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Found 16 results

  1. I am thinking of putting my Vortex Venom on my Glock 34 Gen 4 but not sure if what I want to do makes sense in terms of preserving the stock gun. My preferred option was to buy a stripped MOS slide, so I could maintain my factory pistol, but the asking prices are insane, almost as much as a pistol. Even the non-MOS G34 slides have crazy prices. So, I am now thinking of having my factory slide milled for my Venom. I did this for my G17 but was able to buy an aftermarket slide for the red dot, preserving my original slide. The issue is, if I have the slide milled, I will lose the rear dovetail so the slide could no longer have iron sights. I could have a new dovetail milled in front of the optic, but to me that looks stupid having the sight 2 inches farther forward from the back of the slide. I don't plan on ever selling my pistol, but you never know. Is milling the slide and losing the dovetail a dumb thing to do? I guess I could always hope that in the future slide prices will come down to reality or reasonably priced aftermarket G34 slides will be for sale. Anyone with an opinion please chime in, especially if you did something similar or thought about it. Thanks
  2. XDm shooter here going to try the Dark Side. I may be assimilated... Sooo, last year I volunteered to RO our local GSSF match. I was persuaded to borrow a buddies G19 and shoot the match as well. This year, same and I found out by being a second year GSSF member, I qualify for the discount program. Since I haven't been able to win a gun outright, thought it gets a gun into the cheap enough range to get one for giggles (and not hassle my buddy every June). At first, though I'd just go for the Gen 3 G17 as it's the cheapest on the list (I've found my buddies 19 a bit too small for my fat hands). Also thinking I might return to Production again and see what I can do with a stock "duty" type gun. But then again, Carry Optics is on my "itch to scratch" list so maybe I'll go for an MOS to put a dot on. THEN, I see on here a lot of chatter about using a G 34 MOS for CO. Can someone explain why you'd need a longer barrel in CO where sight radius is not a factor. BTW, I did get to shoot a G35 (iron sight) with an Apex trigger and it was very nice. Thanks in advance for any input.
  3. So I figured I should start this as a replacement to my scattered notes on shooting, this way they are in one place. Maybe others can help or my experience can help someone else out. I will try my best to organize posts for my own and other's sake. It may very well turn into an actual diary since shooting sports have quickly become a true passion of mine.
  4. I have a Gen 3 G34 with at least 60k rounds through it. Almost all of those rounds have been minor rounds. I'm now starting to see about 10% or more of my rounds tumble when I haven't cleaned my barrel for a couple thousand rounds or so (a recent development). - Never was a problem before. When I clean it, they stop tumbling for a bit. Before cleaning there isn't any noticeable buildup or burrs. I would think it could be my reload, but my son shoots the same ammo and quantity I do, on the same cleaning interval, in his Gen 4 G34 without this issue. Is it time to replace the barrel? How can I tell if the barrel is worn out? Thanks
  5. Hey everyone, I’m hoping someone can offer some help. I’ve been trying to develop a minor load for my G34 using VV N320. So far I’ve tried BBI 135s and 147s, and Xtreme 147 HPs. I’m using mixed brass and Winchester SPP. So far I have only been testing for accuracy, and haven’t chrono’d any of the loads. For some reason, I haven’t gotten very consistent results. The first time out at the range, I tested the Xtreme 147s and BBI 135s using N320. For the Xtremes, I also loaded one batch using CFE Pistol. I shot 5 shot groups, rested on a bag, at about 20 yards. I first shot a control group using factory new Freedom Munitions 147 gr RN. The group measured 2.23”. Here are the results for my reloads: Xtreme 147 HP, 3.4 gr N320, 1.135” - 2.39” group Xtreme 147 HP, 3.9 gr CFE, 1.135” - 2.46” group BBI 135, 3.6 gr N320, 1.130” - 1.79” group (the 5th shot wasn’t on the paper, so I think this was a fluke with the 4 shots being 1.79”) The next time out at the range I tested BBI 147s, using 3.4 gr N320, at OALs 1.120-1.160” at 0.010” increments. Same shooting setup, except this time I decided on 10 shot groups to hopefully get more conclusive results. The best group I managed was about 4” at 1.140” OAL, but the rest were in the 6-7” range. In addition to shooting groups I’ve shot all the loads for feel. I decided that I preferred the feel of the BBI 135s so I decided to focus on those. This time I loaded 10 rounds each at 3 different powder charges (3.5, 3.6, and 3.7 gr N320) and 6 OALs (1.110-1.160” in 0.010” increments). 3.5 gr - Best group was 2.14” at 1.160” OAL. Not bad at all! However, all other OALs were over 4” groups. 3.6 gr - All groups were 4” or more. 3.7 gr - All groups were 4” or more. At 1.110” OAL, the groups were horrible! Only 4 shots made it on the paper. I've shot good groups with the Xtremes, so I was starting to think my gun just didn’t like BBIs until today when I shot that one good group. I guess I could just switch over to the Xtreme 135s, but I’d like to get these BBIs to work. Maybe I can confirm the 3.5 gr at 1.160” makes PF, and just go with it?? However, I noticed another slight problem with this load. It will not pass the plunk test in my barrel. It takes slight pressure to chamber the last 0.020-0.030” and some force/wiggling to get it back out. OALs shorter than about 1.130” plunk just fine. Anyone have any ideas what could be going on?? I tried attaching pictures of the groups but the "Insert image from URL" isn't working. Thanks!
