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  1. manolis

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Take a SP01 Shadow slide stop, trim it and you are ok Trim that area untill the left safety doesn't touches the slide stop, Manolis
  2. manolis

    stove pipes

    Not full stroke. .low power factor .heavy spring .very dirty(much friction) .thumb touches the slide .loose grip My thoughts. Manolis
  3. manolis

    Anyone Loading 9mm Automatic Brass?

    It is easy to cut 5.56 cases down to 19mm ( in a lathe).The problem is that the walls of the cutted case is very thick and they bulk too much when a lead (.357) bullet gets in.Also i think that the bottom is much thicker(less volume for powder). Manolis
  4. manolis

    cz 75 long slide

    Thank you.I didn't think it to look at cajungunworks. Manolis
  5. manolis

    Shadow2 Open project

    Very nice job. I love people who dare. Who dares wins. Manolis
  6. manolis

    Czechmate trigger

    Doe's anybody knows if the mineral spirits, WD-40 or gasoline effects the plastic trigger ? I clean my TSO with gasoline or mineral spirit and i am afraid that is possible to break. Thank you. Manolis
  7. manolis

    cz 75 long slide

    What is this rear sigt? I looked at the site of KENSISGHT but i confused. What is the height of the frond? Thank you. Manolis
  8. manolis

    Tactical Sport mag release

    Make a big relief like this
  9. I use gasoline with 5% (about) oil (transmision or any thin oil) on my TSO.I use an airbrush to spray the mix to the parts, after disassemble in three parts , then blow dry with compressed air. I repeat two or three times ,it depents of the dirt, and in the end wipe the extra oil.
  10. manolis

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

  11. manolis

    cz 75 long slide

    Maybe this will help you https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=49760.msg299431#msg299431 Manolis
  12. manolis

    CZ Open Build Theory

    You are my hero. Exellent work. Thanks for the ideas. Manolis
  13. manolis

    Modified trigger bar nose (pics)

    Sorry. I didn't see the date. Thank you
  14. manolis

    Modified trigger bar nose (pics)

    Me too. Please help.