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  1. Thank you Mark and Bruce, plus all the great sponsors for their support and great prizes. Great weather once again for the Classic.
  2. Hey! I resent/resemble that remark.
  3. Mine have the plastic followers that work great clean, but have to clean them every other stage if it's in the sand. OTW they work great in regular dirt and rocks.
  4. Thanks, appreciate it.
  5. Hi. You can paypal me at barthightower@yahoo.com. send it as a gift, please. 

    Also, where would you like the mags shipped?

    1. StevenR


      Thanks, just sent the money.

      Send to:

      Steve Thomas

      770 S 75 E

      Cedar City, UT  84720

    2. lawboy


      Got it. Will ship tmw.

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