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  1. Is it a 1911 or a 2011? "wide body" sounds like a 2011. If a single stack mag is too narrow to fit in the frame, then it uses 2011 mags like the STI, SVI, and MBX's.
  2. Really, what brand? Reason I ask is that I shoot Ibejiheads coated bullets, using Titegroup powder, and my barrels are spotless. I have never seen lead buildup in them. I do coat the inside of my barrels with a light coating of Mobil 1 oil, which I believe helps keep leading down. But it's also the brand of bullets used. Some coated bullets do leave a lot of leading. But my experience with Ibejiheads has been fantastic.
  3. Usually the oal listed in a reloading manual, would be the minimum for that volume of powder, not what you should load at, With SWC bullets, you want the case mouth just below the shoulder of the bullet. Something similar to this:
  4. So, in the end it pretty much is best with what the builder(Atlas) put in it. Though you state the builder uses a fixed spring, I always found variable spring best, as your test results show.
  5. The gun is made to run with the shock buff, leave it. Again, my guess is the added weight of the optic is slowing down the slide a lot. You may even need a 9lb spring. That optic looks heavy. In my 9mm 1911, I run a 10lb spring, sometimes going to 9lb. So that 11lb spring, with the added weight of the optic, is slowing down the slide a lot.
  6. Was the optic added after you got the slide back? If so, an optic does add weight, which slows the slide down. Which would necessitate a lighter recoil spring.
  7. Adam tends to use lighter than normal recoil springs. In my 1911 .40 cal he built for me, he uses a 10lb spring. But, he also built it to use a shock buffer. And I've tried other weight springs, but the 10 lb runs best. Probably because of the shock buffer. Does your gun use a shock buffer? I would think it's possible as he's using a light recoil spring.
  8. So I'm also guessing your gun is set up to lock the slide back then. But why wouldn't you just use the regular 126's loaded to 10? I was lookig at it from my perspective which here in NY, we can only have 10 rd mags. So we make them work, and always count to 10.
  9. Your best bet is to contact Adam at Atlas Guns. They build their guns to run flawlessly. So see what they recommend, or what came in the gun.
  10. Correct, they will not engage the slide lock. But you did not say you were shooting IDPA. And why would you want to shoot a 2011 gun in IDPA. Is it even legal for IDPA? And besides that, inserting a mag hard into a 2011 gun at slide lock can push the mag in too far and damage the ejector. That's why most 2011 guns set up for competition are set to not lock the slide back.
  11. Had the same problem in my 10 rd .40 mags. Use the Dawson followers instead of the stock STI ones. https://dawsonprecision.com/033-001/ I use them in my .40 mags, and they give you the extra room to easily load 10 rounds, and still be able to insert a full mag with the slide closed.
  12. You may also have some caes that have crimped in primers. Whenever I have a spent primer not completely push out, it's always a case that has a crimped in primer.
  13. You dont want to overcrimp, digging the case mouth into the bullet. Otherwise your accuracy will be affected. Just enough to close the flare.
  14. Only a real problem if you shoot hundreds of 38, then try shooting 357. Even then, not much. But what I do after shooting much 38's, is take a .40 cal bronze brush, attach it to a portable drill, and spin it in the front end of each cylinder. Cleans out any crud line that may be there.
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