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  1. All of my glock mags fall freely from my JP, even when it was brand new. I would probably call support and see if they can remedy it. There is no reason for you to me dealing with an issue like that.
  2. Ron Faircloth runs the place now, he's doing a great job. From the last time I spoke with him which has been sometime... there was still going to be a wait list which could have changed. But I know for sure they did away with the sponsorship deal which is nice. It's certainly more economical to shoot at FOP and not deal with the hassle of walking into the ancient city office where they all think they are John Wick hah.
  3. Its only a few miles away, you don't need to be LEO, But I'm sure there is a wait list now. Due's are very reasonable! You can access all the information to become a member from the website.
  4. I'm a local of St.Augustine.. We have a ton of great shooters here and a lot of match's in the area. The first week of the month is Steel challenge, the 2nd weekend has a match in Yule, 3rd week is Steel challenge or USPSA at SAPSA, and the fourth week is Ancient city USPSA match. So there are two ranges here, I would recommend trying to become a member of FOP113. Ancient city is really expensive and I don't care for it much but that's just my opinion on it. We have some great local gun smith's, and bullet manufactures that make some great ammo as well. Let me know if
  5. JP barrels are hard on coated bullets, my loads from my JP rifle are considerably slower than many of my counterparts running a different barrel. For instance it takes me 4.0g of wsf @ 1.140 to make 137 PF using a 125g coated bullet. If I were to shoot a JHP it would be even more! I have no experience with E3, but Titegroup, wsf, wst, autocomp, hs6, n320 in any bullet weight have always been slower in my JP barrel YMMV.
  6. I'm running 4.0g @ 1.140 and a 125 coated for a 137PF
  7. My friend has the MBX and it is doing his gun no favors in terms of flatness, our guns are setup basically identical except I'm running a JP comp and he runs an MBX. I would say ours handle/felt recoil/muzzle rise and dot movement are SUPER close.
  8. Yea that infinity ar9 price tag.... "runs away"
  9. I can defiantly see the gas porting out of the top first! You shooting a hot load or what PF is that around @MemphisMechanic
  10. I'm waiting on my lantac to arrive, debating opening up the holes as well. Could you keep me posted should you try to experiment?
  11. I thought I had tried every combination in the world for my particular gun Stick haha.
  12. Hmmph... Thanks for the input so far guys. I know the feeling of trying something one day and the next range session it feels... different.
  13. I'm not sure which direction I should be headed in the case of weight, since my bolt is 13.9oz, or some say 13.7oz. Sigh, getting a gun to run adequately is pretty simple, but to make it perfect is like some dark art to me. I typically like to run a 136-140pf if that helps any
  14. So not everyone jump on me at once here, but I did use the search feature honest to god. This has literally been beaten to death but after some recent testing and reading I'm slightly on the confused side. So my bolt weighs 13.9oz as per JP. I've been running a .308 carbine spring with a blitz buffer that weights 6oz I believe. Today I took to the range with me some .223 spring my smith gave me and well... the gun has significantly less movement in it. I have no idea how old this spring is, it was not color coded and I do not have a spring tester. I was running
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