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IFG TANFO STOCK 2 / Carry Optics & MBX TANFO mags


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On 8/23/2022 at 8:22 PM, bobbyblaze said:

Will the MBX 140mm mags fit and work for IFG Large Frame TANFO STOCK 2 / for Carry Optics?

Okay I purchased 4 MBX Tanfoglio Large Frame 9mm 140 magazines and none of them will feed properly. The round hits the ramp and pops up and the slide traps the round against the barrel. I am super frustrated. No help from MBX. Does any one use these mags for carry optics and if so how do you get them to work? running a RN bullet profile. 

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Same here.  Figured I'd bash on them someday and see if they were fixable but haven't messed with it.  My rib-extended factory mags with Henning pads have been working well enough at 23+1.


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