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  1. Mine have the plastic followers that work great clean, but have to clean them every other stage if it's in the sand. OTW they work great in regular dirt and rocks.
  2. StevenR

    Pcc brass

    Thanks for the info. I will keep a closer eye on the primers, but the bulge seems to run the whole circumference of the brass vs the guppy glock stuff.
  3. StevenR

    Pcc brass

    This may have already been covered, but I couldn't find it. Have been having a lot of bulged brass picked up from matches that are so bulged it makes a ridge at the base of the case after resizing. Thought at first maybe it was 9 major, now I'm thinking it is Pcc as they outnumber open 9's at our range. Just wondering if I am right or wrong. Appreciate any thoughts, not that I can do much except screen the brass better. Thanks
  4. You haven't actually said if you thought the primers were seating appropriately deep. I only do spp, but I have to muscle them in so I really doubt that you are getting them in too deep. My guess would be, not deep enough. Mine worked fine until the paint chipped out on the frame where the primer seater hits, then I added something to even it out.
  5. StevenR

    Safety check at A3

    The function not working is "readiness" not the safety. Is not the readiness a shooter issue? Sounds like a non-problem being made into a problem.
  6. Thanks, appreciate it.
  7. I went through a box of 124/125 gr. with N320 then WST and both were too smokey. Please let us know if you find a good powder as the bullets good otherwise. Thanks.
  8. I go 1.135 with BBI 180's. They are finicky about having enough crimp, but are not hitting the lands.
  9. Hi. You can paypal me at barthightower@yahoo.com. send it as a gift, please. 

    Also, where would you like the mags shipped?

    1. StevenR


      Thanks, just sent the money.

      Send to:

      Steve Thomas

      770 S 75 E

      Cedar City, UT  84720

    2. lawboy


      Got it. Will ship tmw.

  10. StevenR

    Hammer and Sear Wear

    I wonder if perhaps a batch of the competition hammers were not hardened properly or something. My SP-01 with competition hammer wore out in under 20k.
  11. StevenR

    CZ Shadow 2

    Thanks slavex, nice to hear some news.
  12. Had this happen on my LNL and came to the conclusion that these primers are flat enough on the bottom that they would catch, not the one in the priming mechanism, but the one above it. So I polished the areas that could cause that catch and flip action, which seems to have fixed the problem. Don't know where or if that could happen on a Dillon press. Good luck!
  13. Had the my TS 40's barrel break there, but round count was 15-19 K. Could you explain how the angle you mentioned would cause the barrel lug to crack, please. Thanks, Steve
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