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Found 14 results

  1. I purchased an OZ9 directly from ZEV last month, and I’ve got about 1,300 rounds through it so far. My first range trip with it I had 70 rounds in And my firing pin snapped. I called ZEV right away and they sent me out a new one two days later. Very random, especially for a brand new pistol and brand new firing pin, but I guess random events happen. Fixed it up, all good... for a little bit. Once I hit the 700 round mark, I’ve had nothing but failure to extracts (FTE). About every 10-20 rounds I’m getting an FTE. I’ve tried 115, 124 and 147 of blazer, AE and Federal in it. I’ve tried several magazines. I cleaned it up REALLY well. Stripped it several times, and everything looks up to par. I can’t figure it out. I've spoken to ZEV and they are working on getting me a shipping label, so I should be mailing it out this week for repair. I also asked how many rounds they use to test fire And they’ve told me “about 40” so I’m hoping they are able to see the FTE and don’t just say “it’s fine, there’s no issue with it”, because I’ve had at-least 50 FTE once I hit that 700 round mark. so, anyone else have any issues like this with their OZ9? I’m thinking something has to be out of spec, it’s the only possible solution. Either the barrel (or the slide?) are out of spec, sounds crazy maybe idk, but it’s all I got at this point. Thoughts?
  2. Been watching this gun and was anxiously awaiting to get one since it was announced at Shot Show. Was able to get one finally and put a few thousand rounds through it and even shot a local match with it, versus my regular SP01 Custom. Good experience. Only issue is 10 round mags (when I shot in Jersey) did not drop free.
  3. Hey guys, When loading my Glock it occurs that my Glock's firing pin looks slightly through the firing pin hole. Often the firing pin even blocks the first bullet from being loaded. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 It seems that the firing pin safety does not work as desired… Has anyone had the same issue? Is this a common problem? Any idea how to get rid of this nasty problem?
  4. I normally shoot limited. But, i put together an open glock to "mess with". In other words, I wanted to get a taste of open style fun without diving straight into it. What I found out... - dot tracking is an art - dremels are your best friend - clearing malfunctions have been second nature... I loved how it ended up looking. However, functionality was not all there. That is why I am considering "investing" on a dedicated open style pistol. On the bright side, it gave me a red dot platform to dryfire on in order to get this darn sight tracking thingermajig down. For 8 months, i think its done some good and helped me prepped for a real real gun! Lol Any advice on what to avoid, what to expect, and what to work on? Heres a vid of my final complete gucci glock
  5. I had a Zev trigger in my G35 for two years and it stopped working. The trigger was hitting the frame and it would not fire, I tried to change the over travel and broke the wrenches, Zev sent me a new trigger and that did not fix the problem. Original trigger works fine.
  6. I am debating what brand or if I even want to upgrade the trigger bar in my G35 Gen 4. I currently have a lightened lonewolf striker, TTI disconnect/spring kit, which I am much happier with then the ZE springs, they seem the crispest. I am curious what peoples opinions are on a ZEV trigger vs Apex or if I should just stick with the stock bar and use the money for ammo.
