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  1. Great job on the match! Great stages, great staff, and little to no prop issues. I was impressed guys!
  2. Are we going to be allowed on the range Thursday to walk stages?
  3. TimAustinTX

    Shipping Delayed?

    We were closed for Thursday and Friday due to Area 4 but if you shoot me an email I can address any questions you may have.
  4. Is there going to be range access on Thursday for the Friday shooters?
  5. TimAustinTX

    Awesome customer service

    Howdy Vixty, I'm sorry for the oversight and delay of the products. If you have not contacted us and or heard back form us about the missing item please shoot us and email or call us today and we can get that resolved.
  6. TimAustinTX

    How fast is Ben Stoeger?

    Howdy guys, I'm the Pro Shop dude that is responsible. I'm sorry for the delays and lack of communication. We have been working on resolving this and have instituted some polices in the past week that should help to mitigate these problems. We are working with some developers to fix the displayed inventory on items with options. This has been an ongoing issue and it will be fixed. If you all have any questions feel free to call us or email us and I will do my best to address your questions or complaints as soon as possible.
  7. TimAustinTX

    Shipping Delayed?

    Yes sir we are working on that as well.
  8. TimAustinTX

    Shipping Delayed?

    I'm sorry about that the current host does not have the ability to reflect inventory for each option as I hoped it could. We now are looking into moving to a new platform to resolve this issue but sadly that is not a speedy process.
  9. TimAustinTX

    Shipping Delayed?

    I'm the guy that runs the pro shop and I am sorry for the issues you have had with our service. Please shoot me an email (shopping@benstoegerproshop.com) or give us a call at 512-535-6984. We can sort out what the issue is with your order and make it right.
  10. TimAustinTX

    How fast is Ben Stoeger?

    Sorry for the delay on some stuff guys. We are working on fixing the site so it shows true inventory for all the varies options on the items. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.
  11. It is meant to adapter the safariland holster body to the boss hanger.
  12. TimAustinTX

    Shipping Delayed?

    We are working on fixing this issue with the site so the inventory for each option will be reflected accurately.
  13. TimAustinTX

    Shipping Delayed?

    Shoot us an email or call us and we can let you know what the delay is.
  14. Slots left in Ben's Practical Shooting Skills and Drills Classes near Austin TX February 26-27 (1 Slot Left) March 2-3 (2 Slot Left) March 5-6 (3 Slots Left) This is a "how to train" class. Whatever level you are at, at the end of the class you should have a good idea of how to get to the next level. We work through a variety of drills in "Skills and Drills" and shoot stages. If you are interested email me at Timaustintx at gmail dot com
  15. TimAustinTX

    New version of the BOSS

    I measured it with the ELS and it was in spec with a Glock. We can definitely provide shorter spacers need be but I think it will be within production limits. Got this setup with my ELS Belt, and Comp-Tac Intl holster for my M&P last night. It is definitly NOT production legal. It was about 2.75inches offset. I think I would have to eliminate the spacer to make it legal. We use the blade-tech pouch which prob has a different offset and the difference in gun model may makeup some too. I would assume anyone running the non standard mount would have to measure and adjust accordingly. I'm a bit surprised that you are that far off but we do have shorter spacers if you think that will help.