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    I Have A Lot Of Hobbies; But My Most Abiding Is Firearms. I Started Handling And Shooting Guns Back When I Was Just 9 Years Old; And I Completely Broke Down And Repaired My First 1911 Pistol Before I Reached 12 Years Of Age.

    My Other Interests Include: Bible Study, Handloading, Dog Training, And Domestic Animal Rescue. I’m A Student Of Both The English Language And Mathematics. Once Everything Is Said And Done I Hope To Go To Heaven When I Die; And I Try To Live My Life Accordingly.
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  1. Yeah, my other left. Thanks, guys! (That'll teach me to pay attention.)
  2. Funny! I've been struggling with Glock's BTF (brass-to-face) problems for more than 5 years, now. It ain't an inconsistent grip that causes all of the more recently built Glock pistols to throw their brass all over the frigg 'in place: left side, right side, forwards, and backwards towards your face. This problem first appeared and is rooted in the Glock factory's decision to replace their more expensive precision-built steel extractors with more poorly adhering and looser fitting MIM extractors. Now that I've spent hundreds of (I think wasted) dollars and several years trying to figure t
  3. I've been using Bar-Sto Precision barrels for the past 25 + years. I like them a lot; and, with Irv Stone's DVD, you should have no problem at all fitting your new Bar-Sto barrel into a nice tight lockup! (Noticeably better than factory, 'Drop-in'.) https://www.amazon.com/Bar-Sto-Precision-Machine-Barrels-DVD/dp/B003IDA9MU
  4. I don't understand what you are saying here. Got a couple pictures of your grip/arm position so I can see what you're trying to describe? You can see what I'm talking about in Robert Vogel's video on proper grip; and the same information is also shown in one or two of Middlebrooks' 'Fist-Fire' videos - Especially the one where his wife demonstrates the proper, 'Fist-Fire' grip while D.R. stands next to her and points out various features of her grip. It's been several years since I last saw that Middlebrooks' video. I remember D.R. commenting that he'd taken a lot of criticism for reco
  5. Been a while since I watched those Fist-Fire videos. I mostly remember Middlebrooks advocating a fully rolled-over and locked weak hand wrist which I thought was similar to what others suggest doing, but with different word cues that may work better for some shooters than others. I'm not sure if you are advocating something else here -- maybe an asymmetry in the arms where the weak arm is straighter and the strong arm elbow is bent and anchored to the body? I'd be interested in further details. You ask good questions! I, also, agree with you. Many, but not all, of the top handgun t
  6. I'm glad to see that pistol shooters are finally starting to get away from Ayoob's, 'revolver-orientated' style of pistol shooting. The above remarks are just another way of saying what's already been discussed in the past few pages. I think you've got the right idea, and your understanding is correct; however, I have the impression that you might be imagining the pistol needs to be held more loosely than is actually the case. A correct grip has to be firm enough to smoothly manage, both, the vertical and the horizontal pressures that a shooter's hands apply to the gun. Vertical grip pr
  7. With or without the video, (The link isn’t working!) this is another very good question. Over the years I’ve seen numerous pistol shooters use highly individual grips and shooting styles in order to win matches; and, they DID win matches! As time passed I came to the personal conclusion that: A pistol shooter can teach himself how to do almost anything in order to win. It’s all a matter of what you regularly practice and habitually teach yourself how to do. As for myself? I’ve been shooting pistols for a long time; and, for a while there (back in the early days) I did, indeed, seek
  8. I've hesitated to respond to this remark because it's so difficult to address. Things happen really fast when firing quickly; and, at least for me, it's difficult to sort everything out in order to be able to grasp it with my conscious mind; and, I’m of the opinion that for many shooters, it's also exceedingly difficult for them to understand, 'Why' or, 'How' they shoot so well without being able to rationalize their body's own physiological functions. (In other words, many people shoot well; but are unable to explain either why, or how they manage to do it - They simply do it without a
  9. My compliments - Really! Coincidentally, I was thinking about this just last weekend when I was shooting very well, experienced a misfire during a string of shots and, sure enough, the muzzle suddenly took a mysterious dip! Before I read this thread I had already come to the conclusion that the dip was caused by me, 'driving' the gun; but I wasn't really 100% certain until I read this thread - Thanks!
  10. What specific type of leading are you experiencing? (1) Streaking along the entire length of the barrel lands; (2) splotches towards front of the barrel; or (3) a fog-like film that coats the entire barrel; and, (4) exactly where is most of this leading occurring inside the bore? Mic your bullets. How does the bullet’s diameter compare to your actual bore? In your case an ideal bullet diameter would be, something like, .401 to .402 inch. Finally, what is the BHN of those BBI bullets you are using? NOW, SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING WITH LEAD BULLETS WILL BE BETTER ABLE TO A
  11. A priceless reply, (and oh so true!)
  12. OK, MarkCO is the best. I know he's a talented (plastics?) engineer; I know barrel leading isn't linear; but neither is it logarithmic. It's variable, and can vary from shot-to-shot. in fact I'm able to think of multiple reasons, 'Why' leading occurs while I'm typing this reply. I'm sorry; but I honestly believe that I understand barrel leading too well to buy into the above argument; and a few test by any single party aren't sufficient to change my mind. In short: Control the variables; and you'll control the problem. (No offense!) I've participated in many of these discussions.
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