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  1. I have searched and heard both yes and no regarding springer Precision basepads working with CZC IPSC Magwell on a CZ 75 TS. I contacted Springer and they said they cannot guarantee compality? Is anyone currently using SP basepads with CZC IPSC Magwell? Thanks
  2. Do your CZ 75 TS basepads work with the CZC IPSC Magwell?

  3. I’m looking at picking up a Witness Elite Stock 2 elite in .40 SW to shoot limited in USPSA. Are they pretty flat shooting? I have a Shadow 2 in 9mm but Production is too much mag changes for me lol. I was leaning towards a CZ 75 TS in .40 but I have heard great things about the Stock 2. Anybody shoot both and have the pros and cons of both? Thanks
  4. awleland

    Shadow 2 grips

    Frontline Arms in Pickens, SC. He has a good supply of most CZ pistols.
  5. I just loaded some rounds using recipe above due to great price on the 147 extreme rn. The round shoots and feels great.
  6. Thanks. I have heard good stuff about the 135 gr Bayou projectiles so I will give that load a try.
  7. Does anybody have a load worked up for their Shadow 2 using VV N320 powder? Also what is beat OAL and Bullet weight for a stock Shadow 2? Thanks
  8. I honestly don't know. I uninstalled the larger safety and reinstalled it again and everything worked. So I did something wrong that first time but I am not sure what. I am a rookie gunsmith.
  9. Took some tweaking but got it figured out. Thanks for the tips.
  10. I just changed the safety on my S2 to the larger one the pistol comes with. Things were going fine but now I am having trouble getting the slide back on the pistol. Any tips or suggestions?
  11. Great to know. I need the the grip on my S2 just a bit wider so looks like I have found a solution. Thanks for sharing.
  12. awleland

    Shadow 2 grips

    I just got my CZ Shadow 2 today. I had to go to SC from GA as a dealer in Pickens, SC of all places as he had a stack of Shadow 2s in stock. Paid $1179 so was happy about that. My question is are their wider grips available? They also had a tactical orange in stock and the grips on it seemed wider as I believe it is on a different frame.
  13. Anyone have any experience with the Double Alpha PDR PRO II?
  14. What holsters are fellow shooters using for their Shadow 2 for USPSA production!
  15. CR Speed belt is the best IMO and well worth the money. The CR Speed WSM holster is well worth the money. I was able to find a good used one for $100.00. I started with a cheaper holster and I should have got the good stuff to begin with. It is worth it in the long run.
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