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  1. swandme

    looking for stage design software

    does this work with mac OS x
  2. sounds like Milt Sparks Hurry up and wait
  3. swandme

    New Gen II Vortex

    Fabulous new Glass from Vortex getting set up for a LONG range Match on the 338's 3-18x 50 FFP Gen II EBR-2C mRad and 4.5-27x 56 They are amazing These new models have push to lock turrets and the Illumination index is now mounted on the Parallax dial that is located midship and easily accessible. 34 mm Tube and they are very beefy, clarity and contrast are stellar. Hope to post a range report in the next couple weeks.
  4. swandme

    Mag Tube Restrictions ?

    Thanks for the updates
  5. hows the fit on holster wear
  6. Been Away from the game for a bit to get some cutting Done Back with a vengeance Any new rules on Tube length for HMO and Tach Ops ?
  7. Any open who owns any please let me know how you like it. https://www.facebook.com/GCodeHolsters?fref=photo
  8. swandme

    Best XDm 45 5.25 Match set up for 3 Gun

    SO far I have one gotten a full race job from Canyon creek and Springer for my XDm 5.25 40's that I shoot for Tach ops and love them both they are a HUGE improvement over the out of the box shooter Just looking to learn a little more before I send out the 45 Thanks to all
  9. swandme

    Best XDm 45 5.25 Match set up for 3 Gun

    any info out there
  10. After almost a year of use I LOVE the Comp Tach Product we will be outfitting more of our 3 gun Team with their stuff this summer
  11. Best XDm 45 5.25 Match set up for 3 Gun I Shoot mostly HMO Any recommendations for What to have done and Who to do it and how much I should expect to spend would be greatly appreciated Dan
  12. swandme

    308 brake info

    any one else have any derails
  13. swandme

    308 brake info

    I have been shooting heavy metal optics mostly for the last 2 years and i have been pleased to see some of the matches are allowing larger brakes for 308 ( up to 1.5 in Dia. ) I have tried and liked the JP Bennie Coolie and the Surefire as well and a few others but to date this is my MOST favorite by far and its under 1.5 http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/barrel-parts/muzzle-brakes/m11-severe-duty-muzzle-brake-prod54370.aspx I am still looking for the best sub 1 in option Please let me know if you have any recommendations you would be willing to share Thanks Dan
  14. Got in the Comp-Tac stuff today Looks Great, the international was my choice for 3 Gun and they even took the time to ask me how I wanted to wear it so it was all ready to wear right out of the box. I am impressed with the fine detail in the moulds and I like how the Fitment for each Gun is embossed in the Kydex, after a while all my Bladetech stuff starts to look the same and the Silver sharpie wears off after a while . The Mag pouches are Great nice range of adjustment for tension and I was easily able to cant them to my favorite angle. I also Really Prefer the Allen head Screws with Slotted T-nuts so you don't have to fight with them while making adjustments. I will post a Range Report after the first match. Looks Great so far .