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  1. Best advice in this thread!
  2. mwc

    Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS

    I can't think of one...
  3. Wind is mostly irrelevant for the ranges we are engaging targets. The affects on the shooter or even the bullet after being fired are minimal. However, it is a pain on match day to keep the targets, props, and walls from blowing over.
  4. mwc

    Atlas Trigger

    This was my experience as well, however these triggers literally dropped in PT EVO grips.
  5. mwc

    Drones or no drones?

    I don't see a problem with them as long as they stay out of the line of sight of the shooter running a stage. I can't imagine the noise being a problem considering all the noise we are making shooting guns.
  6. Yet another great selling feature of Blue bullets! What's not to like!
  7. mwc

    Range Bag

    I always thought this would be good bag. Never pulled the trigger on it though, so I can't give a review. https://usa.palmettostatearmory.com/gps-tactical-range-backpack-tan-gps-t1612bpt.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6rej5t-L3gIVibrACh1WAA5bEAQYASABEgLn8_D_BwE
  8. Tried that already...didn't work.
  9. Have a plan. Visualize the plan. Relax and execute the plan by seeing whatever sight picture you need to see for every shot you take.
  10. Bummed about that one too. It was one of better stages.
  11. mwc

    Backyard shooting range

    Congrats! This has always been a dream for me a well.
  12. mwc

    Limited Ready Glock17

    If you get good with that gun, you can beat all but the very best limited shooters using 2011s. Glock shooters using .40s finished first and third in last years Iron Sight Nationals and 7 of the top 25 overall shot minor as production shooters. I was very surprised to see that many production shooters that high. Personally my performance with my 2011 .40 and my G34 has always been very close. When shooting stages with lots of steel my G34 usually comes out on top.
  13. Blue loctite is the way to go. I haven't lost a screw since I started using it.
  14. At the Area 4 Championship this year, I noticed that the target sticks on most of the paper targets extended above the target itself similar to the picture in the rulebook Apendix B1, where it states "Cutting the tops off the stakes provides an improved visual presentation and prevents the stakes from obscuring downrange targets." I was under the impression that this wasn't allowed, but after looking at the rule book, that statement almost seems more like a recommendation than an absolute rule. I did speak with one of the staff and was told that the sticks extending above the targets was a great help if the targets had to be bagged for the rain. I hadn't thought of that and it seems like a good idea, since the bags would be held up by the sticks instead top of the cardboard target. For those of you that shot that match, did you have any issues or problems with the targets being presented in this way? I will admit that it did bother me on the clam shell stage where the sticks from one target obscured the head box of the target next to it. Other than that, it really didn't bother me that much. Your thoughts?