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  1. Never noticed a difference in power, in the target loads we normally use. What I did find out is that magnum primers are a harder material than standard, For example, in my 38/57 revolver, with a very light hammer spring. In my 38 special loads with standard Win primers, I never had a primer fail to go off. But the same load using Win magnum primers, I'll get a light strike in maybe 1 out of 10 rounds. Something to keep in mind if using a revolver or a striker fired gun with a very low hammer/striker spring.
  2. A few things to consider: First, are we talking about indoor, or outdoor shooting? Because for me personally, I can't see FO sights indoors no matter what the target is. Second. How wide is your rear sight notch, or your front sight post? If the rear is too narrow, or the front too wide, you're going to have a hard time to "see any light through the side gaps" as you say. Especially shooting action pistol when transitioning target to target. Third, What color is your FO sight? Again, for me, a red FO is like a laser pointed in my eye. All my eye sees is the red FO, and not much of the rear sight at all. For that reason, I use a small green FO rod. It's not as bright, and only serves as a reference point, rather than drawing all my attention to the dot.
  3. I never found that they add capacity, but do provide some extra space, particularly when used in the 10 rd mags we're forced to use here in NY. Without them, its very difficult to insert a full 10 rd mag with the slide closed.
  4. I would try other ammo. I've found the 15-22 only totally reliable with either CCI mini-mags, CCI AR Tactical, and most times with Winchester M-22. Any other ammo, I experience frequent ftf's.
  5. Ibejiheads makes 9mm bullets in .357", and some weights up to .358".
  6. I use Ibejiheads coated bullets with titegroup, and have very little smoke, and no leading at all. So, either your bullets coating is no good, or you have a loose barrel and need use a larger diameter bullet.
  7. Are you using the stock slide stop, or a modified one that is filed down so as to not lock the slide open on an empty mag? Make sure you're using a stock slide stop, and the factory STI followers in your mags. Should lock back every time with that setup.
  8. Shoot what moves your gun the least. The actual footprint of a pin is fairly narrow. A solid hit to the center, will knock them right off the table with most loads/bullets. It's the off center hits that just knock them over, and leave them on the table. So you want to be able to ge back on target fast. And they do soak up a lot of lead. I had some pins I used to practice out in the woods with hanging them from trees(so I wouldnt have to walk back and forth every minute). I was shooting them with a 44/40 rifle at 50 yds with 200 gr heads. I put over 50 rds into them, plus plenty of 22's. Pins soaked up the lead with minimal damage, but certainly weighed a great more when I was done.
  9. Then she shouldn't have the job! You're required to be able to lift 70lbs in prder to get the job.Call the main office and complain! Most offices will have someone that'll take out the larger/heavier packages. You shouldn't have to make a trip to the PO.
  10. VZ grips https://vzgrips.com , I have the Operators II on my Trojan. They do sell slim style grips, but I find that they leave a gap between my hand and the gun. I have a small hand, so a normal grip feels better. Though it does just make weight, I used an aluminum guide rod for matches. Also, does it have a steel, or aluminum mainspring housing? If steel, you can shave weight using the aluminum.
  11. The reason for some brass ejecting at different places is the varying rim thickness of different 9mm brands. And usually your reloads will be mixed headstamps. Which is why the factory ammo is consistent, all the same headstamp. If in your reloads you used all the same headstamp, you'd see more consistent ejection patterns.
  12. Like others stated, the cause for the primer failure is usually primers not fully seated. But CCI primers are also one of the hardest primers out there, other than Wolf and other Russian primers. Next time you buy primers, go with Winchester primers which are about medium in primer hardness. Federal are the softest, and usually used by revolver shooters who have very light hammer pull weights. But being very soft, Federal primers also have a tendency to crush if not seated squarly in the primer pockect.
  13. Having just retired from the PO, I'll tell you what happens with these shipments of bullets. The USPS figuratively shot themselves in the foot when they came up with the Priority flate rate boxes. Bullet makers were the biggest beneficiaries of this new rate. They can ship 70lbs of bullets nationwide for a price of $12-$15. But at the same time postal employers cringe at it. Moving 70lb boxes through the ssystem is heavy work for most, and usually the reason for the delays. Some PO"s will not even deliver them to your house, but instead leaves a note to come pick them up at the local PO. I always had them shipped to my place of work for that very reason. And they did not always arrive in good condition. I had one shipment come in broken, and there were red coated bullets rolling all around the floor at the PO. These were caused by both poor handling on the PO's part, and bad packaging by the supplier. The best packinging was when the shipper used plenty of tape all around the box, and then ran plastic pallet wrap all around the box. This would keep everything in place even if dropped. And like stated, Priority is insured automatically for $50. And most bullet suppliers will cover them for full cost, or simply replace a damaged/lost package. And though the PO knew they misdelivered your original package, you can be sure the unintended recipient wasn't going to pick up that 70lb package and bring it into their home. And the mail carrier would be slow/hesistant to retrieve that 70lb box. Keep up the pressure on your local PO. Threaten to call the local district office about it. Or better yet, threatened to call the Postal Inspector about them misdelivering "firearm related" supplies. Though even that will not always get things moving.
  14. This article from Brazos guns explains how to modify your slide stop and followers. http://brazoscustom.com/magart/0505.htm Personally, I just buy the modified slide stop from Brazos which is already modified, thereby keeping the original in case I ever want to shoot L10(a NY thing). http://www.1911store.com/slidestopbcgperformancetuned.aspx
  15. Yes.On mine, the middle of the pin's diameter is slihtly small than the ends. This way there's clearance for the barrel lug, but it's a snug fit in the slide. The way I reduced the inner part of the pin is using one of 2 ways. Using a dremmel with a very worn sanding drum, I just keep going around the middle of the pin until there's no resistance. The other way is put the end of the pin in a variable drill, and at lower speed using fine sandpaper, work the middle of the pin until you get the clearance needed. This way is more even, but the spinning nitro fin does make for a challenging task.
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