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  1. I like the Atlas bipod. Expensive, but worth it. The harris is also good for the price. I also just picked up a Magpul bipod.
  2. Alot of good information here. I also put together a 9mm carbine. When I tested fired it, it broke the bolt catch. First time I had seen that and I have put together many AR lowers. I replaced and it has held up, but now that I read this I know why it broke. I do not have the right buffer in it. I have placed an order for one.
  3. Have been looking for a holster for my OPEN gun so that I can use for 3-gun.
  4. Hope to here something about this. I built a 9mm carbine and I had a bolt hold open latch that broke.
  5. GREAT review. Price and availability?
  6. M118LR


    May he REST IN PURPLE.
  7. Well said Johnny. Kyle and his staff did a GREAT job putting on this match. Also thanks to the sponsors.
  8. M118LR

    David Bowie

    Major Tom to ground control! RIP David..
  9. I have know and shot with Jim since the 80's. The man always had a smile on his face. Gone to soon. RIP JIM you will be missed.
  10. Have know Jim Jr for a long time. Have shot with him for many years. I hope he can BEAT this.
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