  7. When I started swapping around Glock parts, and trying to de-Glock the Glock trigger, I had a hard time finding any type of comparisons on connectors. Now that I've had a good amount of exposure to most of the popular connectors, I thought I'd write up a little synopsis for anyone else facing the same dilemma of which items to purchase! It is also worth noting that the testing was completed in a gen 3 Glock 35. I tested the same connectors in a gen 4 G35, with very similar results except where noted. Glock Stock Connector - As you can guess, this connector was extremely crisp, but also extremely heavy. I polished the connector to a mirror shine, and it felt the same. I took another stock connector, stoned it to smooth and flatten all surfaces, polished, and still felt about the same. Glock Dot Connector - This connector reduced the trigger pull almost the same amount as the Ghost connectors, but provided a ridiculously crisp and predictable break. I was okay with the slightly heavier pull weight because the break felt so clean. Ghost - The Ghost connector was the first connector I tried. I really liked the Ghost Rocket, because of the DIY fitting of the overtravel stop. This made for a much shorter trigger reset, as well as a significant reduction in pull weight. After installing an overtravel stop into the housing, the rocket was no longer required, and I tried the Ghost 3.5. This connector felt about the same, without the overtravel stop on the connector. The Ghost line of connectors was a good balance between weight and feel. The break was okay and the pull weight was a bit less. Taran Tactical Innovations - Taran's connector provided one of the lightest breaks out of any of the connectors. However, I didn't like the overall feel of the trigger. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't tell when the trigger was going to break. I know some people prefer the "surprise trigger break" feel, and I understand how and why it works, but for me, I didn't care for the feeling. It felt a little more like what I would describe as a rolling break. The one thing I did like is that pull weight was smooth throughout the trigger pull. This may have been the reason behind the rolling feeling, and I may prefer something that provides a little more feedback prior to breaking. I think this could be the ticket for many people, I just preferred the slight increase in pressure before the break. **The break for this connector felt much better in a gen 4 than it did in a gen 3** Zev Tech - The ZevTech V4 Race Connector worked very well for me. I had heard some negative reviews, and feedback that was less than flattering, so I was hesitant to purchase another connector. However, after installing the V4, I couldn't have been happier! The pull weight was significantly dropped, similar to that of the TTI connector, but the trigger still had a slight spike in weight/feel prior to breaking the shot. Again, this is a personal preference, but I really liked the overall feel of this trigger. Springs - Along with my quest to find the "perfect" Glock trigger setup, I also tried many of the spring kits offered. In reality, they're all pretty much the same thing. With all of the kits, the safety plunger spring was great, trigger return spring worked well in most cases, and firing pin spring worked for a little while. As soon as the lighter spring started to become worn, setting off hard cupped primers like Tula's became an issue. With CCI primers, which are also supposed to be pretty hard, I didn't have any issues. This may be a primer issue more so than a spring issue, but I haven't done enough testing to conclude. Please also share your experiences below, so others may benefit from it!
  8. Hello everyone, been creeping this forum for a long time, first post here... So, I recently built a ZEV slide gen 3 glock 19 and took it out to shoot for the first time yesterday. My results are 40% light strikes with occasional failure for the slide to go back fully into battery. When it did shoot, it shot extremely well, however after calling ZEV tech with my issues, they said I definitely should not be having those issues with my spring weights (striker = 4 lb wolff, Recoil = 13 lb ISMI), but to put a few hundred more rounds down range to break it in, they said the slide tolerances are extremely tight.. Here are my internals: ZEV Dragonfly Slide ZEV Skeletonized LW Striker Wolff 4 lb striker spring ZEV Safety Plunger ZEV Match Barrel Glock OEM Gen 3 frame Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger Bar/Shoe ZEV Captured Guide rod w/ 13 lb ISMI spring Wolff XP Trigger Return Spring I was shooting this crap the range sold called "Hot Shot 115 grain", I'm wondering if maybe the crappy ammo coupled with the tight tolerances are causing my issues? Anyone have similar problems?? Total round count in this build is ~130 rounds. For what it's worth, my G34 has a DK Customs trigger kit w/ IDP LW Striker, 4 lb spring and 13 lb ISMI with zero light strikes..
  9. With the sometimes negative tone in regards to customer service, I thought I would share a very positive story! About two weeks ago I was detail cleaning my G34, I took everything down, including my Zev aluminum magwell. After cleaning, I was reinstalling the screw that secures the magwell to the grip plug, and *snap*, the screw breaks in half. So, I emailed Zev asking for just a simple replacement screw - After a few emails back in forth with requests for pictures, information, etc. Zev informed me that my magwell was an older version, and instead of just sending me a new screw, they were going to send me an entirely new magwell kit, which has been redesigned to be much stronger. I received it yesterday and have it all installed! They could have very easily just sent me the screw, but instead they went out of their way to make sure I had the best product available. I just thought I would share a good moment with a great company who always seems to put their customer's needs first! So if you have any question or concern about doing any business with Zev or any of their products, I can say with the utmost certainty that you will be satisfied with your experience.
