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  1. Nice job.I like it ad i'll try it.Thak you. Manolis
  2. manolis

    Laugo Arms Alien

    I thik that it's the best observation. Manolis
  3. manolis

    CZ Magazine Guide

    Yes it will function without problems. Although there is a possibility to snag the magazine ,if you over do it when you insert it. Manolis
  4. manolis

    Shoe Recommendations

    Next time tak a look at https://mountainclub.gr/κατάστημα/παπουτσια/la-sportiva-uragano-gtx-trail-running-μποτακια-ανδρικα/ La sportiva : great traction , comfortable, waterproof , light weight, Gore-Tex . But a litlle expencive. Manolis
  5. manolis

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    You mean the rib on frond top of barrel? Manolis
  6. manolis

    Limcat Razor Cat, Czechmate Parrot or Atlas Chaos?

    I have never see a CM to have problems with factory or good reloaded ammo, major or minor , cleand or dirty. The problem begins with the reloads (OAL, PROFILE, DIAMETR ) . Manolis
  7. manolis

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    What is Island barrel ? Manolis
  8. manolis

    Laugo Arms Alien

    There will be people who buy it. This is correct. That horse is dead already. Why don't you wait to see when it will be in the market what is the price and the response from the people. Manolis
  9. manolis

    Stiff magazine release

    Glad that you are happy. Manolis
  10. manolis

    CZ TS Grip Reduction

    Another useful tool for removing the checkering is this one : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-SMALL-MINI-ELECTRIC-OPERATED-BANDFILE-POWER-BELT-SANDER-SANDING-GRINDER-FILE-/222208879777 With some good emery clothes you can make exellent job. Manolis
  11. manolis

    CZ TS Grip Reduction

    Try to cut it deeper ,with a file. So you will keep the size and it will be more aggressive.
  12. manolis

    Stiff magazine release

    1. Unscrew a little the holding screw.Maybe is overtired and doesn't leave the spring to work. 2. Check the mag release for burrs. 3. Remove spring. Put the screw in the semicircle that is in top of the spring and use pliers to gently compress spring to narrow the gap between the top of legs. Repeat as necessary to get the release you want. Be careful don't over do it .
  13. manolis

    Hand Fit or Mill

    It's difficult to achieve the tight tolerances of a good machine with hand fitting. The only problem is to put the subject on machine correctly and make good counts every time that you move it .
  14. manolis

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    It's a solution when you can't find the original. Manolis
  15. manolis

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    I have modified to of them and no one have any problem . The gun works perfect and the slide stop doesn't have any movement (500 rounds or more). I have notice the difference in the spring cut but (maybe) the friction is is too much and holds the slide stop in position.