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  1. We hope so...a little shorter, but you'll want to bring almost the same amount of ammo! Bwahahaha!
  2. Just a reminder...Johnson 3-Gun is having a smaller version of Rocky Mountain 3-Gun August 24-25, 2019 at the NRA Whittington Center There will be 6 natural terrain stages. There will be NO PRIZE TABLE, but we have almost 40 sponsors already, so there will be gifts for various things and some cash prizes. It's dialed a back for this year and we will see going forward! Applications are available at: https://rm3gworld.webs.com/ Thanks to all these wonderful sponsors for their amazing support! American Mountain Supply, Bravo Concealment Holsters, Brownells, Bruno's Pizza and Wings, Burris Optics, CArbon Arms, CMC Triggers, Comp-Tac Victory Gear, Crossbreed Holsters, Dillon Precision, Ergo Grips, Gun Goddess, Hearing Protection Services, Hodgdon Powder, Ice House, JP Enterprises, Keltec, LaRue Tactical, Luth-AR, Mesa Tactical, Nightforce Optics, Nordic Components, Redding Reloading, Rise Armament, Seekins Precision, Sentry Hexmag, Starline Brass, Thunder Beast Arms Corp, Timney Triggers, TOP Shooting Insitute, Trijicon, Truweigh, Vortex, Warne Scope Mounts, XLR Industries, XS Sights.
  3. Applications for the 2-Rifle matches are up at: https://johnson3gun.webs.com/ Because of the concerns and not being 100% sure everything will go as planned... We ask that you send a $40 check in with the application to save your place. If you cancel more than 3 weeks out or a match gets cancelled, I will shred the check. If all goes as planned, you will owe $40 more cash or check upon arrival at the match! ?
  4. Johnson 3-Gun - 2-Rifle Matches NRA Whittington Center - Coal Canyon April 13-14, 2019 Sept 7-8, 2019 https://johnson3gun.webs.com/
  5. Johnson 3-Gun Schedule 2019 April 13-14 - Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle - Coal Canyon Pre-Sign up should be available. Stay tuned. May 18-19 - Johnson 3-Gun He-Man Edition Pre-Sign up will be available...look for applications in January. Shooter's briefing 0730 Saturday May 18. 3 Divisions - He-Man Iron, He-Man Scope and wee-man August 24-25 - Johnson 3-Gun RM3G light Edition Pre-Sign up will be available...look for applications in January. Shooter's briefing 0730 Saturday August 24. 5 Divisions - He-Man Iron, He-Man Scope, Limited Iron, Limited Scope, Open There will be a buffet dinner available at Gunslingers II on Saturday evening for both 3-Gun matches. The plan is standing RO's on all stages. No prize table...just 6 natural terrain stages for fun shooting. September 7 - Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle - Coal Canyon Applications and more information in the future: https://johnson3gun.webs.com/
  6. We've had talks, and there has been some motion...but there is still some issues. For 2019, we will hold 4 matches at Whittington: Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle match - April 13-14, 2019 - Coal Canyon Johnson 3-Gun He-Man Edition - May 18-19, 2019 Johnson 3-Gun Rocky Mountain Edition - August 24-25, 2019 Johnson 3-Gun 2-Rifle match - September 7 2019 - Coal Canyon Stay tuned for more information!
  7. Because it is tangentially safety...in other words, a procedure to abandon gun safely...we apply a higher procedural in order to keep that extra layer of safety there. People will continue to take the time to put the safety on if it's a 30 second procedural, while 5 seconds...you've shot the no-shoot (5 second penalty) and sometimes, by getting 2 targets at once, you may feel it's a win. A 30 second penalty is never a win! LAYERS works...but a gun pointed at the ground, loaded, not on safe and not being touched isn't unsafe. But, it's against the rules and is penalized thusly! (Apparently, that's not how you spell thusly!) The reason we want you to put the safety on...if you have an external safety...is that you are less likely to crank one off when getting it out of the bucket or barrel, or putting it in..etc...layers. However, if you do crank one off, you do get DQ'd for unsafe gun handling. So, putting on the safety can help the shooter out as well.
