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  1. I see, I just guessed based off of our past results 4.9g with a 100g bullet should have put me in the ballpark... the second string was close'ish with some 1300 +'s in there.. I'm gonna bump it up to 5.4 and see where it's at an back down if needed. It all depends on how much I'm getting per grain of wsf velocity wise which I'm guessing is going to be sub 30fps. Worse case it's a 140pf and I dial it back. Maybe the cases won't look like black soot... Now, should I go back to 1.100 OAL, I really hate the idea of going lower than that.
  2. So I'm bumping up the powder charge then and things should seal up nicer and maybe straighten itself out? I shot 25 rounds and it fed/felt great. of course it was only 120-124pf and I'm typically around 140 so it would make sense. I'm going to get some PD 95 grain bullets and continue to experiment, with the results yesterday I believe my powder lot to be good, and I also believe that I should be able to get the load working. Thanks everyone.
  3. I used mixed brass, I'm really not into precision and getting single digit SD's, while it is nice I don't believe it's necessary for our sport. However when I'm getting a 200 FPS spread on loads it boggled me. These are typical results with my chrono I'm generally fairly close to single digit SD which is ok for what I'm doing. I would agree though some chorono's would provide better more consistent results.
  4. These were some 100g plated non concave .356 dia Berry's bullets. I don't like plated, and I wanted to play with 95g bullets but this was found local for cheap so I figured Id do some testing with it. So results for today. 100g Berry's plated flat base loaded to 1.065OAL- 4.9g WSF " Fired 5 rounds before putting anything through chrono 10 ft from muzzle" FPS: 1st string: 1190, 1173, 1248, 1176, 1232, 1166, 1246, 1176, 1228.. So, I'm still seeing a 73 FPS ES, Moved chrono into sun, was maybe slightly closer to chrono. 2nd string: 1243, 1272, 1256, 1309, 1279, 1150"not sure there but it felt weak", 1302. still a 50 something spread but not terrible. 125g Coated with 3.8g WSF @1.140 1050, 1059, 1049, 1055, 1035, 1070, 1040, 1042, 1054 SD 10, 131.4PF 125g Coated with 3.8G VVn320 @1.140 1112, 1121, 1100, 1105, 1106, 1123 SD: 13 139PF It didn't pick up all 10 shots Note on the 100g light bullet loads. Cases WERE SUPER BLACK... Like way worse than you would see with TiteGroup, it was basically just a black thing the size of a piece of 9mm brass. So... Not sure, not sure... Accuracy was spectacular. Pasty size group @ 20 yards.
  5. Yes, with this last batch I just loaded, I checked the powder drop several times on a digital scale that I check with lyman weighs , with the 5 grain weight I'm nuts at 5.0 grains, and my powder drop is 4.9g so it seems to be very accurate and repeatable. I'm curious about blow by, but like L9 said, we have the same barrel... If I get some weird stuff happening with the 125's loaded with WSF I can chalk it up to the powder I think. I will return tomorrow with results. 125's with n320 125's with WSF and 100's with WSF and my match loads with TG..... Going to find out who the culprit is.... Also going to use another rifle with a shorter throat.
  6. Well I loaded some to 1.060 last night, going to test them out... Also loaded some 125 coated bullets with the WSF I bought thinking it may be the powder.... we shall see after chrono.
  7. I honestly think this may be the culprit. If that's the case, I simply cant shot 95 grain bullets with this gun... sad days.
  8. I Don't think its possible to load a 95g bullet to 1.160..... The bearing surface is so small that even at 1.100 there is hardly any bullet in the case as is. I was referring to me being able to load long, "which I am capable of loading out past 1.160" with my rifle, 1.100 will spin freely all day if they spin freely at 1.160. I'm questioning if the gas is getting ahead of the bullet before it actually engages the rifling or if that's even possible?
  9. So just thinking out loud here. But if the throat of my barrel is very deep, I could load out to 1.160 and not engage the rifling, and I've always tended to load on the longer side and never had problems... Is it possible loading so short the gas is getting past the bullet that way?
  10. I have a few JP firing pins stashed away for when mine eventually breaks.
  11. It's a plated round, I can barley see the line from the crimp and can feel it with a fingernail if i try really really hard, it's not like I can scratch at it, its a very very subtle line at .377 I learned this lesson the hard way when shooting limited and decided to try out some plated rounds... Wondering why accuracy sucked 😞
  12. I've ran powders much faster than WSF, I've never had any issue with any combination of bullet weighing 115/125/135 or 147grains. N320, Titegroup, clays, prima V. You should be having zero issues running a faster powder in a GMR-13 unless something is really wrong. I'm going to try some Jacketed bullets, back off to my original crimp which is super light and set the chrono out in the sun this go around. Although I still don't think this is going to solve the issue.
  13. Agree on accuracy aspect of it, was not aware that it would actually loosen neck tension, good to know. So am I just able to get setback purely because of the super small bearing surface on the projectile?
  14. measuring at the neck was a .377, I didn't think that was much crimp
  15. I'd really hate to load any shorter for reliability issues, If I switch to say a 95 grain bullet I don't see how it's going to be possible unless I crimp the ever loving s#!t out of it, there just isn't much bullet inside the case.