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  1. Barrel link busted. Suspect to be hard chromed. Big no no. Then an FP stop. Again, hard chromed. Then an AFTEC.. Guess why... JL
  2. Pros: slightly bigger bullet. Can be loaded really soft with no PF. Cons: slightly more expensive. 1-2 less rounds per mag. I won't build a purpose built minor 3gun.
  3. Do you do these on unique slides for limited guns?
  4. To efficiently run the compensator, you will want a lot of slow burning powder to create the pressure/gasses. Most factory 9 or super ammo uses fast powder & lighter loads than what major PF calls for. Hence, why reloading ammo or buying major PF match loads from specialty ammo re manufactures is the norm.
  5. I think I read that Benny Hill of TSS used to do a barrel/extractor swap for some of his customers back in the early 2000's. The FP just strikes higher on the primer if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Here's a slightly better pic from Instagram
  7. Thanks Trace. As soon as I receive it, I'll be sure to take better pics
  8. I just priced out a complete kit. $1059 with decent parts directly through L10. That's $200 more than I can find a raw STI frame in state for. It's a tad spendy the first time, but I can see how having the upper for next frame wouldn't be as painful. I SSE'd my last frame through a mfg FFL. After using spare parts from old guns, and paying my gunsmith to "build" me a functioning single shot 2011 with the special barrel and mag block, I was $900 in. Really pissed me off!
  9. good to hear. does anyone know if there is a fixed price using a set parts list, or if you have options for various frame & trigger components?
  10. Anyone else have an opinion? About to pull the trigger on a race master magnetic, or one of these limcats. I'm looking for the smoothest draw, and solid lock/retention. I've heard there is very little play/wiggle room in the RM, which worries me, as my draws are pretty sloppy. Currently using a ultimate ghost, and it's ok, but it's not as smooth as I'd like
  11. Limcats appear pretty tall as well. Taller than an ice anyway. My hands are pretty big, I'm somewhere between a large ice and the standard. The standard gets my hands right up in the trigger guard
  12. I owned a shorty once, that was purpose built for steel. Breaking the gun in with 172pf loads wasn't fun. I couldn't imagine it having any advantage to a 5" gun. I now own a Brazos open 5" gun, and I won't look back.
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