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  1. I've wet tumbled and not deprimed, but I've had issues with wet primer pockets as long as a month afterwards. I went back to dry for my most recent batch because I didn't want to wait on dry brass or go through the extra step of depriming first. Wet SS media gives a much superior clean to the brass, of that there is no question.
  2. I've probably loaded 75K over the past 5 years using the spray-in-feeder/rake method and never cleaned my feeder. No issues with the Dillon case feeder or feeding in general as a result.
  3. I was having this issue and came to realize that the entire base of my press had worked loose from the ram over time. There are two allen head screws that hold it down that you can access if you removed the shell plate and they had backed out over time. Between that and tightening down the shellplate more I didn't experience any issues in my last run, even though I'm using an EGW-U die.
  4. I've shot 124 gr. jacketed HPs with WSF, but not plated. My load, through a Glock 17 was: 5.0 gr. WSF 1.10 OAL 124 gr PD JHP (it's a long 9mm bullet, probably longer than the Xtremes) CCI SP Speer brass I was averaging about 1,070 - 1,080 fps with that load.
  5. Good powder, not as soft shooting as some but accurate. ~4.7 grains under a 124 PD JHP loaded short ~1.1 OAL runs about 1,080 fps out of my G17 and groups under 2" at 25 yds for 10-rounds.
  6. Longer is not better, necessarily. If you're loading for accuracy in 9mm look at the length the Bullseye or NRA AP competitors are shooting. I can duplicate several of those loads and make them shoot well in any gun I've tried, regardless of the maximum length I can load to is in that particular gun/barrel.
  7. This is my Shadow Light with the Accu Shadow bushing installed. I just got it back from CZ a few days ago. This was a stock Shadow in which I had the bushing installed. It has well over 10,000 rounds through it, so it's not exactly new. This was fired at 25 yards using my practice load and multi-time fired mixed range brass. It measures 1.5" CTC. I fired 30 rounds before this group as I'd cleaned the barrel and it needed to settle back in. I was getting a little frustrated with the first groups as all were trending right by several inches. I haven't shot this gun in a few months and had some
  8. I recently happened upon two RL1050's for sale locally, one in 45 ACP and one in 9mm for ~$900 EA. I do know they were at one time used for commercial reloading but don't know any approximate round count. Is there any wear items or parts to look for specifically that would make you want to pass on a used 1050? Are there any parts that are no longer made? I don't load longer rifle calibers and would likely dedicate the machine to one caliber.
  9. 25 yards to start, then 50 yards after you find an accurate load to make sure they stay stabilized. Sometimes the jump from 25 yards to 50 yards can show you issues with the load you can't see closer in.
  10. This is one of my favorite 9mm powders for accuracy. 4.85 gr with a PD 124 JHP at 1.085" OAL is an extremely accurate load running ~1,080 fps out of a G17. I'd try 4.6 or 4.7 gr with the Berry's at 1.130 OAL or so and see how it prints.
  11. Shot the 4.74 load out of an H&K VP9. This would have been a decent load for the Glock 17 with it's larger chamber. However, for the VP9 with its tighter stepped chamber, there were pressure signs on the brass. It was fairly heavily expanded and there were some extractor marks. The Winchester primers looked fine, but I'd tread with caution. Accuracy was only fair, with the smallest 10-round group at 25 yards measuring 3". My thought is about 4.6 grains is max to run across a number of guns in 124 grain jacketed bullet weights, unless you're loading long. This powder might be a better ma
  12. Is the Accu Shadow legal in production for NRA AP?
  13. Question: If you were starting from scratch, what gun would you choose for Production class?
  14. Will try a few of these at 25 yards for accuracy tomorrow. Loaded a batch at ~4.74 grains, looking for ~1,075 fps.
  15. Here's my load data for CSB-1 in 9mm: 124 grain Precision Delta JHP 1.10" OAL Win SPP Mixed Brass 4.0 grains: Average: 988 fps ES: 44 fps SD: 16 fps 4.2 grains: Average: 1,020 fps ES: 36 fps SD: 12 fps 4.4 grains: Average: 1,027 fps ES: 47 fps SD: 16 fps There were no signs of pressure. I'm going to try 4.6 or 4.7 grains to try to get to 1,050 fps minimum, but it'll be a compressed load at my seating depths with this bullet. Updated for ~4.7 grains below: 4.67 grains Average: 1,061 ES: 73 SD: 21
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