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  1. I have 5,000 of the above bullets I bought cheap to shoot in an AR. This is the powder I have the most of but also have Varget. I have searched and need some help finding load data for these rounds. Any help appreciated..... Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  2. ^ I've had one for two years and I'm very happy with it.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk That is good to hear. Is it at all hard to see on your screen? Ideally I'd like to use an iPad...thanks Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  3. This is helpful. Another one that seems to have the highest resolution is: http://targetvisioncam.com/ I love to hear from someone who has used one... Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  4. After a couple of searches I was surprised not to find anything on long distance target cameras to help see the. BULLET holes from 500 yds out..sure I must have done something wrong. I am looking at a couple on line and the Target Master seems better then the Bullseye because of higher resolution and works with iOS. Anyone had experience with this new technology and care to make a recommendation? Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  5. Yep. More $ but cleaner and more consistent, less unburnt powder and less flash. Vv is the rolls Royce of powders. Yep. I found the 3n38 had 3 duplicates in one string of 10rds. What do you mean by "three duplicates"? Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  6. I guess we should clarify we are shooting plain 1911 w/5" barrel at minor velocities. Not race guns....
  7. I find I try all other powders and come back to VV. more expensive but clean, low flash and accurate Probably use n320 most for 45, n340 for all others, n320 for 9mm and now 38Super sometimes. N340 is hard to beat...I'm just trying to get accuracy....not perfection, just accurate enough to know if it's me or the gun...also meters great in a progressive!
  8. Thanks! Good info! Been have success with n320 and am trying the Winchester powder next... Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  9. Thanks for this feedback as it makes me feel much better about taking it out of the box! A big help! C Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  10. Then I will put it on 1050 and load 9 instead of 45. I did not know if one caliber or bullet profile worked better then another?
  11. We found the answer and as usual it was us. Real happy with our machines! Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  12. I have an original Mr Bullet system still new in the box with "dies" for 9mm and 45acp. Question: Is the new model so much better I should sell the old and buy a new model? Which bullets are easier to load..9mm or 45acp? I want to set it up for one and forget about it. Bullets will be plated. Thanks for any feedback. C Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  13. N-340 is excellent. 3N37 is too slow in my opinion. C
  14. I have both and love the 1050. I bought it for speed. But now appreciate it for being truly quality equipment that is a blast to run. The primer swage alone is worth the purchase to me...they run like a sewing machine! Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
  15. My PRIMER SYSTEM ROCKER BOLT (#13296) came loose while I was reloading and now my machine is locked up because the primer punch is fully extended. What do I do to lower the primer punch? Screwing the Rocker Bolt back in has no affect. Any help appreciated. C Marine Corp Colonial Shooting Academy
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