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  1. Mike Martin aka "MikieM" had a heart attack and passed away last Saturday at our local IDPA match doing what he loved. He would have been 72 years old today. Mike was the match director of our first USPSA club decades ago. Mike was a friend to all and he was always good for a story or two about shooting USPSA back in the day when a 1911 .45 was all anyone used. Rest in peace Mike...you will be missed!
  2. mwc

    Plastic vs Metal 2011 Grip

    I do love the noise they make when doing a fast reload!
  3. mwc

    Glock 23 from 1999

    I bought my G23 in 1992 as my off duty gun. Its my oldest handgun and in the 26 years I have owned it, I don't recall a single malfunction. I haven't replaced anything on it, but I doubt my round count for it is anywhere near 50,000.
  4. mwc

    Classifier vs match bump

    I guess it depends on the match. At nationals you usually see only one or two guys shoot within 95% of the winner.
  5. mwc

    Texas Star Order

    Depends on how far away it is. Up close...I zig-zag. Farther out... then clockwise from the top.
  6. mwc

    Halo Neuroscience?

    When I was younger, I used to race road bikes and remember all the pro cyclist endorsing over the counter supplements as their reasons for being successful, only to find out later that they were using all sorts of banned substances as well. It's hard to trust anyone's opinion when money is involved.
  7. mwc

    "Indexing" your shooting belt

    Lots of good advice about where and how to adjust the inner/outer belt. My only recommendation would be to keep everything the same no matter the gun or division. I only wish I could follow my own advice...
  8. mwc

    New CZC Gun

    I love seeing all the new guns entering the market!
  9. mwc

    Tanfo USPSA Package

    Those videos would get my top pick for most helpful on this forum. Helped me out a lot! Thanks for doing them!
  10. I like the bluetooth feature. It would be beneficial in my opinion, if the shooter could wear a timer that was run by the scoring tablet. The RO could then have both hands free and could focus entirely on the shooter.
  11. I wonder how much time he may have saved here and there if he didn't have to reload as much as the limited shooters. He shot 64 more A's, but was about 50 seconds slower than the winner of Limited.
  12. mwc

    Glock 34/35 holster for production USPSA

    I keep coming back to blade tech, but there are a lot of great choices out there. I would buy the cheapest I could find since they all pretty much function the same.
  13. Blind old coot? I may have to switch to SS! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. mwc

    Tanfo USPSA Package

    This was my choice as well. It wasn't difficult at all . I really enjoyed the process and the sense of accomplishment of creating a smooth reliable trigger pull.
  15. mwc

    strange RMR zero shift on G34

    Watching this... I too would like to hear about RMR longevity. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk