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  1. Nope. Just set my load to the lowest velocity while shot "normal" position. Shoot only local matches but asking chrono guy at a big match to dip the muzzle b4 each shot wouldn't fly. Never tested it but I think it could be a small charge with long OAL (1.2") resulting in the charge being loose. It's just a theory... I did try a couple of strings with all the same headstamp and got similar results.
  2. I found nook manager for 1.2.1 but the nook just boots without running nook manager. I can find the file once it boots but doesn't auto-run. Any ideas?
  3. Is the software you used easy to use?
  4. The new nook is 1.2.1 but both of my rooted nooks say "software version unavailable". Isn't it supposed to install with the sd card inserted? I don't think I had to press any buttons while it powered up. I just downloaded RASI and then unzipped RASI, then powered up and RASI did the rest...
  5. I'm trying to help someone root their new Nook ST to install Practiscore. I setup my Nook and a backup last year but can't get RASI to install on this Nook. I started with his micro SD card with un-zipped RASI installed but it would just turn on and not install. Tried my SD card that I used previously to setup two Nooks but the new Nook just turns on and won't install. What step am I missing?
  6. Thanks! That's a great idea! I wonder if I heat them up with a torch it will take away the brittleness?
  7. After a bit of research as Trent suggested, I think I may have to go with a nail. Ken sight has two sizes available, .053 and .078. Using a drill bit to size the hole, a 1/16" (.062") bit floats and a 5/64" (.078") won't fit into the pivot hole.
  8. Hello Kamikaze1a! My name is Andy Cree and I own CREE CUSTOM GUNS. We are a from the ground-up custom 2011 and 1911 builder with emphasis on USPSA competition firearms. We are currently taking work if you are interested. We have a few 2011 builds going right now, but we can strive for a fiarly decent turn-around time. What all were you wanting done to your 2011?

    Thank you!


    1. kamikaze1a


      Aloha Andy,

      Thanks for your message.

      I would like to inquire on getting some work done on my Tripp 2011 open pistol 38s. I bought this pistol on gun broker a while back but had not shot it much until recently. Externally it looks like a nice pistol but when I started shooting it and broke it down I am seeing some issues that I thought I should have checked.

      The first issue is that the slide does not move as smoothly as my other 2011's (40 limited). It's okay right after cleaning but after a few rounds there seems to be a hitch just about when the barrel starts to rise.

      The cone comp is contacting the front of the slide which I think is causing the comp to unscrew. Old school three hole cone comp.  I removed the comp and relieved the front of the slide a bit, got .003 clearance and used red loctite but it's touching again and unscrewing again.

      The wear on the barrel's lower lugs look bad. The edges are peened and rounded.

      The mounting for the CMore needs to be re-done. It looks like either the holes in the frame or mount are not symmetrical which I think is causing the mount screws to loosen even with red loctite. I can see with my eyes that the screws are not in line with one another but it may be the holes in the mount that are not aligned and pushing on the screws. 

      I'll take some pics of the barrels lugs and try to get the mount screws too.

      Thanks for your message! Gaine

    2. ACree



      You are very welcome! Please send the picture to creecustomguns@gmail.com.

      Thank you!

      Andy Cree, CCG

  9. Could anyone direct me to a gunsmith who would be accepting 2011's for some work? Bought a used Tripp (open) and it needs a bit of tuneup work before I start to really get into it. Checked with a couple that I have heard about but both not accepting new work.
  10. Thanks for that! I did as you recommended and it does seem to be simpler. The no power factor threw me but I understood once the no score/points part sunk in... Other than hit A's as quickly as you can, what's the basic strategy with time plus? Is it opposite of USPSA where time often trumps accuracy? There's a guy who shoots USPSA pistol and shoots slowly but usually gets all A's, finishes near the bottom but occasionally wins at our IDPA match.
  11. Does anyone have contact info to Bomar gun sights? Just noticed that my rear sight's cross pin for elevation pivot lost half of it's length.
  12. Yes, we were scoring on paper just like you would a USPSA pistol match. With the popularity of time plus I am starting to wonder if we should switch. There must be a reason for the popularity of that style of scoring. We are a small club with 16-24 competitors and the same guys attend each month so it's pretty easy to do without online or pre-registration but practiscore sure is the best!
  13. I was wondering if that would be how it's set up but wondering about the power factor. How would you designate if a competitor was major pistol but minor rifle or the other way around. Are we behind the times scoring multi gun with hit factor?
  14. Thanks for your help Crash! I learned about that pulling while sync'ng early on (the hard way)... One of the things I learned with our recent match was dealing with classifier re-shoots or competitor shooting a classifier 2nd division. I use a separate nook just for that but used the master list instead of adding the name a 2nd time. Found out that was wrong when the 2nd division shooter's score messed up the match results but eventually got it all straightened out. One more thing you might be able to help me with. If setting up a USPSA multi gun match using hit factor scoring, I don't see the USPSA Multi Gun match type listed on the ipad, only 3GN Club, 3GN Pro Eliminator, 3GN Shotgun, Tennessee 3 Gun, Time Plus and Time Plus (points). The Nook does list USPSA Multi Gun but scoring type is either Time Plus or Match Points Entry. What match type do I select for USPSA multi gun using hit factor scoring? Nook version; 1.3.10 iPad version; 1.680 (3)
  15. Thanks! That is reassuring. We're still new to practiscore and learning, often learning from mistakes I made during the match setup but practiscore sure is an awesome tool! Thanks again for the tips and wish us luck!
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