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  1. Thanks, I figured someone was running something similar.
  2. That was my concern, having another full sized optic.
  3. Any specific recommendations for an offset optic. Running the HoloSun 512C for a main optic. Should I try a Holosun 510 or 507. Worried the window on the 507 might be to small for an offset?
  4. This is my gun. I have only had a chance to shoot one match with it but I must say I like the optic. As I get more rounds down range I will keep updating this post.
  5. I understand they are still 30-60 days out. They had a pre-production sample at the Crimson Trace 3 gun match but I didn't go to that.
  6. Well that is interesting. I currently have two RTS optics... Hope they continue to repair the original designs...
  7. Thanks i'll take a look at that one.
  8. What thumb rest is that? Looks great.
  9. So my question on that, would I just skip the sizing die? How does the brass get deprimmed, can I back the die out far enough to deprime but not change the shape of the brass? Have looked around, quite difficult to find reloading parts right now.... Surprise, surprise... I will ultimately want to purchase a sizing die, I have good access to once fired 9mm...
  10. Conducted many experiments with mags, springs, etc, the ammo is the one constant that keeps nose diving. When I use factory ammo that does not have the hourglass it runs like a champ, when I use my buddies ammo that does not have the same amount of hourglass it runs like a champ, so it is my ammo. The only difference is the shape of the brass since we have the same bullet and OAL. As I mention ones in the OP he uses a Hornady sizing die, his brass has the same taper as factory brass. I was thinking about the shape of the brass. If you take your hands and hold them up so you can see the bac
  11. Interesting enough, when the bullet slams nose first into the bottom of the feed ramp it will set back about .020...
  12. I need some help. I have been reloading 9mm for a couple years now on a Dillon 650xl with all Dillon parts (just as is came from the factory). Up until recently my 9mm was all for Production minor loads shot out of a Glock, so if it could fit in the mag and case gage the Glock would shoot it. However I have moved to Open shooting 9 Major. After a significant amount of testing and experimenting I have found that the hourglass shape of the 9mm from reloading is causing me feeding issues with my 170mm mags. Is there any way to eliminate, or reduce the amount of hourglass shape I am getting from
  13. Shoot it indoors. 9mm with 8.0gr. I have never shoot it indoors...
  14. Funny I run 3N37 in my Cheely gun and I never see any flame, not even on video.
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