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  1. Ive got a few FM9 guns including my SBR and love their products and Paul has great customer service. My question is what buffer and spring did you run Thanks
  2. I run 147grn Extreme RN copper using 3.6 grns of VV 320 OAL 1.120 in my Foxtrot Mike 7"upper and 9"upper SBR suppressed about 920fps with a PF of around 134,also works well with my Scorpion Micro pistol with 5" barrel suppressed same PF. This load shoots very soft and quiet even when not suppressed
  3. Got My Form 1 E File approval this morning,21 days Sweet!!! Need to decide on what stock I want. Foxtrot Mike 7'' side charger
  4. Filed my Form 1 over the weekend for my FM9B 7 inch side charger,looking forward to running it and also running it for fun with a can on it
  5. Wow!!! really dang how come suppressors aren't that fast 270 days now
  6. Thanks for the info,i saw they are excepting Form 1 I may do a couple of SBR's I'm reading 3 weeks with e-file for approvals
  7. I also left the factory hammer spring in with no issues and I use CCI primers
  8. Aguila 124 work perfect but so does my 125 molly reloads
  9. I think its more of the molded mag well then the two piece design that needs to be thought out in a new stock design
  10. I'm looking forward to Angus new bull barrel Shadow that's when I might sell my Shadow 2 or not it can always be back up
  11. I came up with a load 124 grn MTG 4.6 grns HP 38 OAL 1.115 CCI small pistol primers Have not chrono but I know it should be about 130 PF Shoots really soft and accurate
  12. I didn't see anybody loading for a CZ Scorpion carbine,I have one and looking for a load for it Does anybody have one ?
  13. How about the Carbine with the pistol length barrel with suppressor pinned and welded to get the 16 " OAL and not have to SBR.

    I know this would make it a dedicated unit, barrel and suppressor but save $200 and added paper work

    Of course not as compact as doing the pistol model and going SBR

    Just what Im thinking about doing because I could always put the 16" barrel back in to shoot PCC in a non friendly state

  14. Mine did the same thing but when you dry fire with a snap cap it won't bounce and in live fire it ran perfect I also have hennings trigger we did a little relief cut but still bounced with out a snap cap
  15. Nice job John,I like all the pics showing exactly where and what to do.Hey you didn't use CGW solid floating trigger pin,I put one in with the reduced power trigger return spring in my open gun and it is awesome. Keep up the good work
  16. I was afraid of that, thanks for the heads up. Have you had no problem removing them after? Because there has been a few times where we have had to heat something up to remove it when red loctite has been used. Cheers, Evan Yep gotta heat but the red keeps it where you want it,I don't my sight coming loose right in the middle of a stage especially if there is a lot of steel
  17. Evan, better use red 271 or 272 we used blue on Mine and it does not hold up before the end of the match its loose again we used 271 and I shot a 6 stage match last sat and it never moved and I am shooting major PF
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