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  1. OnceACowboy

    DLC v. PVD v. Nitride for CZ CTS

    Have you considered hard chrome? I've seen some beauties.
  2. OnceACowboy

    Eye exercises (Y. Lee)

    Thanks, that more or less confirms what I thought. I have started the quick movement exercises after a visit to the eye doctor.
  3. OnceACowboy

    Grams followers for CZ's and Tanfo's

    So, what is the advantage to the Grams followers as opposed to the CZ factory ones? Same questions for the springs.
  4. OnceACowboy

    Ran my first USPSA match this weekend

    Reloading is fun in and of itself, now you have two addictions.
  5. OnceACowboy

    Eye exercises (Y. Lee)

    Thanks for the responses. I really want to keep shooting iron sights but I know I need some eye work. I will be checking out the Brock string and the YouTube info.
  6. OnceACowboy

    need help with CZ mag feed lips

    I've put thousands of rounds through my Tactical Sport magazines without ever running into an issue. Every time I thought it was a mag issue, it turned out to be an ammo issue.
  7. OnceACowboy

    Eye exercises (Y. Lee)

    I'm a 67 year old shooter and as you know, the eyes aren't as good as they used to be. I listened to Yong Lee on Arik Levy's podcast and he described a series of eye exercises that should help with eye speed for transitions, calling shots, etc, Has anyone on the board used these? What were your results?
  8. OnceACowboy


    Since visualization is (to my mind) both technique and skill, do you practice/can you practice this in dryfire? To date, I only practice this in my live fire sessions.
  9. OnceACowboy

    25 yard group Help

    I think there is something to this. When working up loads for my 40 cal TS, I learned a lot by comparing my freestyle 12.5 yd groups to the 25.
  10. OnceACowboy

    Which is your favorite CZ and why?

    My favorite is the Tactical Sport. I have one in 9mm and one in .40 S&W, but they are the only two I have .... so far.
  11. OnceACowboy

    Federal Syntech 150gr TSJ in Shadow 2 - POI shift?

    Same thing happens in my Tactical Sport when I switch from 124 Berrys to the 150 Syntech, 2" left and 2" high.
  12. OnceACowboy

    New member in La

    Welcome, plenty of Tanfo shooters here.
  13. OnceACowboy

    Hello from Tennessee!

    Happy New Year to you. Welcome!
  14. OnceACowboy

    IPSC and waiting for my license

    Practice with what you have, it will translate to any pistol.
  15. OnceACowboy

    New guy, Tallahassee Fl

    Welcome to the board! Lot to learn here.