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  1. If the spring was that light, you'd feel a significant decrease in the pull weight of the trigger. Remember, hammer spring pressure, pushing on the sear spring, adds significant pressure on the trigger pull weight. I once had the stock hammer spring in a Kimber(23lbs) eventually wear out where it had less pressure than my lightest hammer spring on hand(15lbs). I knew something was wrong when my trigger was almost like a hair trigger with about 1 1/2 lb pull weight, compared to about 4.5-5lb. Start with substituting the firing pin like you said. Also make sure the firing pin channel is fre
  2. You need either a wider safety that will allow your thumb to rest further out from the slide, or the thumb shield safety as shown. I have had band-aids on my thumb at times for cuts, and it eventually gets chewed up by the serrations of the Trojan's slide. So I dont know how the sports tape would fair.
  3. Only speaking of the 1911, a 14lb spring is what most use in their 45's when shooting light loads. And change the hammer spring to 17lbs. Kimbers, at least mine from a few years back, use a 23lb hammer spring. You won't damage the gun if you only use target loads with this combo. You can also add a slide racker to the slide, which will really help.
  4. A 14lb hammer spring is a little light. I never heard of anyone going lower than 17lb. Why such a light hammer spring? That may be your problem. Go heavier.
  5. Unfortunately they got hammered by covid restrictions(reduced staff and hours), and now the unprecedented demand for any reloading supplies. Lately their response to emails has been 1-2 weeks. I doubt they are out of business. They were sponsors in many of the Area matches. Alex, the owner, is a very responsible person, and I've shot several local matches with him. But the last time I emailed him, he did say they were getting slammed.
  6. Check your feed lip dimensions first? The feed lips may be too wide. And if changing the follower, go with a Dawson or MBX competition follower. The factory STI followers are no better.
  7. Being it's not supposed to lock back, by modifying the slide stop, by narrowing as you noted. But the stock followers on the STI mags are designed to lock back, so sometimes they lock back with modified slide stops, and sometimes they don't. Change the followers to the MBX competion followers. They're designed not to slide lock, and you'll gain capacity. https://dawsonprecision.com/mbx-stealth-competion-follower-for-9mm-38-sti-style-magazines/
  8. Ibejiheads has a 130gr RN BB bulllet that can be ordered in .355". I don't think the extra 5 gr weight will make much of a difference. https://www.ibejiheads.com/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=29&osCsid=77d5218b268e011f775d9e7417825f83 And they do also have 124/125 gr conical bullets that should clear the chamber. https://www.ibejiheads.com/index.php?cPath=1&osCsid=77d5218b268e011f775d9e7417825f83
  9. I agree. It's the greed and hoarding that's accelerating this shortage. Along with those willing to pay exorbitant prices, keeps the greeders in business.
  10. New recoil spring needed. Factory weight springs are too heavy for the target loads we shoot. They will work, but cycle slowly. Get a 10lb spring.
  11. ^This. Having smaller hands, I sometimes had problems engaging the grip safety, especially when my hand was high on the grip. But after modifying the safety as above, I know longer had this problem.
  12. Seriously? Have you looked at any reloading manuals, or online reloading info? Everyone would show this load is above max. And just guessing here, you're testing your loads in cold weather, based on your location. Titegroup significantly looses velocity and pressure in cold weather. Shoot those loads in the heat of Summer, and let us know if you still have your hands.
  13. No, media will get stuck in the flash hole affecting the ignition of the powder. Plus, the vibration could cause the priming compound to break up, and again affecting ignition.
  14. Glad it worked out, though I believe it's the added OAL that made the difference, not the added bell. Too much bell will work the brass, and force you to crimp harder to close it. That's why with a lighter crimp, they feel tight in chamber, because the bell isn't being closed down. And with too much flare, you'll be scraping brass off the case mouth as it rides up into the crimp die. If you start seeing fine brass dust/particles on your shell holder, that's an indication you have too large of a flare. Enough flare to have the base of the bullet sit below the case mouth before seating, is
  15. With the bullet seated so far down into the case, the case mouth is on the bullets ogive. Therefore, when seated and crimped, the case mouth diameter is too small and rides over the chamber step. Seating to normal aol should solve the problem. Verify this by using a black marker and marking the top of the cartridge. Then chamber the round by racking the gun normally, don't ease the slide. Then unload the round, and look at it. If there's a mark/ring on the black, then the problem is what I said.
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