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  1. mwc

    Honcho Shooters

    It could also serve as a back up to your G24 limited gun.
  2. I guess if you never practice that might be true, but anyone that competes on a regular basis isn't going to have any problems.
  3. Picking one up soon and I would like to get something other than the Leupold. What are my options? Was thinking about the Romeo3max but I don't think it will fit. Will the new Romeo1pro work?
  4. I just bought the Everglades holster and this post pretty much sums it up for me as well! I have owned them all and this is by far the best 2011 race holster I've tried. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Matches around here have definitely increased in difficulty due to the popularity of PPC and CO. I don't mind being a limited shooter, but the production division, which used to be the most popular by far is dying quickly.
  6. I would try new magazine springs before anything else. They wear out fast and most likely your problem.
  7. You won't have any issues at all.
  8. mwc

    CZ Shadow 2

    I remember that day. First stage of the match!
  9. WALTHER Website: www.carl-walther.de Notes: Added Q5 Match 6/2/2016, updated weight 7/27/16 Added Creed 9mm 2/8/17 Added Q5 Match SF (steel frame) Carry Optics only, without mag well. 1/4/19 . Creed 9mm 4 inch barrel (26.6 oz.) P1 (28 oz.) P38 (34 oz.) P5 (28 oz.) P88 (31.5 oz.) P88 Compact (29 oz.) P99 (25 oz.) P99AS (25 oz.) P99C (20 oz.) P99DAO (20 oz.) P99QA (20 oz.) PPQ .40cal 4.17 barrel (24.87 oz.) PPQ 9mm 4.01 barrel (24.52 oz.) PPQ M2 .40 cal barrel 4.1 inch (24.52 oz.) PPQ M2 9mm 4 inch barrel (24 oz.) PPQ M2 9mm 5 inch barrel (26 oz.) Q5 Match 9mm 5 inch barrel (27.5 oz.) Q5 Match SF (Steel Frame) . Adde (41.6 oz.) That was fast!
  10. Mike Martin aka "MikieM" had a heart attack and passed away last Saturday at our local IDPA match doing what he loved. He would have been 72 years old today. Mike was the match director of our first USPSA club decades ago. Mike was a friend to all and he was always good for a story or two about shooting USPSA back in the day when a 1911 .45 was all anyone used. Rest in peace Mike...you will be missed!
  11. I do love the noise they make when doing a fast reload!
  12. mwc

    Glock 23 from 1999

    I bought my G23 in 1992 as my off duty gun. Its my oldest handgun and in the 26 years I have owned it, I don't recall a single malfunction. I haven't replaced anything on it, but I doubt my round count for it is anywhere near 50,000.
  13. I guess it depends on the match. At nationals you usually see only one or two guys shoot within 95% of the winner.
  14. mwc

    Texas Star Order

    Depends on how far away it is. Up close...I zig-zag. Farther out... then clockwise from the top.
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