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  1. He-Man 3-Gun Nationals - May 8-9, 2021 Whittington Center Raton, NM http://heman3gun.webs.com/ Precision/Tactical 2-Rifle Match - May 29-30, 2021 Whittington Center (Coal Canyon) Raton, NM, https://johnson3gun.webs.com/ Rocky Mountain 3-Gun - August 14-15, 2021 Whittington Center Raton, NM https://rm3gworld.webs.com/
  2. He-Man 3-Gun Nationals - NRA Whittington Center May 16-17, 2020. https://heman3gun.webs.com/ Johnson 3-Gun RM3G - NRA Whittington Center August 15-16, 2020. https://rm3gworld.webs.com/ Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle Match - NRA Whittington Center Coal Canyon May 30-31, 2020. https://johnson3gun.webs.com/
  3. We just started the waitlist...send stuff in and we'll get you on it. I am working on scheduling to allow more in, but we have to wait and see!
  4. Our He-Man Edition is just around the corner! May 18-19, 2019 at the NRA Whittington Center Have a few slots left. Applications at: https://heman3gun.webs.com/ Here's the plan: Stage 1 – 3-Gun (Slung Shotgun) – 12 Rifle steel from 175-600 yards, 12 pistol, 6 slugs, 6 bird Stage 2 – Rifle/Pistol – 15 rifle steel from 80 – 550, 4 rifle paper, 2 rifle clays, 14 pistol steel, 2 pistol clays and 5 pistol paper Stage 3 – 3-Gun (Rifle Sling) – 26 birdshot (throwers, launchers, swingers), 8 pistol steel, 12 rifle steel 65-425 yard Stage 4 – 3-Gun (Rifle Sling) – 2 slugs, 12 birdshot, 10 rifle steel, 4 rifle paper, 8 pistol steel, 4 pistol paper Stage 5 – Shotgun/Pistol – 15 birdshot, 5 steel and 3 clays pistol/birdshot optional, 17 pistol steel, 6 pistol paper Stage 6 – Rifle/Shotgun – 22 rifle steel 90-275 yards, 16 birdshot, 3 slugs TOTAL: Rifle: 71 steel, 8 paper, 2 clays Pistol: 55 steel, 19 paper, 2 clays (8 optional) Shotgun: 75 birdshot, 11 slugs (8 optional)
  5. I think the rules are like laws. Just because there is a law that you can't commit murder only stops the good people. They don't stop bad guys. Laws aren't proactive, they just allow penalties. You and I both know that many DQ events happen so quickly, the RO can't stop it. Now with some "safety rules" like wrong gun in a safety area...I agree it's not really a safety issue. But, like the rules of gun safety, if you are trying to follow all 4, when you break 1, it's bad, but no one dies!
  6. So you agree with that post way back there, that your score for the match would read DQ. But you and everyone else could see your stage scores of the stages before the DQ?? I think most people thought you meant you could still win if you DQ'd and were enough ahead! Just clarifying!
  7. Wanted to remind everyone, we have some spaces left for the April 13-14, 2019 Precision/Tactical 2-Rifle match at NRA Whittington Center Coal Canyon. The match will have 8 stages where you use an AR-15 for 10 targets (for 10 points) and a Precision Rifle for 5 targets (for up to 10 points) on every stage. Some stages have you moving a distance while shooting, while some have you changing positions just a little. Precision Targets are steel out to 900 yards. AR-15 targets are out to 400 yards, You travel about a mile and a half each day and you can have scopes, bipods, tripods, bags on whatever guns you want. You should have a pack as you carry everything with you between stages. Cost is $80. No prize table, but many sponsors and there will be gifts as well as prizes for top finishers. Applications are available at: https://johnson3gun.webs.com/ Should be a lot of fun!
  8. Quite a few apps actually. Try to get them in pretty soon, so we can be sure we have a good plan for the schedule! Apps at: https://johnson3gun.webs.com/
  9. We hope so...a little shorter, but you'll want to bring almost the same amount of ammo! Bwahahaha!
  10. Just a reminder...Johnson 3-Gun is having a smaller version of Rocky Mountain 3-Gun August 24-25, 2019 at the NRA Whittington Center There will be 6 natural terrain stages. There will be NO PRIZE TABLE, but we have almost 40 sponsors already, so there will be gifts for various things and some cash prizes. It's dialed a back for this year and we will see going forward! Applications are available at: https://rm3gworld.webs.com/ Thanks to all these wonderful sponsors for their amazing support! American Mountain Supply, Bravo Concealment Holsters, Brownells, Bruno's Pizza and Wings, Burris Optics, CArbon Arms, CMC Triggers, Comp-Tac Victory Gear, Crossbreed Holsters, Dillon Precision, Ergo Grips, Gun Goddess, Hearing Protection Services, Hodgdon Powder, Ice House, JP Enterprises, Keltec, LaRue Tactical, Luth-AR, Mesa Tactical, Nightforce Optics, Nordic Components, Redding Reloading, Rise Armament, Seekins Precision, Sentry Hexmag, Starline Brass, Thunder Beast Arms Corp, Timney Triggers, TOP Shooting Insitute, Trijicon, Truweigh, Vortex, Warne Scope Mounts, XLR Industries, XS Sights.
  11. Applications for the 2-Rifle matches are up at: https://johnson3gun.webs.com/ Because of the concerns and not being 100% sure everything will go as planned... We ask that you send a $40 check in with the application to save your place. If you cancel more than 3 weeks out or a match gets cancelled, I will shred the check. If all goes as planned, you will owe $40 more cash or check upon arrival at the match! ?
  12. Johnson 3-Gun - 2-Rifle Matches NRA Whittington Center - Coal Canyon April 13-14, 2019 Sept 7-8, 2019 https://johnson3gun.webs.com/
  13. Johnson 3-Gun Schedule 2019 April 13-14 - Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle - Coal Canyon Pre-Sign up should be available. Stay tuned. May 18-19 - Johnson 3-Gun He-Man Edition Pre-Sign up will be available...look for applications in January. Shooter's briefing 0730 Saturday May 18. 3 Divisions - He-Man Iron, He-Man Scope and wee-man August 24-25 - Johnson 3-Gun RM3G light Edition Pre-Sign up will be available...look for applications in January. Shooter's briefing 0730 Saturday August 24. 5 Divisions - He-Man Iron, He-Man Scope, Limited Iron, Limited Scope, Open There will be a buffet dinner available at Gunslingers II on Saturday evening for both 3-Gun matches. The plan is standing RO's on all stages. No prize table...just 6 natural terrain stages for fun shooting. September 7 - Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle - Coal Canyon Applications and more information in the future: https://johnson3gun.webs.com/
  14. We've had talks, and there has been some motion...but there is still some issues. For 2019, we will hold 4 matches at Whittington: Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle match - April 13-14, 2019 - Coal Canyon Johnson 3-Gun He-Man Edition - May 18-19, 2019 Johnson 3-Gun Rocky Mountain Edition - August 24-25, 2019 Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle match - September 7 2019 - Coal Canyon Stay tuned for more information!
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