  10. As the title suggests, I have a major issue with my Zev Fulcrum trigger in my G34. A week ago yesterday, while practicing reloads and double taps at a local range, my trigger locked up. After clearing the mag and chamber, I looked at the trigger and noticed the red anodized trigger safety shoe had fallen down out of the trigger and was pressed against the rear of the trigger guard, locking the trigger in place. So, in order to strip the Glock down, I took a key and moved the safety out of the way, which sent it flying (it has an attached spring). Having now lost the shoe, I noticed a small pin laying on the table in front of me, it is as wide as the trigger and has threads on about the last 3mm of it, but has no tool head (it is the set screw/pin that the safety shoe rotates around). Well, the range called me the next day, and told me they had found the shoe, so I picked it up, put it back in and secured the set screw/pin to the best of my knowledge. I also emailed Zev to report the issue. Well, today at a 3 gun match, the same issue occurred again during a string of fire, except this time, I was able to keep the shoe from flying off, but the set screw is lost forever in the mud and grass. Luckily someone in my squad was nice enough to offer me his back up G17 to use for the remainder of the match. I have still yet to hear back from Zev about the issue, and I plan on calling them directly tomorrow to get an answer. If I don't get a good answer, I might be considering moving to a new trigger system. Has anyone else had this problem?
  11. Hello, first post been a lurker for a while now but I have a question regarding the Jager skeletonized striker. I installed a ZEV ultimate fulcrum kit and ended up sending back because it would double and triple constantly. Received multiple warranty parts and unfortunately nothing fixed the issue. I also noticed with this kit the ZEV striker would protrude past the breech face without disengaging the firing pin safety which worried me. Received a new striker and same issue even with putting stock firing pin block back in. I cant say enough good things about ZEV's customer service, they were willing to help and sent multiple parts to try and remedy the situation, just turns out it wasn't for me. So now I picked up a Vanek Classic GM kit and love it. I prefer this trigger pull over the ZEV personally although the same issue is happening with the included Jager striker. Without disengaging the firing pin safety the tip is blatantly past the breech face, not just close. Checked again with stock striker and no issues. Anyone else having this issue with the skeletonized / extended tip strikers on the market? Seems odd to have 3 brand new strikers from 2 different companies with the same issue... For reference, gun is a Gen3 35 bought new around the beginning of last fall 2014.
  12. My Glock 17 back from Glockworx!
  13. I bit the bullet a few months back and sold my XD to switch to a G34. My XD had a 3lb trigger from Springer Precision and it was awesome. I recently had a ZEV/Glockwox "Standard Competition Trigger" (ZT-STD-C-4G9-COMP) in an effort to clean up my trigger a bit. However, with my first 4 mags I had 4 light strikes, I'm using CCI #500 small pistol primers. I'm ruling out ammo being the issue as it runs fine through the gun with factory parts in it. The kit came with both a 2# and 3# striker spring. The 2# is installed, will switching to the 3# spring most likely solve my issue? Any other ideas to get a cleaner trigger while having 100% reliability? Thanks in advance.
  14. I've been researching this forum for 2 months now and have gotten so many different answers and opinions that my head is spinning. Anyone willing to help a novice reloader get a test batch loaded and not destroy my brand new Zev race gun? I am looking for a 9major recipe using the following components: Zev Open G17 with a KKM match barrel and a Zev Major comp. Reloading components: Montana Gold 9mm 124 gr JHP Mixed range once fired brass Winchester small pistol primers HS-6 (I already have found great tips and recipes for using Autocomp, so no need to share recipes for that powder) My questions: What's a reliable OAL for use in the Glock? Most of the answers i'm getting revolve around a S_I or custom 1911 What's a good start and max load with powder? My goal is 1375 fps using a F1 Shooting Chrony. One last note to share with you all: I've asked Zev to share what recipe they use to QC the pistol and their answer was that they don't share recipes. All I can surmise is that this is a liability issue.(?)
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