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  1. Here it is! This is a TARGET estimate. The stages are planned and most on the ground, so these counts should be close! Paper needs one A or B or two anywhere to avoid penalty. You NEED a rifle sling. We will not use a shotgun sling. No buckshot required or desired. Birdshot targets are for birdshot! 1 –3-Gun – 2 slugs, 10 birdshot, 7 pistol steel, 5 pistol paper, 15 rifle steel 2 – shotgun/pistol – 10 angle irons and 2 clays for birdshot only, 7 falling steel and 5 star plates for Pistol or birdshot and 2 paper and 10 steel for pistol only 3 – pistol only – 28 static steel, 1 falling steel, 15 paper and 2 clays 4 – rifle - 30 steel 5 – 3-Gun - 8 pistol steel, 4 pistol paper, 12 birdshot, 12 rifle steel 6 – rifle/shotgun - 12 slugs, 6 birdshot, 18 rifle steel, 4 rifle paper 7 – pistol/rifle – 8 pistol paper, 10 pistol steel, 16 rifle steel, 2 rifle paper (this one will be more accurate tomorrow) 8 – 3-Gun – 12 pistol steel, 10 birdshot, 2 slugs, 12 rifle steel 9 – shotgun – 41 flying, swinging, running and stationary birdshot
  2. I know! We'll let you shoot together anyway!
  3. Because of the Ute Park fire and fire danger, Whittington is having us move this match to the main part of Whittington. We've scoped it out and have another 10 fun stages ready for you! See you soon!
  4. We really are almost full!!! Get those apps in quickly! I don't want anyone to be disappointed! Will start building stages soon, but have a plan already! Think it's going to be a LOT of fun! Thanks so much to presenting/title sponsor Nightforce and ALL our other amazing sponsors! Barnes Precision, Bartlein Barrels, Berger Bullets, Bruno's Pizza and Wings, Burris, Capstone-Lapua/Vihtavouri, Carbon Arms, Defiance Machine, Dillon Precision, Enchanted Grounds, Ergo, Sentry Hexmag, Hodgdon, Hornady, Historic Ice House, JP Enterprises, Kelbly's, Knight's Armament, Kreiger Barrels, Machine Gun Tours, Manner Stocks, Phoenix Weaponry, Pro Ears, Prometheus Arms Co, Proof Research, Recon Sniper Foundation, Redding Reloading, Rocky Mountain Targets, Seekins Precision, Sierra Bullets, Starline Brass, Thunder Beast Arms Corp, Tips and Brass, Troy Industries, Truckvault, Warne, Whidden Gunworks, XLR and XS Sights
  5. It was great having you! We missed you!
  6. Congratulations to: He-Man Iron - 1st Kuan Watson 2nd Connor Dowd 3rd Mark Quintana Top Law Kuan, Top Mil Jon Copeland He-Man Scope - 1st Jared Milinazzo 2nd Preston Clark 3rd Glenn Shelby Top Law Lance Lazoff, Top Mil Rich Boyes Top Lady He-Man - Diana Driscoll Top Junior He-Man - Maize McMurry wee-man -- 1st Craig Calkins - also top law Top Military - James Gill Top Lady - Amanda Hill Top Junior - Steven Warren Thanks to everyone for joining us! Please remember to mail your thank-you postcards!
  7. Thanks to everyone for coming out and joining us!!
  8. Today's results are posted at: http://heman3gun.webs.com/ Thanks to everyone for their hard work!
  9. THIS IS U{DATED STAGES! 1 - Hogback – shotgun/rifle - 36 birdshot, 10 rifle 2 – Cooper – rifle/pistol - way behind – 12 rifle steel, 4 rifle paper, 14 pistol steel, 8 pistol paper 3 – Ajax – 3-Gun – 12 slugs, 12 pistol, 12 rifle 4 – UKD – Rifle only – 22 steel, 7 paper 5 – 1000 yard – 3-Gun –12 rifle, 9 birdshot, 3 slugs, 8 pistol steel, 4 pistol paper 6 – Gully YHEC – 3-Gun –12 rifle, 12 birdshot, 10 pistol steel, 8 pistol paper 7 – Shotgun/Pistol – 38 birdshot/pistol choice targets Total - 67-95 birdshot, 80 rifle steel 11 rifle paper, 54- 72 pistol steel, 18 pistol paper, 15 slugs Probably should bring extra! You NEED a RIFLE SLING! You do not need a shotgun sling! We also want to thank ALL our AMAZING sponsors! A Girl and A Gun Women's Shooting League American Mountain Supply Barnes Precision Machine Inc Brownells, Inc. Bruno's Pizza and Wings, Burris Optics Carbon Arms Corp, CrossBreed Holsters, LLC, Dillon Precision Products, Inc, Dsg Arms, Eggleston Munitions, Enchanted Grounds Espresso Bar & Cafe, ERGO GRIPS, Firebird Precisionn, Sentry Hexmag, Hodgdon Powder, Hornady, The Historic Icehouse, JP Enterprises, Machine Gun Tours, Magpul Industries Corp., Mesa Tactical, Nordic Components, Phoenix Weaponry, Pro Ears, Redding Reloading Equipment, Rocky Mountain Targets, Safariland, Samson Manufacturing, Seekins Precision, Sierra Bullets, Starline Brass, Thunder Beast Arms Corporation, Tactical Performance Center, Troy Industries, TRUCKVAULT, Vortex Optics, Warne Scope Mounts, and XS Sights PLEASE remember them whenever you need to purchase something! 3
  10. They are okay for He-Men in all our matches now! They are also okay for wee-men in this match only!
  11. Where did bayonet come from?? No bayonet...sorry!
  12. Benelli Chick

    2018 Johnson 3-Gun

    Beautiful day at the range! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard today! Hope everyone had fun! Sorry I didn't get to say good-bye to everyone! Results are posted at: http://johnson3gun.webs.com/