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  1. Disregard, figured it out. Its one of the coils from the hili-coil insert on the mag extension. Must of broke off and was in the threads on the magazine tube and I didn't notice it.
  2. Putting Mossberg 930 JM 22 inch back together and the thinnest ring appeared around the magazine tube while installing barrel. Anyone know where it goes? Working on attaching photo.
  3. 220 yard for pistol. 3 steps for 220 yard rifle.
  4. I use to load 90 gr hp with 4350. Dont remember the charge but the case was almost full and almost at the max out of the manual. Played with oal and was super accurate.
  5. The only one I have set up like that is the "off balance shooting drill". I built 2 stages, one for left and one for right, 2 targets with 10 hits, and 10 strings on each stage. The macro drills I have set up are easier than this type of micro drill. The most strings you can enter is 10. The most hits per target is 15, you can enter more when you build the stage but when you go to score it it will not work. I'm using a droid (evo), I think it is still the beta version. Hope this helps.
  6. Thought you guys that were looking for score sheets might want to try this. Download the Pratciscore app to your phone, build matches for each session,build stage for each drill, use date for shooter name, edit strings for reps, tricky part is targets. I tried to "edit target" so that I had one target for each rep but that will not always work, easy to get around though. The really cool part is you get instant HF, number of A,B,C .., and total time for drill. I just started phase 2 and still have not gone back and calculated all that for phase 1 like I intended to after every session.
  7. I have been running 5.5 grains of tight group or WST behind a MG 115 jhp, major load is same bullet. I have two powder measures and run one of these powders for 45 and 40 so I just change the powder measure out. I'm kind of anal about cleaning powder measures when I change powders so I don't have to go through that this way. The WST is softer. Really need a 7 lb spring for it, but it is so clean it makes it worth it.
  8. Thanks guys, how often do you replace the fp spring when running one of these?
  9. Had some light primer strikes last week and installed an M2I extra long firing pin and extra strong spring I had ordered for back up. The firing pin rest just behind the breech face. Is this to close or normal.
  10. And that is what I'm thinking. So a couple ideas, Dry fire draws and just preload trigger without breaking shot and live fire draw practice from longer distances, say 20-25 yards, where seeing dot is mandatory for good shot. Draw is not exactly lightning at about 1.3 inside of 10 yards and started this stuff about a year ago. Just want to correct it now if its a problem.
  11. Forget to turn my dot on this weekend and nailed the first plate on a Texas Star with first shot. Obviously need to work on routine. 1st thought, the work on index is paying off. 2nd thought, should I have broken the shot when obviously I did not see everything I should (the dot)? I knew instantly what had happened and next move was to turn it on.
  12. Has anyone had any luck with the MG 115 HP below 1250 fps. Trying to keep it simple and just change powders when switching between steel and uspsa. I'm using 4756 for major loads and tried dropping down to 7.0 grains for a steel load. At 7 grains I was getting 1150 fps with vertical stringing of 10 inches or better. Above 1300 fps (8gr 4756) I can get 1.5 inch or better groups at 25. Tried unique and wst with similar results thinking it was the powder. Currently using 5.5 gr. WST and getting 1250 and descent groups. Wondering if it could be the bullet not obturating with lighter load.
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