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  1. Clay1, I use Decot Hy-Wyd bifocals and settled on the following configuration with the help of Robert from Decot. My bifocal is a 2.50, they brought .75 of that up into the main part of the lens to bring the handgun front sight into focus. This for me was not enough to disturb the long distance focus (barely noticeable). The bifocal line was placed low enough so as not to be in the way for any activities other than close up reading, etc.. I initially started with .25 in the main part of the lens and that was not enough and didn't last long. the bifocal still remains a 2.5 overall. The light rose color works well all around for me. Hope this helps.
  2. I can hardly spell shotgun, let alone run one like Kurt or Pat, but I can answer triple T's question with a resounding "YES!"
  3. My Vinci was 10" high at 50 yds. so I mounted a Hi Viz FO front on a .125" spacer cut to the width of the rib. (1/8 X 1 flat bar) Used a longer mounting screw through the Hi Viz , spacer and into the OEM threads then drilled and pinned it like Mike @ AI did to my M2. Right on the money now.
  4. Roll you and your rifle over 90 degrees right or left and know where you hit. Example: under a low barricade or a narrow horizontal port.
  5. The lifter spring is prone to getting tired also. Sarge's suggestion and this are some likely causes. Parts are SX2 interchangeable, Brownells has a good diagram my link fu is weak.
  6. How many company owners would handle a publicly aired complaint with as much tact and aplomb as those two have? Kudos to both.
  7. Brownells SX2 same as SLP http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/sid=353/schematicsdetail/
  8. .380 rear to .385 max front feed lip width, narrower at rear of mag with slight flair toward front. Once I switched to 2011's I figured I better know how to keep them running. $100 for a tuning kit and some knowledge gained goes a long way.
  9. 2 home built, 2 Noveske's and 2 JP's (JP15 & CTR) drop free with both Gen 2 and Gen 3 with Gen 2 a little tighter
  10. +7 will give you 10 rounds but be beyond the end of the barrel
  11. Which spring? What caliber? If it's recoil springs, my CQB Elite 5" in .45 runs a 17#.
  12. Uber, Looks like it applies to all divisions and appears to be the first time they've shot the match. ( "X" designation) Rick
  13. 9MM and .223 for me also. Thanks to all who made this happen. Rick Collier
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