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  1. Check your springs under the sear. I had a p320 compact doing this and one of the two spings wasn't in its proper place. It was laying side ways. Trigger was inconsistant from shot to shot. The gun was brand new. I replaced the spring because the one laying side ways was bent. Best of luck.
  2. Hmmm I wonder what this is going to weigh without the mag well. I'm assuming the mag well will have to come of for Production.
  3. rrickysee

    P320 Double Click

    There may be two different double clicks then, because I haven't felt it in the other three guns and I don't feel it on this gun since I corrected the spring under the sear. This gun was very noticeable and the inconsistent trigger pull is the reason I disassembled the FCU. Either way once the spring (only one of the two was not in place) under the sear was straightened out and installed properly the double click is gone. I'm would think the spring laying sideways might cause some issues with the timing.
  4. rrickysee

    P320 Double Click

    I picked up a P320 Compact today, I noticed at the range that the trigger pull was inconsistent. This is my 4th P320 and had not experienced this before. When I got home I cleaned the gun and started to do some dry firing. I noticed that sometimes after the striker had released that there would be a second click. I had not experienced this either with my other P320's. I decided to disassemble the FCU. I watched Alma's video on disassembling the FCU. When I removed the large pin that holds the lever and spring to the striker safety I could see that one of the springs to the sear was not in place (it was laying over sideways). I remove the smaller pin and remove the sear and found one of the springs was bent. I straightened out the spring put the FCU back together. I dry fire the gun and the boule click is gone and the trigger pull is consistent. I'll head to the range tomorrow to make sure everything is good.
  5. I watched the video on Dawson's web site on fitting and installing the sights, and did it my self. I already had a good vise, soft jaws,dial calipers, files, stones and loctite 620. If you plan on having multiple guns 3-4 it's worth the investment if not your better off paying someone. Either way the sights will need to be fitted, they will not just go on with a sight tool.
  6. rrickysee

    VP9 Production mods

    I installed the match spring kit and did not care for it. The trigger is slow returning to reset. I did the same thing as IDescribe and left the match sear spring and installed the stock trigger return spring. I have heard good things about Gray Guns trigger job for the VP9.
  7. No, the safety is the double action. The primary method of safety on a DA/SA pistol IS the double action. Appendix D4 22.1 Disabling of any external safety or externally oper- ated safety
  8. I agree with this ^^ If you compete in USPSA and shoot Production your safeties must work.
  9. I have seen the Glock armorers at a GSSF match clean the striker channel for carbon build up.
  10. I didn't care for the safety either. I bought my P30 with the LEM trigger. I have also purchased a VP9. The VP9 IMHO is the way to go when competing. The trigger on the VP9 has a much better reset.
  11. I got some x-treme 9mm 147 RN HPCB in today. There website shows these at .356 when I measured them they came in at .357.
  12. I placed an order for the 147 RN HPCB .356 . They showed up today and measured at .357, not sure wether or not to keep them. Would this cause me any problems?
  13. I own all three, I shoot my glock 34 more than the MP Pro and FNS LS. I recently have been shooting the FNS LS , the only draw back to this gun is the lack of accessories . It shoots well, but needs trigger job, recoil guide rod and lighter recoil spring if you plan to compete with this gun. I have had one problem with a 4" FNS where the recoil rod fell out of the front of the gun. It is a bit of a design flaw. They press fit an aluminum piece on the guide rod to capture the spring. That piece sits towards the barrels locking lug. When the press fit piece gave out the guide rod just fell out the front of the gun, at this point the gun jammed. I had a hell of a time getting the gun apart. I called FNS and they sent me a new one. I have 3 FNS in 9mm 2 in LS and maybe 1200rds thru all three (not each) and this has only happened once. Its only a matter of time and there will be a good assortment of parts available for these guns.
  14. rrickysee

    G26 for IDPA?

    The biggest problem i have had with shooting my G26 in IDPA is with the reload. With the grip as short as it is, when i release the mag it comes out about half way and makes contact with the bottom of my hand. Then i end up having to pull it out with my other hand. The G26 is very accurate, but as mentioned by Alma it takes a better sight picture than the longer radius guns to get your hits. If I where to only buy one Glock I would lean towards the G19 as well.
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