  6. I am looking to purchase this holster for a G34 for 3 gunning, just wondering if anyone here has experience with it and what is your overall feeling about it. I plan on using it with a Invictus holster hanger and a Safariland QLS mounted to my belt. Any info would be great. Thanks
  7. Chapo

    9mm major

    Looking for the best recipe for a gen 4 g34. I am using this time hs6. I have all competition springs and a 13lbs recoil spring. Carver 4-port comp. looking for a flat experience. I am thinking about 6.4 grains and taking it from there? Thoughts from other g34 open shooters?
  8. I just switched from MG's 124's CMJ's with an OAL of 1.160" which worked flawlessly in my Gen3 and my son's Gen4 G34's. I switched to the MG 147 CMJ's and kept the 1.160" OAL. No issue in my Gen3 but the Gen4 has constant feeding problems. Am I running them too long??? The 124's were a rounded nose and the 147's have that small flat spot in the front (look more like a trapezoid). Sounds like some people are running MG 147's around 1.130-1.140" Thanks for the feedback
  9. For a little over a year now, I've been using a Gen 3 Glock 19 for IDPA and occasional USPSA competitions. I've been doing fairly well with it, but at some recent practice sessions, three different people let me try their Gen 4 G34s after I first ran the stages with my G19. On average, my times improved with the G34 by about 18%. Naturally, I'm now very interested in picking one up for myself. Should I stick with the Gen 3 since that is what I'm currently running or do the changes to the Gen 4 make it a better choice for competition? I do prefer the texture of the Gen 4 grip, however, I like it setup with the medium backstrap so the grip reduction isn't a factor for me. Thanks!
  10. So I'm trying to figure out what sight heights to buy from Dawson Precision. I want the Glock 34 Gen 3 to hit POI/POA with 115gr bulk ammo (Winchester, Federal, Fiocchi, etc.) at 20-ish yards. From navigating Dawson's website, should I just get the Competition Fixed Sight Set? (Item 310-003) The sight set has a .205 tall front and a .225 tall rear. Will that get hits POI/POA @ 20-ish yards? Other suggestions? Thanks!
