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  1. I'll see if I can find any of my HS-6 recipes from when I first started. I, too, ended up with a bottle of HS-6 when I started reloading for the S&W Pro 9mm.
  2. Full disclaimer: Yes, I am sponsored by Carbon Arms That being said, I was a huge supporter of Carbon Arms before getting any sponsorship. I was first introduced to the Carbon Arms line during a Babes with Bullets camp. My hands are on the small size and the old way of loading from a shell caddy was virtually impossible for me. One of the instructors let me us their CA Backbone and for the first time I was competitive in the shotgun loading arena. I went out and bought a CA backbone as soon as the camp was done. I received my next CA gear (pinwheel) when they sponsored a match I attended. Not only do they make outstanding products, Mark and company are also huge supporters of the 3gun sport. Even before becoming a CA team member, I was able to email the company and receive prompt and friendly service. As for durability, I have fallen prone on them, gotten the clips caught on the inside of a tire, and snagged them on a car steering wheel (through no fault of the equipment, I have T-Rex arms and have to get very close to the props), I've only had one clip break in nearly 3 years. They are easy to put together and work in numerous configurations. Definitely the go-to shotgun loading equipment in my book.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I was hoping someone had encountered this before and had a simple solution. Darn technology
  4. I did a search through the forums and couldn't find any similar topics. It was brought to my attention by a couple of our club members that they are not seeing their individual results when they log into their dashboard on the Practiscore website, but they can find their results on the match results page. I logged in and found the same issue. When I select 'View All' under my Recent Matches, the last match entered for me was in August 2015. However, I have several match results since then and can find them when looking for a specific match or specific club. The last match under my home club to link to my Dashboard was June 2015. Since this is happening, I have a couple of questions. 1) Since I am the one that runs Practiscore at our club and uploads results to Practiscore, is there something that changed with Practiscore around June 2015 that would have prevented the scores from recognizing individuals? I haven't changed our procedure for scoring or uploading in that time. 2) Is there a way to "link" results to individuals? Can someone go into the match results and associate their name and results with their individual profile? Thanks, Cameon
  5. Banger - it appears no one can register as it isn't completely set-up yet. I'm guessing the link in Practiscore shouldn't be open yet.
  6. Gee, thanks Doug and the rest of the North Dakota crew Edited to Add: Not feeling the love
  7. This match was a blast last year. One of the 'must attend' USPSA matches out there. Can't wait for this year.
  8. Pulled this from their Facebook Page (2/14/16): OK gang, thank you for being patient. Work and family demands have greatly increased this year. I was starting to wonder if I would be able to do this match. Some of the more time consuming details have been worked out and we are indeed on in June. We are gonna have to make a couple of changes though. 1st, I had talked about going to a 2 day format, but we are going to stick with what we know and have been successful with. The match will remain a 1 day match. 10 stages in 1 day. 2nd, we are going to use Practiscore for both scoring and for on line registration and self squading. Stay tuned and we will announce the opening of registration as well as other key information.
  9. Hmmm....may need to find out if any of my Colorado friends are driving down and what the chance is of hitching a ride. Thanks Gentlemen!
  10. Received a "Website is offline. Error 504: Gateway Timeout" the first time I tried to register. Got the heart racing a little bit, but I think I made it on my second try.
  11. Reservations made as well. All I had to do was mention the date and she knew exactly why I was calling. Excellent customer service!
  12. Location: Princeton, LA 71067 Dual Domain 3-Gun match. All competitors shoot the same stages, but Women's Domain and Men's Domain are scored separately. Prize table for both Domains separate, but equal. General match, with the following divisions: Tactical Optics, Tactical Iron, Open Price: $215
  13. I think I was able to register?!? I made it to the nice 'Thank You' for registering page. Thanks for helping with the new link.
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