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  1. Got My Form 1 E File approval this morning,21 days Sweet!!! Need to decide on what stock I want. Foxtrot Mike 7'' side charger
  2. Filed my Form 1 over the weekend for my FM9B 7 inch side charger,looking forward to running it and also running it for fun with a can on it
  3. Wow!!! really dang how come suppressors aren't that fast 270 days now
  4. Thanks for the info,i saw they are excepting Form 1 I may do a couple of SBR's I'm reading 3 weeks with e-file for approvals
  5. I also left the factory hammer spring in with no issues and I use CCI primers
  6. Aguila 124 work perfect but so does my 125 molly reloads
  7. I think its more of the molded mag well then the two piece design that needs to be thought out in a new stock design
  8. Now if someone could come up with a light weight stock replacement,maybe similar to the 10/22 thumbhole stocks with a moulded mag funnel like the factory one
  9. I went with VV320 4.1 grains using 125 grain BBI OAL is around 1.110 only because I need to stay consistent in loading my Shadow Carry optics gun which if I don't go a little higher PF the cases when ejecting hit the corner of my FF 3 optic thus causing problems with stove pipes The 320 works well with my Shadow 2 but I don't think it's softer i have been using Alliant American Select which is clean and softer than VV 320
  10. Big Dog Howie

    SP01 For carry optic

    My Burris just went out at Sat match,seems the dot is stuck up high and no longer adjusts down. I have put thru about 2000 + rounds with it,will call Burris in the morning to get return info since they have the lifetime warranty. A friend runs a Doctor from Doctor USA but I do not want to spend $600 I will just keep sending The Burris FF3 back if it breaks again
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