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  1. Hey Mike.. any work on stages or match bood???  :):):)   

  2. We are over 1/2 full already for the match and it's filling up fast.. Please, if you register and don't see an email with payment instructions, reach out to area4@uspsa.org and we will make sure we get the instructions in your hands. Apparently a lot of providers are sending Practiscore emails directly to their filters for junk email.. Glock has come onboard again this year as a Match Sponsor!! That means more guns for Division/Class winners (as available). Mike
  3. There will be CO for sure. I’ll have to investigate. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Looking at 410 including staff. We are going to run an 8 and 4 schedule on the weekend with 10 12 person squads. This will allow us to end by noon and be on to awards by 1:30pm on Sunday. Thursday - Staff and Sponsors and shooters - All 12 stages Friday - Shooters - All 12 Stages (10 12-person squads) Saturday AM - Start at 8:00am Saturday and shoot 8 stages (10 12-person squads), Shoot 4 Sunday starting at 10:00am Saturday PM - Start at 12:30pm Saturday and shoot 8 stages (10 12-person squads), Shoot 4 Sunday starting at 8:00am Awards starting at 1:30pm Sunday. Mike
  5. Sign up starts Monday. Remember, this is going to be a full on 1st class Area match and the registration fee is only $150. Last year we left over 100 people on the waitlist, so sign up early. Mike
  6. September 14-16 2018 at the Old Fort Gun Club in beautiful Van Buren Arkansas, just outside Ft Smith. This will be a 12 stage Level 3 Championship with ~275 rounds as well as chrono. This year we will do prizes in order of finish and awards will be given at the awards ceremony on Sunday around noon. We will shoot a 9 and 3 schedule for the weekend and an all day Friday option. When: 9/14-9/16 Staff shoot 9/13 Where: Old Fort Gun Club, Van Buren AR What: 12 stages plus chrono, 275 rounds Cost: $150 adults and $100 juniors (under 18 at time of match). Yes, you read that right. An Area match for $150 with a match t-shirt and awards for division and class finish. 2017 division and class winners, please contact me prior to signing up for a discounted rate. Hotel: Information will be coming soon. We are in process of negotiating the best price possible Lunch: Will be available on the range. If we can make it work, it will be included in match fee Registration: PractiScore.com open on 1/1 I learned quite a bit after a very successful 2017 match about what needs to be changed to accommodate competitors even better. Match Staff: please contact me at area4@uspsa.org for information. Last years Staff has first priority. Staff cutoff will be 5/1. Mike
  7. Sorry about that. It might be getting flagged as you suspect. I was in the final throws of my Area Match so it may have been missed in th shuffle, but I will Check again. If anyone sends the comments to me, if you wouldn’t mind following up here, I’ll make sure to be on the lookout just in case it does go into a black hole. Mike
  8. Who did you all send your feedback to? Most of what we received were grammatical errors and clarification comments that are being worked.. If you all have any comments or questions, shoot to me at area4@uspsa.org and we'll make sure to get them addressed. The consensus is that it's been pretty quiet since the drafts were released, but I want to make sure we address comments.. Mike
  9. So can we pay at the match if we are squadded but don't show as paid?
  10. We thought it would be pretty cool to name stages after our awesome sponsors products. There is one that's a little different but folks that know Tony at MRPS will understand. I included the WSB's since they are the official stage procedures and descriptions. Thanks and see everyone up there next week!
  11. The new version has been submitted for posting. I apologize folks, between trying to make accommodations for our Houston shooters and putting the finishing touches on things, we missed a typo or two. It should be good to go now. Please bring Chad and I plenty of Sugar Free Red Bulls!! 101-110 - Friday all day, starting at 8:00am 201-210 - Saturday morning starting at 8:00am, 6 stages. Starting last 6 stages on Sunday at 12:00pm 301-310 - Saturday afternoon starting at 12:00pm, 6 stages. Starting Sunday morning at 8:00am for the last 6 stages. Mike
  12. Just a typo. Squad 301-310 will start Saturday afternoon. Squad 301 on stage 1, etc. sorry for the error. My fault completely. We will get it updated.
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