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  1. I have shot both of them and just use the Blue Bullets now. The same powder and charge with both but I had a little more smoke with the Black don't know why.
  2. Make sure your firing pin channel is clean of all oils and lubes. The channel and Striker is made to run dry.
  3. I run 125gr Blue Bullets with e3 powder in my XDM 5.25 in CO. They work great for me. Your going to need to work up a load that your gun and you like.
  4. Hi all can some one clear this up for me. I'm a heavy metal fan but under the United Multi-Gun League rules is it still 1shot on each target for rifle and pistol or is it 2 shots on each target.
  5. I'm running a Powder River Precision Solid Stainless Steel Guide Rod in my XDM 5.25
  6. No it's not a ramped barrel..... Contact RIA they are good with warranty stuff... just takes some turn around time.... I bet they fix the gun for you. As for the main spring housing the gun crafter for para fits good.... I have one in my Pro Match .40 or just ask them if they can install a metal one for you.
  7. I had a similar thing with my RIA Pro Match .40 at first when I got it. for me it was I needed to go longer on the rounds... 1.180 to 1.200 depending on bullet type. In the end I had a few magazines that where out of spec. and replaced them and the gun ran and is running with no more extraction problems.
  8. I did a drop in PRP Ultimate kit in my XDM 5.25 9mm. It was the best upgrade I did to the gun. A side note you my need to lower the recoil spring weight so not too over power the striker spring......
  9. 180Gr Blue over 4.2Gr of E3 at 1.180 gives me 170PF out of my RIA Pro Match .40
  10. Yes I have a Nitro fin on my Pro match .40 and use it in USPSA limited class. The gun runs like a top.
  11. @ tomjerry1 The pic that SCTaylor posted is what I have on my Pro Match .40 .... To clear things up the grinding was on the Nitro Fin to make it fit and not on the gun it's self. The Nitro Fin is made longer something like an 1/8 " longer than stock this may be so you can fit it to your needs. As a side note the black is stainless steel under the coating
  12. Yes I'm running a Nitro Fin on my Pro Match .40 Had to do some grinding on it to make it fit. I did set it up so the slide will not lock back on an empty magazine.
  13. I have the Pro match 40... I load my 200Gr FMJTC rounds with E3 powder to 1.180 just what I like to use, I did try 40 rounds at 1.200 and they all ran in the gun just fine.
  14. My XDM 5.25 9mm did that some times after I put the same kit in. What I found was that the recoil spring was to strong for the new trigger kit. It kept the slide just a fraction out of battery so when I pulled the trigger it made the slide jump forward first then the gun went off. I went to a 14LBS recoil spring and it fixed it.
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