  11. I want to give a review of Johnny Glocks competition trigger in case there are any people on the fence about getting one. As a preface, I have had the .25 trigger job then upgraded to a Vanek Classic trigger in a Gen 3 G17. I watched Johnny’s videos on his new trigger geometry but I was a little skeptical so I called and left him a message. I received a return call a couple hours later and he was very pleasant on the phone in addition to going into great detail about his work. It didn’t take me long to realize this is a guy that truly loves his work and is proud of it. If experience has taught me anything, this is the type of person’s products you want to buy. I ordered his competition trigger for a G34 Gen 4 which arrived about 2 days later. Installation was very straight forward but Johnny does have online videos for those first timers out there. I opted for the 4.5# striker spring that according to the sheet included should give a crisp wall break with a pull weight of 2.5 – 3 lbs. This trigger also included springs with different pull weights for defensive carry (4.5 – 5lbs), Tactical (3.5 – 4lbs) and Target (3 – 3.5lbs) so you could always repurpose it if you needed to. The rest of the kit’s parts include a trigger bar with custom ground sear engagement, adjustable trigger housing (pre and over travel), 3.5# enhanced connector and safety plunger. I have right around 2700 rounds through the trigger and the only 2 clicks I have had were both from high primers (I use Winchester SPP) that were obviously my fault. The trigger has performed flawlessly and I am extremely impressed by it. There was ZERO pre/post travel upon installation and no adjustments were necessary. Trigger break is excellent and honestly I cannot imagine a Glock trigger getting much better than this and all Glock safeties work to boot! So I know the question you are asking is how does it compare to the Vanek Classic? The Vanek was installed in ’09 and has a slightly lighter trigger break however it has at least 28K rounds through it so that might make a difference. Reliability wise, the Vanek shot all my reloads with Winchester SSP with the exception of the occasional high primer. While my sampling with Johnny’s is only around 10% of the rounds shot through the Vanek, I would suspect to see the same reliability from what I have seen so far. As far as trigger pull goes, Johnny has it hands down. The zero pre/post travel is absolutely phenomenal and I wouldn’t have believed you could get anywhere near this out of a Glock trigger. Even my diehard 1911 buddies were amazed by it. The trigger break and reset are outstanding and I honestly find it difficult to go back and shoot my Vanek after having used Johnny’s for about 2 months now and will probably wind up ordering another Johnny Glocks for my G17. I did purchase this trigger in April when the price was still $140 which was a complete steal but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it even consider it a bargain at its current $200 price tag. Once you try his new trigger geometry you will be hooked just like I am.
  12. Just did the $0.25 polish job with a dremel and although everything feels smoother the trigger won't reset consistently when manually racking the slide. This happens every other time I rack the slide. I'm very new to Glocks (Sig guy normally) so I'm not sure what part of the trigger assembly isn't grabbing. Did I overpolish something? Does the safety plunger grab the top of the trigger bar when the slide comes forward or is it the striker?
  13. I am going to purchase a g34 glock to be used for 3 gun and multi gun matched primarily. Also it may see a few IDPA and USPSA matches. I plan to inventively send it to Taran tactical innovations to get the RTS package installed. My question is should I get a gen 4 or a gen 3. I prefer the size of the gen 4 with none of the back straps installed, I also prefer the magazine release. Will the reduced grip size of the gen 4 limit what Taran can do will the grip stippling? I know the full grip package will take it out of production and ssp and I am okay with that. Thank you.
  14. I searched and I'm sure the answer is spread around this website in a dozen threads, but is there one consolidated threat listing every competitive modification possible on a Glock 34 for USPSA Production? Is there an agreed upon Glock 34 Production "parts list" that is broken out for new shooters build out? I've been shooting USPSA for a year now and just made A Class, so I'm looking to improve my gun a bit. I don't expect a gun modification to push me to the next bracket, I just want to ensure that I am using the most competitive gear. Ideally, I'd like to take every advantage I can with a Glock 34 so I know that when I'm shooting, the only thing hold me back is ...my own shooting - and not the gun. So far, the only modifications I've made on my Glock 34 (gen 3) is new sights (black front and rear), and a home triggerjob (http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?p=1287081#post1287081). I'd like to use grip tape instead of stippling, but otherwise I am open to any Production legal suggestions.
  15. Need a reference to a gunsmith that can machine a glock 34 slide for a bomar rear sight. Tx
  16. I am an IDPA (6 matches) and a 3 Gun (3 matches) shooter. I'd like to try USPSA and SCSA shooting. I own a G17, G34 and a Para Pro Custon 14.45. The Glocks both have had the finger grooves removed and the grips textured, iron sights on the G34, Fast Fire III on the G17, the Para is stock. I shoot ESP in IDPA and Tac Ops(34) and Open division(17) in 3 Gun. What divisions could I shoot and with which weapons in USPSA & SCSA? I have tried the search function and could not find an answer. I'm pretty clear on the Glock's (Limited for the 34 & open for the 17?) but don't know what the Para is considered? At this time I do not reload but will be up and running by the end of the summer. I'm 53 no kids, divorced with a good job so spending some $ to get to the right division is not a big issue (please don't tell me to buy an STI, I can afford one but I'd only embarass myself worse missing with it...LOL) Thank you for any help you can provide.
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