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  1. Thanks for the input. I'm shooting 180 grain blue bullets at 1.14. With the 1 cent hazmat from Brownells I wanted to get away from Titegroup. Everything I read lead me to these two powders. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  2. Definitely something not right here. I have two TS (9 and 40). The 40 groups 2 inches offhand at 10 yds, half that off a rest. I'm shooting 4.7 Titegroup, 180 Blue bullets at 1.14. The 9mm does even better. I agree with the comment about the 10X bushing.
  3. These are the things I worked on before my first match: Practice the load and make ready at home during dry and live fire (if you haven't already). Same thing for unload and show clear. Do some moves and and reloads being hyper-conscious of where your trigger finger is. This last one needs to be practiced multiple times until it is ingrained in your technique. And last, where is the 180 at all times. Just my 2c worth.
  4. After not shooting competitively for some 30 years, I am working on this. I have a card on my bag that says: Grip the gun, see the sights. Eventually I hope to eliminate one of these
  5. Welcome to the forum. Where are you?
  6. In no particular order, Make Ready, Paracast, Firearms nation, Shoot Fast, Short course, Reloading show, Practical Shooting. Shannon Smith. I travel a lot and all of them are better than most radio shows.
  7. In San Antonio, you can shoot every weekend, USPSA, IDPA, SCSA, AASA. Just pick your poison. No matches during the week or the evenings this I know of. Maybe in the Ft. Worth, Dallas or Houston areas.
  8. The TekLok slides on my belt and the holster gets out of position. I had to heat the DOH from Bladetech, it definitley swept my leg. I would say get a Boss and cry once.
  9. Check his website, I think he has one scheduled for KC (or close). He also does a great job with he new podcast.
  10. Google Alpha Mike Shooters and River City Shooters in the San Antonio area. They both have facebook pages and put matches in Practiscore.
  11. My choice is the Blues at 180. Great accuracy through my CZ TS with Titegroup and very little if any smoke.
  12. Welcome. There is certainly enough information on both.
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