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  1. Ive got a few FM9 guns including my SBR and love their products and Paul has great customer service. My question is what buffer and spring did you run Thanks
  2. I run 147grn Extreme RN copper using 3.6 grns of VV 320 OAL 1.120 in my Foxtrot Mike 7"upper and 9"upper SBR suppressed about 920fps with a PF of around 134,also works well with my Scorpion Micro pistol with 5" barrel suppressed same PF. This load shoots very soft and quiet even when not suppressed
  3. Got My Form 1 E File approval this morning,21 days Sweet!!! Need to decide on what stock I want. Foxtrot Mike 7'' side charger
  4. Filed my Form 1 over the weekend for my FM9B 7 inch side charger,looking forward to running it and also running it for fun with a can on it
  5. Wow!!! really dang how come suppressors aren't that fast 270 days now
  6. Thanks for the info,i saw they are excepting Form 1 I may do a couple of SBR's I'm reading 3 weeks with e-file for approvals
  7. I also left the factory hammer spring in with no issues and I use CCI primers
  8. Aguila 124 work perfect but so does my 125 molly reloads
  9. I think its more of the molded mag well then the two piece design that needs to be thought out in a new stock design
  10. Now if someone could come up with a light weight stock replacement,maybe similar to the 10/22 thumbhole stocks with a moulded mag funnel like the factory one
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