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  1. Thanks for the update and for GLOCK being one of our sponsors. Peter's stages always exceed my expectations and inevitably teach me something new....I look forward to my first State match.
  2. ....participating in my favorite matches: Cherokee, South River, Cool Springs and River Bend.

    1. Braxton1


      Since you're in Powder Springs, you oughta come shoot with us on Tuesday nights in Fayetteville....

    2. west-cobb


      Yes, I will try.....have been meaning to make your matches. Thanks for the invite!

  3. April's was another awesome match with a huge turnout (108 Shooters)! Thanks for RO'ing our squad Randy.....
  4. I'm working with my daughter on the same project....she is thinking loaf of bread.
  5. I love shooting South River's USPSA, but have never shot 3 gun. I need to just do a match, give it a try and have fun.
  6. I use Ready Tactical for my G34 and am very pleased.....
  7. Welcome Gary......visit georgiaipsc.com for a nice summary of matches.
  8. Ready Tactical....solid product.
  9. You may wish to check out Georgiaipsc.com. I believe there may be a club down in your area: Coastal Area Practical Shooters Good Luck!
  10. Welcome from Powder Springs! Georgiaipsc.com is a great reference.....
  11. Welcome from Atlanta! (I'm originally from the Buffalo area)
  12. Did well on the plate rack also.....but the Texas Star, on the other hand, was a formidable challenge behind hard cover. I'm glad I got the exposure to that type of setup....great match as usual!!!
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