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  1. I know using this type of set up on gas guns is a recipe for a broken receiver. What about pcc bolts. Will it cause the same issues?
  2. It is carbine length. I can just go back to a carbine tube. Just trying to get to a flat shooting pcc. It’s pretty good now. Thanks for everyone’s input.
  3. Pardon my ignorance in all of this. I have always bought factory built guns. Could I put the rifle length spring in vs spacer?
  4. I have their recommended orange spring, weight and hydraulic buffer. Runs fine but blitzkrieg states it will damage the gun. Why. Seems to run smoother than the carbine buffer tube. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. For dot bounce reduction. Try balancing your rifle to the mag well or a little further towards the butt stock. It my experience it drives the recoil direction rearward lessening raise and help eliminate nose dive. To me a balanced gun transitions easier. Amazon sells lead wire. 7$.
  6. Vanek drop in for me as well on competition gun. On my defensive pistols I usually run the parts in corn cob tumbler for a day or two. Puts a nice polish on them. I also use Oem 3.5 disconnector.
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