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  1. I have searched and heard both yes and no regarding springer Precision basepads working with CZC IPSC Magwell on a CZ 75 TS. I contacted Springer and they said they cannot guarantee compality? Is anyone currently using SP basepads with CZC IPSC Magwell? Thanks
  2. Do your CZ 75 TS basepads work with the CZC IPSC Magwell?

  3. I’m looking at picking up a Witness Elite Stock 2 elite in .40 SW to shoot limited in USPSA. Are they pretty flat shooting? I have a Shadow 2 in 9mm but Production is too much mag changes for me lol. I was leaning towards a CZ 75 TS in .40 but I have heard great things about the Stock 2. Anybody shoot both and have the pros and cons of both? Thanks
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