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  1. Doug H.

    Can I compete with a gasser

    Go for it! If you know your dope and your gun you’ll probably never finish below 50%. Gas guns have advantages over bolts guns in some types of long range competitions. Doug
  2. Doug H.

    End Of Course Of Fire

    Good answer, 13 years late. Doug
  3. Doug H.

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    I've used the FastFire 2 and 3, Cmore Slideride & STS, Aimpoint H1 & PRO, JP Jpoint, Trijicon RMR 06 and TruGlo Tru-Tec 20mm (looks the same as the Holosun HS403b). Jpoint was the only one that ever broke for me and after only one session on a Glock 34. FastFire 2s had some problems with the tiny screws falling out but were replaced quickly, only problem being that I needed to have 2 in rotation at all times with one on the gun and one heading back to be replaced. Any of them will work, I prefer the Aimpoint H1 because it is small but it's too pricey for me to buy for a fun gun. The Aimpoint Pro is a good deal and I don't notice the scope body because I shoot with both eyes open. My new 9mm SBR has the TruGlo Tru-Tec 20mm red dot on it and it functions perfectly, is the size of the H1 and was under $150. If it holds up it will be the best deal for the money. I have it on an absolute co-witness mount which I had to buy because I felt the included 1/3 co-witness mount was too high. Doug
  4. Doug H.

    Focal Plane in 2-10X Optics

    Over 6 power I would prefer FFP for 3 gun. A couple of years ago at Rocky Mountain we used a rifle sling on one of the long range stages. I had a lot of trouble hitting targets past 200, my zero range, and later found that the power ring had moved from 6x to 3x. That meant the hold overs on my Swaro 1-6 BRT (SFP) were only worth half of what they should have been (e.g. a 2 mil hold, about 27" for a 400 yard target, would only be worth 1 mil or about 13.5"). With a 1-6 scope I can run at full power on long shots where the holds are correct. With a 8 or 10 power scope I probably wouldn't want to use full power all the time and SFP reticles would not be correct. FFP reticles would be correct regardless of what power is chosen. Doug
  5. Doug H.

    Muzle brake for 11.5

    I went with a VG6 Precision Gamma 556 on my 10.5 SBR after using one on a full auto 10.5" prop gun last year at NWMGC. I was impressed with how flat it stayed in full auto and figured it should be good semi-auto as well. I have not been disappointed. Doug
  6. Doug H.

    List of Comps for PCCs

    Works pretty good, I've had a few jams. I put in the paperwork to SBR a Quarter Circle 10 lower so I have separate.223 and 9mm SBRs. Saves shifting parts. Doug
  7. Doug H.

    List of Comps for PCCs

    For my 8.3" I took an old .223 comp and Dremeled it out. Works fine, didn't cost anything. Doug
  8. Doug H.

    Tax stamps

    The new rules, 41f. Trusts were the hot ticket in the past but now they are receiving more scrutiny. Trusts often have multiple people on them and they all have to be vetted. I'd be willing to bet that they are running different examiners on Trusts and Individuals. Doug
  9. Doug H.

    Tax stamps

    Biggest factor now is whether you filed as a Trust or an Individual. Individual Form 1s are coming through from May 2017. Trusts are running 10-14 months. NFA Tracker has pretty good data. Calling the NFA branch will tell you a lot but not everything. Doug
  10. Doug H.

    SBR tax stamp

    There are still advantages to trusts but speed is not one of them. Doug
  11. Doug H.

    SBR tax stamp

    I sent one out Wednesday and the check was cashed this morning, the clock is running! Doug
  12. Doug H.

    SBR tax stamp

    The triangles represent returned stamps and the graphs were generated today on NFAtracker.com. Above are both graphs combined. Doug
  13. Doug H.

    SBR tax stamp

    I think it really depends on the type of submission. Form 1 Trusts are taking about a year per NFA Tracker but Form 1 Individuals are coming back in 3-4 months. Looks like Trusts are getting a lot more scrutiny than in the past due to the new requirements of 41F. Doug
  14. Doug H.

    SBR tax stamp

    I sent a Form 1 Individual SBR yesterday, we'll see how long it takes. Doug
  15. Doug H.

    Matchsaver wont retain shell

    A small amount of Super Glue will hold it in place for the entire match. Doug