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  1. Got it back last Saturday. And its amazing. Thanks for talkin some sense into me ya'll.
  2. Lol. Ill call it my YOLO Yeeter.
  3. Thanks yall. Like I said before, looking at a 1000 dollar fix made me a little gunshy, but I'm going for it.
  4. I have a Shadow 2 I'm fixing to send off to get milled for an SRO. I think I've decided on Primary Machine to do it. Heard lots of good reviews from the quality of their work. My question however is based on slide weight. I'm debating on the Harbinger V1 cuts and can't decide if i should jump in all the way and have it done all at the same time... Or just have the optic milled and see how it feels before removing any more weight. Anyone ever have regrets after putting the slide on a diet? Am I over thinking it? Just hate to make a 1000 dollar mistake if I don't like the way the recoil feels and have to replace the slide, and start from scratch.
  5. For those of you who may have tried both setups, looking for pros and cons for either. Figure on TTI basepads for either setup, would 21 rounders or 17 rounders be better. With the basepads both setups should be be 22 + 1. I have the 3 17 round Legion mags that came with the gun, but I need to buy more anyway.
  6. Just picked up one of these for myself. Really looking forward to jumping into Limited with it. Anyone have an update on where to get extra mags? I looked at the Greg cote website but it seems a bit confusing for me. And I can't afford to gamble on whether I'm right or not.
  7. When you learn your spending a few days out of town for work, and your gun, belt rig, a few targets and tape, and dummy rounds for dry firing in the hotel room are packed before socks & underwear.... . . . Guilty.
  8. Im sure there has been more than one person get about halfway through that ride and want to start unloading a wave of gunfire... Ive ridden that ride once, when I was about 8. And I wanted to shoot everything in there.
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