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  1. I wondered about that. Even stretched it out a bit to see if it would help. I've been doing a lot a load practice lately so it definitely has been worked. Have a couple new springs on the way.
  2. After digging through this thread for an hour without any luck I'll ask the question. My m3000 has run into an issue were it will not chamber a round from the mag tube about 40% of the time. The fired shell ejects fine and the bolt goes forward but the next round will not chamber and remains on the lifter. I've tried several different brands of shells and have the same issue. Anyone seen this before?
  3. They said the same thing in May and then in June. I quit waiting and picked up a Steiner.
  4. I bought a $16 dollar M3500 lifter from Numrich and cut it back a bit. Works great in my M3000. Not sure why Midwest has them @ $75 bucks.
  5. The only difference is the length, 3/4 or 1 inch.(15/16). The longer one was only one in stock when I ordered. Took about an hour of grinding all the extra with my belt sander clamped to a bench.
  6. I used the 'Special Slotted" Kickeez. http://www.kickeezproducts.com/eezy-fit.php The slot gives you a lot space and I didn't have to re-drill. It it big though, I had a lot to grind off.
  7. Yeah? Please name one that works on 3 gun shotguns. I saw on FB that Steve Rose built a M2 for Katelyn Francis. I bet he did a lot of chopping to get it down to her size. The benellis would take a lot more work with those clip in pads.
  8. Any gunsmith should be able to fit and grind a recoil pad. I just did it the redneck way. I cut the stock with my miter saw and ground it with my belt sander clamped on a bench. Any decent smith should have a bandsaw, jig, and disk sander to get the job done right.
  9. I tried to shorten it with the stock pad like Ryan but ran into problem grinding the stock pad. It has a scalloped plate that wouldn't grind clean. I picked up a kick-ez pad with a long slot that you can fit to a lot of guns. I had to make another cut as it was longer but it worked out fine. I was able to cut about 5/8 off and still was able to use the stock mounting holes. If I took much more off I would have had to add a new screw hole with epoxy to get it mounted. It's shade under 14" now. I still have some finish grinding to do but here is a pick after the rough grind. The kick-ez makes a big difference in the felt recoil.
  10. My m3000 needed mods, serial 1247xxx. Fitting a kick-ez on it this weekend to shorten it up.
  11. From what I can tell from the latest posts it's the M3500 models that has been reported as a direct fit. Most of the M3000s seem to need a little work with the exception of Mr. Kelleys.
  12. All the info in this thread has been great. Little dremel work and I was able to get a nordic +5 to work on the 24". Nice little blaster for under $550.00 so far. Need to visit my buddy with a bridgeport for some loading port work and i'll be gtg. [/url]
  13. Interesting, I picked up a 24" a couple weeks ago and have been looking for info on what extension fits. Nordic says none and some say Nova with mods. Was the the nut you re-threaded for the Nova?
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