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  1. The bullets are not the issue. I am the other person that a matt is talking about. My bullets work GREAT in my gun and I use AutoComp at around 181-185PF. I have tried his bullets in my gun and they are not accurate at all. But, his bullets in his gun work GREAT and he gets nice tight groups with it. And I have given him my bullets to shoot out of his gun and they are all over the place. He has tried a bunch of different powders and they are all, all over the place. Now....has anyone else ever experienced this before???
  2. Brazos tuned ejector SUCKS!!!!!! I bought one this past Friday at the Florida Open and i could not even eject a loaded round if i racked the slide back normally. I had to pull the slide back slowly to let the loaded round come out the bottom of the grip and I was still having problems. I talked to Bob about it and he said "just pull the slide back slowly then" REALLY.....WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMFH!!!!! Waste of money to me. and this was for my STI 38 Super open gun.
  3. I have never heard of this before today, just saw it in Powder Valley. HAs anyone ever used any of their powder before?
  4. ok thanks guys. I had a feeling I would have to buy another frame.
  5. Ok, so who would you recommend I call and ask?
  6. Is it possible to build back up the frame rail of a 2011? My frame rail broke and I was thinking that one can build up the frame rail with metal and welding and milled back to where it needs to be. Is it possible? Thanks, David
  7. Eric, yes i see now that you also stated to check the comp to slide fit. Sorry i missed that. But as i stated earlier, my gunsmith already milled the comp back a bit and noe its good to go. Thank you very much for your help amd your offer. Alan and i will be at the range around 3 when they open up.
  8. LMAO yes it was driving me crazy. Thanks a lot!!
  9. If you ONLY knew how crazy and pissed off I was, I almost went FULL RETARD!!!!
  10. Punished, I shot 40 Open for a few years and just recently switched to 38 super, if you need any help on load date let me know.
  11. Sarge, my gunsmith milled a couple thousandths off of the comp that's closest to the slide.
  12. Scott, I can definitely do that!!! are you shooting GA or Area 8?
  13. bigboy, what squad are you in? if we get there in time (a matt) and I will look for you.
  14. a matt, I am working, just no planes to talk to
  15. Well we'll be there Saturday HOPEFULLY in time to see some shooting and the stages.
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