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  1. I've probably loaded 75K over the past 5 years using the spray-in-feeder/rake method and never cleaned my feeder. No issues with the Dillon case feeder or feeding in general as a result.
  2. I was having this issue and came to realize that the entire base of my press had worked loose from the ram over time. There are two allen head screws that hold it down that you can access if you removed the shell plate and they had backed out over time. Between that and tightening down the shellplate more I didn't experience any issues in my last run, even though I'm using an EGW-U die.
  3. "If your attack is going too well, you're walking into an ambush"
  4. I was in a shop the other day and heard the salesman tell a customer that he didn't like the new Ruger LCR .38's because, "they've got a hair trigger". I guess having a long, 5 lb. DAO trigger pull is just unsafe. He seemed to be a Glock fan though.
  5. I have an XL650 that's been nearly perfect out of the box. It was worth it to me to upgrade from another red progressive just for the ease of priming alone.
  6. I happened to have some N340 on hand, and tried your 4.8 grain load with a 124 PD JHP at 1.085 and 1.095" OALs with a .375 crimp. I shot two 2.55" (each) 15 round groups at 25 yards out of a Glock 17 from a flimsy club Caldwell shooting rest. I think there's more left and it's a true sub 2" performer from a Glock. I'm not the best shot, and I was fairly impressed with the consistency. It clocked 1,055 fps across my chrono.
  7. I've not found ~4.1 - 4.4 grains of N320 with 124 grain bullets to be an accurate combination in my guns. Works better with heavier bullets in my experience.
  8. Of the powders you have mentioned, I have seen really good accuracy using WSF. On the other hand, N320, though it meters well and it is a really clean, it is not the most accurate powder I have ever tried. For the games, under a 147 gr Zero JHP, it's accurate enough. Not bullseye accurate, true.
  9. I haven't noticed temp. sensitivity in TG myself, but where I live we have two seasons: 1.) Hot and 2.) Not quite as hot. I load at 4.2 because I live near sea level and have lots of humidity. Loading at much less than 4.2 grains of Tightgroup, my 4" M&Ps with slower barrels and Montana Gold bullets will sometimes not make minor. My G17 will, but I prefer one load, and 4.2 grains clocks 1,100 fps with a 124 CMJ or JHP from MG at 1.145" OAL, which is as long as I can run across all of my guns.
  10. In my experience: Silouette, Power Pistol and WSF work the best for accuracy loads in 9mm. I would try N320 and N330 as well, depending on the bullet you select, particularly for USPSA or IDPA.
  11. Where I live in FL, this time of year, the temp. never varies by more than a few degrees for a high, and rarely more than 15 degrees between high and low temps, so temp sensitivity is not a major concern as I haven't yet progressed to travelling beyond local matches. I received the N320 from Powder Valley recently. It's unlikely it's fake. MGs 124 CMJs weigh spot on 124 grains for the 10 I sampled. Diameter is also fine. I gave away my old scale recently to a new reloader I'm teaching, but the checkweights weigh as they should. Thanks for the help, though, CoCo, and everyone. Guess I'll ke
  12. I don't think it's the chrono, but will try changing batteries. I say this because I ran 100 rounds of my 4.2 gr Tightgroup 124 gr MG load at 1.138" OAL over my chrono the same day I did the N320 load tests, and got an avg. velocity of 1,103 fps, with a SD of ~6.7 and ES of 32. It was reading those rounds, and they're about where I would expect them to be, velocity wise.
  13. Stupid question, but I'm barely making minor PF with a FS 4.25" M&P 9mm, 124 gr Montana Golds and 4.3 grains of N320 at 1.138" OAL. Went as high as 4.4 grains (4.3 is VVs max load) and still was barely making 130 PF and velocity wasn't at all consistent, ES was 69 fps out of 40 rounds, and I had three rounds still fail to make minor. I weighed each charge, and I don't believe it's powder measure or scale related. My thrown Tightgroup loads have no trouble with consistency or velocity. I don't want to push this N320 load too much farther, but it seems like I need a couple more tenths to m
  14. A few weeks ago, before the 4th of July, I was at the counter of a gun shop near where I work picking up a gun I transferred in. It's not in the best area of town. A man walks in and asks the shop owner "do you have any bullets for a shotgun"? The shop owner patiently explains that shotguns use shells and asks the guy what gauge? A blank stare ensues. The man reaches for a cell phone to make a call, walks out of the shop and when he comes back in he says, "I need 16 caliber". The shop owner proceeds to sell him a box of 16 gauge birdshot. As he's leaving he says, "Do you have a clip I ca
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