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  1. I really like my Redding dies and would recommend them, but I cant imagine trying to load large quantities of 9mm on a single stage press.
  2. I love my Dan Wesson PM9. It's a great gun.
  3. I would definitely replace the springs, especially the recoil spring. 20 K rounds is quite a lot for a recoil spring and the others as well.
  4. I'm with those who check the powder weight only at the beginning of a reloading session. I usually do 4-5 measurements to make sure everything looks good and then start loading.
  5. PCC is pretty interesting in IDPA. For one thing, you have to deal with some awkward close quarters shots that are not common in USPSA. I like it and it develops some different skills.
  6. I shoot CO in USPSA but carry an iron sighted Glock. I feel more confidence in iron sights for EDC, as I have had dots suddenly go out a couple of times in practice. I do shoot some other matches using iron sights so I still get practice shooting that way.
  7. I've been loading 124 grain PD's for years and they have always been accurate although the loaded rounds do show some OAL variation. I got some 147's recently and I'll have to check and see if they show more variation than the 124's I've always used.
  8. I try to shoot the slugs first or last if possible. If they come in the middle, you have to keep track of the shot count which can be difficult. You can always put extra rounds into the berm if needed.
  9. Depends a bit on the optic but I generally zero at 200 yards. If you had a very small target at 100 yards you would have to hold slightly low but for most targets out to 250 yards a 200 yard zero works great.
  10. As poortrader said, about all you really need is an extended tube on the shotgun. Then shoot some matches, see what others do, and upgrade as needed.
  11. I've always done it the first way he demonstrates. I guess I'll have to try bringing the gun up immediately.
  12. I have Trijicon MRO's with the red dot on 2 PCC's. They work well for me.
  13. I've had good luck with a Comp-Tac International for my Glock 34. It retains the pistol very well.
  14. I've been using a Comp-Tac International for a while and I like it. I shoot a Glock 34 but this holster should work well for your Sig as well. It's easy to draw from and has good retention of the pistol, which is important for 3-gun stages.
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