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  1. I had a dovetail plate mount on a CZ - it lasted about 5000 rounds, then the dot would jump when the hammer would fall (dovetail became loose). IMO, dovetail mounts are good for deciding on a dot that you like and that will survive a slide. Once you choose, mill it into the slide. I've got probably 35k through the CZ I mentioned, and all but the original 5k have been with a dot milled into the slide. Same dot too As previously mentioned, height over bore, in this magnitude, does not matter at the end of the day. Most have trouble finding the dot coming from irons - dry fire some and that'll go away (sure, a lower dot is easier to find from irons without practice).
  2. I'm still open to suggestions - I've investigated all of the ones thus far, and have found "non-issue" results. I agree, I shouldn't be limited to one bullet profile, but how often do we hear "I only use X bullets" or "It only like Y bullets"
  3. UPDATE Well, folks, I think my issue is resolved. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions - hopefully this will help others that fight similar issues. In a roundabout way, all the mags went back to MBX for testing. The tubes seemed to be in spec, and in their current configuration ran 2-250 rounds in two test guns. In my case, the MBX tubes do seem to like MBX followers the best, even though many replace them with other followers. Three of four STI G2 mags with grams guts had the same nose dive issue (2x140 and 2x170). The 170s have gone to Grams for tuning, and I haven't gotten them back yet. What I found: The gun / mags / system hates the typical JHP profile - PD, Hornady XTP, etc. I hate this, but luckily there are lots of good options for jacketed bullets. 115gr PD JHP @ 1.16" - NOPE 115gr PD JHP @ 1.18" - NOPE 115gr MG CMJ @ 1.16" - NOPE 115gr MG CMJ @ 1.18" - Better, but NOPE At this point I decided to abandon the 115s, and go to 124s only to be able to load longer, since that with a RN bullet seemed to be the first sign of positive results. 124gr Everglades RN JHP V2 @ 1.16" - NOPE 124gr Everglades RN JHP V2 @ 1.18" - Better than 1.16", but NOPE 124gr Everglades RN JHP V2 @ 1.20" - Best results so far - only one nosedive in 150 rounds. This is up from at least 1 per mag. Since the MG CMJs are much more RN that even the Everglades RN JHP, I decided to try those in a similar manner as the Everglades RN JHP. 124gr MG CMJ @ 1.20" - WINNER!!! (at 170pf) **Note: I do have to use an undersized size die to get sufficient neck tension at 1.20". Redding or EGW have worked. **I do not get any bullet setback on multiple chamberings, while pushing it into the bench, or when forcing a nosedive. The crimp is unchanged throughout all the mentioned loads. Solutions: 1) So far, I'm 350 (live) rounds into this load, with (knock on wood) zero nosedives! Additionally, I have not been able to recreate the malfunction by hand cycling, neither slow or fast. 2) Also, I have employed a trick on loading mags recommended by Beven Grams - every 10 or so rounds: 1. Use your thumb to press down on the rim of the top round on the mag to slightly compress the spring 2. While holding #1, tap/smack the bottom of the basepad with your other hand. 3. Feel the rounds settle into a cleaner stack in the mag, and watch the gap between the 1st and 2nd round go away. So far, I've had no problems using this trick with an uplula or loading by hand - again, only 500 or so rounds into it, but that's way better than where I was. 3) I've settled on an untrimmed 9lb variable recoil spring through most of the above testing - might try an 8lb variable in the future. At this point I'm reasonably confident that the recoil spring weight was not the culprit. Now, time to go shoot some matches!!
  4. I also recently picked up an R3Max to throw on the Open gun. I would love to put one on my CO gun, but I'm already milled for a DPP. I just got the open gun back after fitting a new slide - so it's finally time to get some rounds downrange with the R3Max. I'm replacing a DPP with the R3Max, and it does seem superior in just about every aspect - the window shroud and brightness adjustment the big ones for me. The shroud/bezel is much less noticeable than the DPP, SRO, and RTS2 in my opinion. I look forward to putting it through its paces.
  5. Me and Loctite are BFF. I use red on the mount screws, and accept the fact that I'll have to break out the heat gun to break them free. I even use red on the mag release button, again accepting the fact that I'll have to break out the heat gun to take it off. Blue on anything on or close to an optic - probably not a good idea to heat an optic like that. There's already too many potential problems. Good Luck!
  6. @ATLDave, I was a couple squads behind, and heard about that! Thanks for posting the video. That's insane - at least there's video evidence for Leupold!
  7. Because of its much smaller window when compared to the rest of the market.
  8. I got M4-0.7 for my RTS2 and Cheely mount - perfect fit & 8-32 did not work. Cheely mount was ordered last week.
  9. I haven't had to replace mine, but if I did I would look at www.kjmagnetics.com first. I've ordered a couple times from them for other projects. Careful - they're strong little dudes!
  10. For me the DPPs have held zero like a champ - in both Open and CO. I've had two go back to Leupold for warranty work though - one was for turing on/off during recoil and the second was the elevation/windage adjustments stopped moving the dot. Lately I've noticed one of my DPPs to be very dim outdoors even at it brightest setting with a new battery - not like it was before. I'll probably end up offloading one of the DPPs and get a Romeo 3 Max to try out. +1 to having a backup to whatever dot you get.
  11. All of these things are parts of the game that make USPSA what it is. After a while the typical move left, move, right, move downrange gets stale, and an uprange start or two really makes a match unique and fun. Of course there are more aspects to consider in stage design other than just moving the start position - RO safety, what the uprange movement consists of - move+shoot or just move. Additionally, it always helps to really coach newer shooters through these stages to keep everyone safe. These types of stages are almost always seen at majors - it could be bad if a newer shooter saw this for the first time at a major where there's typically much less help to be given in stage planning and how to tackle the less common skill tests.
  12. UPDATE My RN bullets arrived - hand cycling with half-full and full mags feel much better. I haven't been able to replicate the malfunction my hand with these bullets - that wasn't the case for the JHPs. It'll be tested at a local match Saturday, because I like to live dangerously . STI Gen2 mags will arrive either Saturday or Tuesday - I'll report back with results. Thanks to all who took the time to read and respond. Even if RN makes the problem go away, I still want to fix the root cause, and will be taking a look at all the things that @caspian guy, @Nolan, and others recommended.
  13. Not in this case. From the recoil system perspective, it's just a plain ol' 5" 1911/2011.
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