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