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  1. If i am not mistaken Fedex Home Delievery runs Tuesday-Saturday
  2. Yep I agree it seems to be the best one out there not too large but not to small, sometimes wish the huge gap wasn't isn't it but it works great. Best of all price isn't stupidly high.
  3. When I bought my edge I had them put in a tool less guide rod I asked about what recoil spring weight they instal and I was told 14lb also I don't think they mess with main spring so it should be whatever sti puts in them
  4. i have looked at a few STI guns and they sure look like the STI marked one are posi lock from the factory. Seiing how close they are to Dawson, i would not be surprised if they are made by them. Maybe Dustint21 can help out with this question. It would make sense if they added that along with the tooless guide rod. What I can't figure out is why STI hasn't updated their website to include these new models. If you want all that stuff call dawson and get the gun than ask them to add there CRP package to the gun, I really doubt STI is going to add these parts to there factory guns. Dawson however sells sti guns in which they add this stuff including there magwell too.
  5. You can use any std mount the hole pattern is the same only different is u dont use two of the holes. Most would recommend to drill the frame for the other two holes
  6. I would call sti see if will advise you on what to do, they might offer to replace it. Nothing is truely drop in in the 1911/2011 world. I wouldnt look at getting a PT or SVI grip than either if u dont want to do fitting.
  7. I would def look into a production gun like a CZ Sp01 and a nice 160gr 9mm load. They are def super soft shooting and very very easy to shoot
  8. You def need to pull the trigger out and look at it. Look for burrs with the grip, I will sometimes take a few strokes in the trigger bow channel and then lightly apply some oil to the trigger bow. Look for the bow to be straight that goes around the mags. If you don't feel comfortable send it STI or a local gunsmith.
  9. It is for sure i am asking about the right and middle oneThanks
  10. Ok so i was correct thinking they are older SVI mags?
  11. Hello everyone i recently purchased a new open gun and got a few mags with it. I was needing some help with ID for two of them. It came with what i thought was 2ea 170mm and 1ea 140mm but after closer examining only 1ea 170 and 1ea 140 and a mag in between lol I run STI and SVI newer mags but a little lost with these I dont know if they are older SVI and why the one is in between sizes. Any help would be appreicate. Thanks big time
  12. Killer looking guns, i have found a good deal on a v12 in 38 and i think i am going to pull the trigger on it. I have read about these guns being quite violent compared to 2011 open guns. What do you guys think?i was shocked to see only 7.6grs of AC making major in one of these it took around 7.4 with a 115 Haps in my gun to do it so not that much difference. Also do the guns come with any kind of optic mount i had read they do and dont so want to clarify it. Also do these guns have any weakness that causes issues?
  13. Is it just me or does the comp look like it could be the new trubor barrel from the DVC open gun?
  14. I did the same once i put thr preb disco in the gun i didnt need thr screw and just removed it completely
  15. Yeah, and why only three screws in the C-More mount?With the double sided mounts they only use 3 on one side and 2 on the other
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