  8. Johnson 3-Gun He-Man Edition May 18-19, 2019 NRA Whittington Center https://johnson3gun.webs.com/ Johnson 3-Gun RM3G Edition August 24-25, 2019 NRA Whittington Center https://johnson3gun.webs.com/
  9. So I answered your questions just not within the "survey" as using the term "unsafe" for a gun abandoned following all the NRA safety rules, just without it's external safety engaged is an inherently biased question. THAT is NOT unsafe gun handling...that term is used for, but not limited to cranking a round off when loading, unloading...not pointing down range, breaking the safety lines, abandoning a gun in an unsafe direction... If you're calling a gun that's not "on safe" unsafe, then how do you fire the dang thing safely?? WE DQ people for unsafe gun handling. Abandoning a gun in a safe manner without the external safety engaged is not unsafe. IT is incorrect abandonment procedure. And again, NO, we have NOT seen an increased incidence.
  10. Sorry! I must disagree with calling a gun pointed in a safe direction(at the ground which you would be willing to destroy), with finger off the trigger, and no one touching it, unsafe...is NOT an unsafe gun. It is a gun with the safety not on. It follows all the NRA rules for safe gun handling. We can indeed argue Glocks versus 1911's etc, but as you are assuming a gun without the external safety applied is unsafe, I cannot answer the questions...as it is a safe gun...just did not follow all safety oriented procedures. We DQ people for unsafe gun abandonment...gun pointed in an unsafe direction...not in the provided receptacle etc. And NO, we have not seen a rise in guns left in barrels or buckets not on safe. It is very rare...I believe 3 penalties for a gun not on safe has been the most at our matches over the last 8 years or so. Some years, we have had one or none.
  11. There are some things changing in many places...never say never, but for 2019, the Johnsons are running 2 matches at the NRA Whittington Center. May 18-19, 2019 August 24-25, 2019 Both will be no prize table...much more casual and sign-up will be in January or later. Hope to see you at the range!
  12. Whoops, forgot to post here! It's true, and it is with a heavy heart that we say that there will not be a Rocky Mountain 3-Gun in 2019. Many reasons...but our sense of loss with the fact we will be missing the coming together of our 3-Gun family in the most beautiful place to shoot...well, it hurts. There will be some "local" natural terrain 3-Gun at the Whittington Center in 2019...hopefully, under the Johnson 3-Gun group...just have to get on the schedule. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of Rocky Mountain 3-Gun. You are amazing!! Special thanks to JP for being the best match/title sponsor ever! Denise
  13. Oh yes! Do bring bug spray rain gear, sun stuff...be prepared for anything!!! Got inch and a half yesterday!!
  14. Here it is! This is a TARGET estimate. The stages are planned and most on the ground, so these counts should be close! Paper needs one A or B or two anywhere to avoid penalty. You NEED a rifle sling. We will not use a shotgun sling. No buckshot required or desired. Birdshot targets are for birdshot! ? 1 –3-Gun – 2 slugs, 10 birdshot, 7 pistol steel, 5 pistol paper, 15 rifle steel 2 – shotgun/pistol – 10 angle irons and 2 clays for birdshot only, 7 falling steel and 5 star plates for Pistol or birdshot and 2 paper and 10 steel for pistol only 3 – pistol only – 28 static steel, 1 falling steel, 15 paper and 2 clays 4 – rifle - 30 steel 5 – 3-Gun - 8 pistol steel, 4 pistol paper, 12 birdshot, 12 rifle steel 6 – rifle/shotgun - 12 slugs, 6 birdshot, 18 rifle steel, 4 rifle paper 7 – pistol/rifle – 8 pistol paper, 10 pistol steel, 16 rifle steel, 2 rifle paper (this one will be more accurate tomorrow) 8 – 3-Gun – 12 pistol steel, 10 birdshot, 2 slugs, 12 rifle steel 9 – shotgun – 41 flying, swinging, running and stationary birdshot
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