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  1. I most like running 125gr Zero JHP's in my K. I run suppressed more often than not, very good accuracy, I like the impulse of the 124's better than the 147's- I am back on target faster. (that said, I have been running a lot of 115fmj lately) I have run a decent amount of RMR plated bullets, they are quite good- around 15yds I can see the accuracy improvement with a jacketed bullet.
  2. yeah, I didn't want to like it. Need to get one now that I see it. Anyone have an idea of a cerakote or ?? color that matches the frame? Might have to do a color twin for fun.
  3. Thanks for posting this up! I hadn't run across that source before.
  4. Thanks unregistered for posting a Mobius vid...have to check one of those out.
  5. My Tanfo LTD likes WST and most any 180's-but seems to find the Zero JHP's the sweet spot, running 3.4gr was nice and soft, this barrel really liked 3.8gr for accuracy-although 3.6-3.8 were all pretty good.
  6. are you guys getting Rudy to do the prescription or has anyone tried tacticalrx? They are local to me and extremely helpful answering my questions so far.
  7. If you like the idea of being in WY, can't say enough good things about Colorado Precision Rifle/ Brian Whalen....he uses the Competition Dynamics facility outside of Douglas WY where the SHide Cup was a few years back. Lots of rounds downrange, no ego or attitude, lots of good wind. We had 0-55mph to play with last time i was there. I think he even has some rental rifles if you just want to show up and go. If I did it all over again, I'd sure like to "arrive/drive" a number of times then buy hardware- would have saved me about $XXk+??
  8. oinco

    HK P7 near Philly

    well, not near PA, but if you come to CO to ski or ?, I'd be happy to bring you to the "dark side"! My wife loves the P7, I love them too- I know a few people local to you that you could probably stir on a more HK-centric board...
  9. You mentioned reloading cost was a significant factor- barrel life costs will trump all with the most viable calibers if you are going to shoot much at all? 300wm would be the best bet imho for barrel life:load costs:hit average ratio...that said, it will take work to get consistent on even a large plate at 1500 in variable wind. 338edge would be next on my list- but in a different package- single shot- repeaters need to be built on a big action if you want to seat the heavy bullets anywhere near where they should be.
  10. I assumed it was a matter of making sure lug surfaces mate up, theoretically should be close enough for careful file work? I searched for a video/tutorial to see if I was missing something, I did find a few cat videos, a thousand Tanfoglio air pistol videos, and some 1911 fitting vids, that was about it? Thanks!
  11. Hello, Wanted to see if someone has a favorite shop to send a Limited slide/bbl to for fitting? And what should I expect to pay (on the high end)? Thanks!
  12. There are some good links here I didn't know about, I'll also mention JCSteeltargets.com. Bought a fair bit from him, flat rate shipping, fast, company is setup to teach marketable skills to youth (at-risk?), donates a lot to prize tables for rifle matches anyway...
  13. oinco

    any 10mm USP users here?

    Thanks for the replies! I had to go and double check myself just now, but STI 10mm mags fit in the .40FS frame (upper/etc. is in pre-op across the country), strangely one fits nicer than the other and both are NIW? I struggled to find the two mags I have, and had to order them from two different suppliers as I was scrambling to get these right before CO mandated that 15rd mags are all I can purchase here. I know nothing about STI's, much less if there are mag dimension differences based on production/etc./etc.? I double checked the Para 16-40 mag also, and it is just a bit looser fit in the .40 USP frame. I looked long and hard for a conversion barrel to fit my Expert 45, only thing I could find was a .400 Corbon barrel that was all cobbled up with a DIY magnaport job, and lots of "no's" from the usual sources of barrels for these things. Oh well, so it goes.
  14. Hello, I didn't find anything via search about anyone running a converted full size USP in 10mm, and was hoping to hear of experiences good/bad/otherwise. I have read about/talked to a few gents that have done it, but that was awhile ago, and it seems that the interest in 10mm is seeing a bit of a swell again? I have a full size .40 with the original and a T barrel to be converted, jet funnel (STI and Para mags fit nicely?), will mill the slide to be able to clear a loaded round, and 16/18lb recoil springs to try...am I missing something? I (may?) understand the difficulties with the hardened chamber - the machining will not be done with a reamer for that reason. Thanks in advance!
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