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  1. Postal Bob

    "Indexing" your shooting belt

    Most put the inner belt on normally, and overlap the outer in the back. And then just line up the holster with your hip.
  2. With Titegroup I was using about 4.6-4.7 gr. But cheap isn't always best. I now use VV N320, which is almost twice the price, but much more consistent and cleaner.
  3. Postal Bob

    Clean or Dirty Glock

    You're supposed to clean a Glock? Who would've guessed.
  4. Postal Bob

    Odd Colored Hodgdons Clays

    My clays for over 10-15 years, has always looked like the lighter colored one. I've never seen clays dark colored.
  5. Postal Bob

    Which recoil spring to use

    Whichever spring gives you the best/fastest double taps on target. Fyi, nato ammo is fairly hot compared to most target loads people are shooting. You'll probably need the heavier spring. But test both.
  6. Postal Bob

    USPSA in Restricted States

    Why would they need to carry 70 rounds(6 mags on belt +1 in gun), when a stage is limited to 32 rounds? Here in NY they do just fine with 3-4 mags. And limiting us makes us plan our reloads more carefully. And then when we shoot a big match in a free state, it's real easy when we don't have to plan reloads.
  7. Postal Bob

    No grease?

    Retain, attract, it's nit picking words. Bottom line is with grease, your going to get more dirt mixed in with it than oil. The conditions we shoot in are like being in the desert, and grease doesn't cut it. Mobil 1 has never failed me, even in finicky .22 autos which have real problems in dusty, sandy conditions.
  8. Postal Bob

    Dirty brass

    It's also because a 9mm is truly not a straight wall case, but has a very slight taper. And when we reload, we use a carbide die which sizes the case straight. So the cartridge is not fitting the exact shape of the chamber. And so you get some hot gases blowing back along the cases.
  9. Postal Bob

    Test results for S&W40 with Titegroup and VV340

    You make sure your lowest velocity loads make pf, in the lowest temps you expect to encounter. That, or you use all the same brass, and use a powder like VV that doesn't deviate much with various temps. This is why it's called a game, and we try to game it as best we can. Sometimes we succeed, and occasionally you get bit at the chrono station.
  10. Postal Bob

    Lighter Guide Rods

    I have the Dawson rod. And I really do not notice much difference in the feel. After all, it's a 9mm 1911, all steel gun. There's not much recoil to begin with, especially if you compare it to a .45 1911.
  11. Postal Bob

    Lighter Guide Rods

    I too use the aluminum guide rod in my 9mm Trojan. I haven't noticed any issues with it, but I only put it in for matches that the weight matters.
  12. Postal Bob

    No grease?

    Mobil 1 oil only. It doesn't burn off in the summer heat, nor thicken up in winter's cold. And it doesn't attract dirt and fouling like grease. Our local gun range is a very dusty and sandy environment, and I never have a problem with Mobil 1, even in my 22's.
  13. Postal Bob

    Where can I get a custom jersey made?

    Techwear USA https://techwearusa.com/ They make a lot of the shirts for the major matches. And many of us here locally have had shirts made by them. And we shoot local matches with the owners.
  14. Postal Bob

    Test results for S&W40 with Titegroup and VV340

    You didn't say what brass you used. And if you used mixed brass, you can't really get a true comparison. I did a test of various brass, and found a difference of almost 40 fps between the different brands. That said, I've also found that titegroup powder is very temperature sensitive. While VV powders are very consistent over a wide temperature range. At your testing temperature of 88°, my titegroup loads would feel like magnum loads. And in cooler weather, 38°, my titegroup loads didn't make major pf at a major match. I stick with VVN320 now for consistent velocities across the temperature range.
  15. Looking at the pics, you have a fairly solid indentation from the firing pin. But, it's also clear they are still sitting high. Could they be incorrectly labeled as pistol primers, but in fact are rifle primers? That would account for the extra hardness of the primers. There should also be a way of adjusting the primer punch to seat the primers deeper.