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  1. Exactly what I've done with all my competition guns, and especially my carry guns to a lesser degree. Was necessary on my carry guns, because if I drew the gun and disengaged thumb safety, and attempted to shoot it one handed, my smaller hand wouldn't always disengage the grip safety, especially on the more compact 1911's. A potentially deadly scenario in a defensive shoot. Still plenty of movement required for the grip safety to disengage, but enough where it'll always disengage shooting one handed. Of course on my competition guns, the smallest of movement will disengage the grip safety. This video I found explained the procedure very well for tuning the grip safety.
  2. I bought the Super Tuned from Dawson, on sale for almost $500 off. The gun was good, but I am comparing it to my Custom Brazos gun. So I did a complete tear down of the gun of every single part. Put on a smaller grip from Extreme Shooters. Added a short trigger. Did some undercutting of the grip. Adjusted the grip safety to release with minimum movement. Adjusted the over travel, pre travel, and reset trigger to match my Brazos. Reduced the trigger weight to just over 2lbs. And hand polished every pin and moving parts except for the sear and trigger engagement surfaces. I now shoot this gun better than my custom Brazos. Mainly because the grip fits my hand better than the one on the custom Brazos. And being that overall this gun cost me over $1400 less than my custom gun, I'm extremely happy with it.
  3. And they're having sales on them. I just picked up a Super Tuned, almost $500 off. Plus, they still have them hard chromed. Most custom gunmakers are all going to the DLC finish.
  4. I putt on the Shooters Extreme small grip, and it was the perfect solution for my smaller hands. I then also slightly undercut the trigger guard, even though they already do that somewhat. I now have a very high, and solid grip on the gun. I also put in the STI short trigger.
  5. Ibejiheads offer a 10%+ discount on orders over 10K.
  6. Then the 9mm is perfect for you. Lighter recoil, and cheaper ammo, means more shooting.
  7. You didn't mention what your OALis on the 200 gr loads. Also, smoothing out the "bump" on the feed ramp might help. I load 200 gr SWC bullets with no problem. As long as the ramp is smooth, and the OAL is good, you shouldn't have problems.
  8. If the firing pin bent on you previously, it should've been replaced, even if you thought you straightened it out. That is probably why it's getting stuck in the tunnel. Take out the pin, and roll it on a table along the back portion, while watching the tip. I'm sure you'll see it moving in a cicular motion, instead of constantly pointing straight.
  9. From other posts, I know you're talking about a 2011 gun, Which like was stated, is a polymer grip and trigger guard, easily undercut yourself. You can always buy a 2nd grip, and undercut that, instead of the original. Or you can buy a modified grip like these from Extreme Shooters, that have a slight undercut to them. https://dawsonprecision.com/grips-sti-2011-hicap-polymer-enhanced-by-extreme-shooters/
  10. I just ordered a Dawson super tuned 2011, as a 2nd 2011 to my Brazos semi-custom 2011. They're similar in that the Brazos is built upon an Edge frame. I had them change the grip, and the trigger to what is similar on my Brazos. I was looking at a full blown custom, but at approximately $4k, the long wait time, and unavailability of a chrome finish, it's just not worth it for me and my level of shooting.
  11. As far as breaking in, like stated, clean off all the original lube, and oil it well with a good quality lube. And then just shoot it with your normal loads. Shoot rapid enough to get the gun warm, not hot, so the metal expands and rubs down any high spots. Don't clean off the oil, but just add more during the process. The combo of powder fouling and oil acts as a lapping compound. As far as it feeling sluggish, is this your first 9mm 1911? They do use much lighter recoil springs, and STI certainly uses a lighter spring than probably a Les Baer. Also, you'll probably want to polish the feed ramp. 9mm's sometimes have problems feeding rounds because of the feed ramp.
  12. Firing pin spring has no bearing on trigger pull weight, or recoil feel. It's a safety item to keep the firing pin from striking a catridge if the gun is accedently dropped, or when the slide slams closed feeding another round. It should be changed whenever you put in a new recoil spring.
  13. If your rounds are bulging after you crimp them, then it's reasonable something is wrong with your crimping process. First, are you using a taper crimp die, rather than a roll crimp? A roll crimp die will cause downward pressure, if there's no crimp groove on the bullet. And that will bulge out the bottom of the cartridge. Are you over crimping, which will put downward pressure on your cartridge causing it to bulge at bottom? You only need to crimp enough to just eliminate the bell of the case mouth. If using the correct crimp die, reduce the amount of crimp and see if the bulging disappears.
  14. What's your load for using Titegroup with 200 gr bullets?
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