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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. Have you tried your barrel with cast bullets?
  2. What is the best after market barrel for a Gen 4 Glock 21 to shoot cast bullets? Want reliability, and fun but save costs with the use of cast bullets. Cost not an issue, but reliability is! Thanks.
  3. I want to feed my 1911 and G-21 gen 4. I want to buy a dedicated 45 ACP reloader. Not match shooting but serious practice. I'm thinking Sqare Deal B or 550. Please share your experiences or thoughts. I have a 550 in 9mm, but have not put it together yet. Don't want to change dies, prefer dedicated machine for one practice load in 45ACP. What to get?
  4. I shoot a G-22 and no matter what I do, how I hold it, It bangs my middle knuckle on my right hand. As mush as I would like to keep this gun, it just hurts to shoot it. By 50 rounds, it is plain torture! Is it possible an undercut trigger gaurd modification could solve this? Has anyone had a simular problem? Love to hear solution tips. Thanks.
  5. Anyone tried the above in a Glock 21? If so, what were results?
  6. Has anyone tried the 115 Zero bullets in Glocks? If so, what were your results? How do they compare with Montana Gold bullets. These are for practice shooting.
  7. The original question, I want a 1911 that RUNS, like a GLOCK! By that, I mean it runs almost foolproof with factory ammo. How much to spend? I would say whatever the price of a Les Baer or thereabout. Maybe a Wilson CQB, but I do not want to wait and I don't think spending 3-4000 is necessary to get a reliable 1911. It is an all business gun with much practice. Whose would you buy? Do the Colt's run? Dan Wessons? Is gunsmith work mandatory to get an expensive gun to work reliably?
  8. What are the top 5------top 3 GUNS for reliability, reliability, RELIABILITY? WHO ARE THE TOP 5 SMITHS?
  9. Springfield, forgot about them. Does the MC Operator run?
  10. The benchmark is that it must RUN! Les Baer makes good guns, must break in. Will they run after that? How about the Dan Wessons, do they run? Why are more custom guns built on STI stuff, do they run? What to buy? No one mentioned the Colt's guns, opinions? IT MUST RUN!! WHOSE TO BUY?
  11. The STI Lawman in 5" or STI Trojan in 5 inch would be good, if they Run ! The Trojan in 9mm, to save money (wish it came in fixed sights), would be an excellent gun, if it runs and runs and runs ! Of course, the Wilson CQB is excellent too, but a lot more dough than the Trojan. Les Bauer, but takes a lot of breaking in. This gun will be shot until it dies, cared for, but used HARD! What say you? PS. The Dan Wessons look good. Do they run?
  12. I am tired of 1911s that don't run. I want to buy a 1911 that runs, not one that has to be sent to Colt's Custon or the Springfield Custom, one that works, now! Which brand am I going to have the best chance with? STIs are favored by the competition crowd, do they run? Had Colt's and others, whose should I try? Thanks. PS Either 45 or 9mm, no 40s.
  13. I have a new Glock Gen 4 mod 21. I want to shoot lead in it as well as jacketed. I am looking for a Storm Lake barrel but can't find one. Does anyone know who has one in stock? How does the Lone Wolf barrels compare? Thanks.
  14. Can Black T be applied to an aluminum frame (commander)?
  15. I have a like new S&W md 10 with Heavy barrel (4"). I want to have a dovetail cut in the barrel for a new sight, maybe a gold bead or Novak white dot. I also want the rear notch opened up for more light. I don't want an adjustable sight gun, already have a few. I want a good fixed sight gun with sights I can see (over 50). Has anyone done this type of mod? Any suggestions appreciated as well as gunsmith recommendations. I
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