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  1. Been watching this gun and was anxiously awaiting to get one since it was announced at Shot Show. Was able to get one finally and put a few thousand rounds through it and even shot a local match with it, versus my regular SP01 Custom. Good experience. Only issue is 10 round mags (when I shot in Jersey) did not drop free.
  2. Maksim

    ZEV OZ9

    My video on the OZ9. Out tonight at 10PM ET.
  3. Here is my video on the gun. Out tonight at 10 PM ET.
  4. Ok, so to add to this. Unfortunately we live in a coutnry where about 1/3 of the population lives under tyranny of 10 round mag limits. Production gives shooters a place to shoot without feeling too many pressures of having to spend $1,500 on a gun just to shoot. Also, before the rule changes, there were plenty of people who would not follow local mag laws for Open and Limited.... and of course, that leaves that issue. So changing Production to 15 will now leave 1/3 of the country and likely 1/2 of the gun owners playing gun games at a disadvantage and with moral dilemma of breaking laws in order to stay competitive. Leave it at 10... perhaps making "production" more "production"... or make a "Limited Minor" division for those who really want it. And making production be production gun limits? lol. That will just make everyone shoot the same guns... 19 round CZs and XDms... until someone starts producing guns with "factory" extended base plates?
  5. HAHAHAHAHA. I let my RO cert expire, so going through the rule book changes.. Jeez!
  6. In short, unless your state has some brutal laws, no, there is not a requirement. From the state, just be licensed, i.e. get an llc if you want protection and liability insurance. No where does it say you need to be an NRA instructor etc... BUT most people will get it just because newbs will want it... same thing if you want to teach at a public range, etc.. Also ask the place where you plan on teaching. I.e. many private ranges do not allow members to conduct business on the property. Teaching gun classes is not like being a licensed doctor, lawyer, stock broker, real estate agent.... at least as far as I know in most of free america. You don't need permission to do it. If someone is willing to pay you for your knowledge... that's all that matters.
  7. Interesting... in my Hornady powder measure, it is the alliant e3 that sometimes sticks and has issues throwing... at times throws light and I got to make sure to catch it. Not sure how different N310 is from 320, but did not have issues with 320. I will say, really liking the way e3 shoots though. Have not tried 40 yet but in 9mm, yum.
  8. All of these production changes into Limited are a bit annoying but I am totally against having production be 15 rounds. The fact is, that while only 9 states are subject to mag limits, it is nearly 1/3 of the population and if I would venture to guess, about half of the people shooting USPSA? And until the rule changes in USPSA, guys shooting Limited/Open in ban states were generally not shooting state capacity limits. lol. Part of the appeal of Production is that there is more required to win than just hosing the stage from one mag. A botched mag change may mean a bad stage outcome and I think that is good and what separates USPSA from scripted games like IDPA.
  9. Yes, without a doubt 40 is losing popularity but there is still a crapload of it out there. And I agree, if it was not for USPSA, I would not be shooting 40... although 40 powder puff loads are pretty nice for fun. In 10 years, yes, situation may be a bit different but heck, you can still buy once fired 45 GAP brass. =P
  10. Generally I don't see any issues with this, with the situation that I believe you are describing. If the stage is empty, i.e no squad on it currently, or last squad passed, etc... zero issues. Where I have issues, as an RO and where it would be unsportsmanlike would be... 1. There is a squad on the stage and you are in the shooting area during an active squad. 2. You are airgunning the stage between shooters AND IT IS NOT YOUR SQUAD.... i.e. you left your squad to get ahead OR are not there shooting. Otherwise, no issues from me and this is how it was from local matches to nationals.
  11. Maksim

    ZEV OZ9

    I agree. Just got mine and will say, it is the best striker fired gun I have shot or owned. Generally I am an SV or CZ shooter but I am really digging the gun. Cycles fast and it is a very flat shooter. Will shoot back to back with CZ sp01 custom since it has been a while. Can't recall on the recoil amount other than to say it was not an issue and the gun felt very very flat and definitely better for me than my CZ. Will surely rock it as my production gun this year. Do need more Glock mags. A few failures with the Glock Magpul mags so far... Some shooting footage.
  12. Not sure of best section for it but... Amazon has a few of the Safariland 014 holsters for the Glock 34 and 35, left handed in red for $67.26 and in black for $85.49. Regular is around $150 for most places and what I paid for mine. Link for Red Link for Black
  13. Heh, did not even see this come up. I can see how this is a non issue to those fortunate to live in the free states, but for those in ban states, this really is a big issue. I think in NJ where we just have 15 round limit, with no pre-ban, this makes it clear, especially since on occasions I have seen people with more than 15, I don't know who they are or what not, however we always have the make sure you know the laws announcement, but there was no duty placed on the clubs. So this helps with the fairness part that now everyone has to comply with 15. The issue I can see as others pointed out, is with states that have pre-ban/post-ban, or moto pointed out, states where a different CCW License lets you carry more rounds. If as Chuck pointed out, this was to make it fair for non-leo vs Leo folks, what about the fairness to the new gun owner who cannot LEGALLY purchase a new high cap mag, meanwhile someone else had legally purchased pre-ban high caps in his safe. I think the case should be in fairness to all the shooters, in which case, the rule should read, as Vlad's suggestion, the LOWER of Division limit OR Currently newly purchased magazine capacity legal in the state. But.... For states with pre-post ban, or states where status other than LEO status gives you more rounds, this just opened up that can quite a bit. Secondly, how many classifiers do not require 10 rounds before a mag change that would now not be exactly equal, depending upon if you are legal or not with your state, and more so, with the new USPSA rule? Easier solution? How hard would it be to add Open/10? Since there is already limited 10, this would essentially be the only division needed to truly give everyone in the United States a choice of shooting legal and staying competitive? No matter the intention, adding this rule, just made USPSA get involved into gun laws, and as such, if you are going to address it, might as well address it right, instead of just a 5 min in passing law, without really doing research on the individual states. I think there was more discussion about Revolver minor. I am fairly positive there are more people shooting Open/Limited in banned states as opposed to total amount of shooters affected by Revolver division changes.
  14. I use the stock one that came with the belt.
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