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  1. here's a few more pictures  





  2. Allchin mount


    is this the offset, or regular one that puts the cmore over the center of the gun? I want the centered one. Would you do $40 shipped?

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    2. Jaycwebb


      I am not sure what frame- its a standard Truebore. how can I check?

    3. Posvar


      Measure it with calipers? I think the Trubor is narrow so you should be good to go. 

    4. Jaycwebb


      Cool. I'll PM you and we will set up the sale

  3. $0.128 Per round 0.01 powder 0.03 primer 0.032 brass (once fired) .056 Bullet About 12.8c per round to load. make a spreadsheet with the cost of everything per unit calculated. I agree with Joe, I load about 1k an hour including load, prep, case checking, etc. For the extra $50 I'd rather ship it to my door. Granted, I currently shoot open major full time. If I shot 9minor full time I might change my tune. I only shoot 3-4k of 9 a year
  4. I load 9mm at 12.8 pe round even if I don't pick up the brass. Its cheaper for sure to reload. But the ability to save the time and push the ammo to my house with button has me doing it more often than not. The cost variance is far less than with 45 or 38sc, where reloading is your only real option.
  5. 9mm bulk is so cheap I'm not sure how worth it is to load 9 minor even for divisions where that is the correct caliber. $190 a case shipped is hard to beat
  6. I had an issue similar to Joey. New custom gun with PT grip. Mix of old and new MBX mags. I would see 1-2 rounds per mag get caught up on the feed ramp and not get up into the chamber. I switched to the new STI mags and have had zero issues. All of the MBX mags run great with zero issues in my trubore I think the difference and the issue lay somewhere with the differences in how high the mags sit in the gun. Some how the mag release, release holes on the mag, and the ramp are just not in alignment with that configuration when I use MBX. When I compare the two it is clear the MBX mags sit a little lower and they do not present the bullet nose at the same angle.
  7. I used MBX for a few years with a Trubore and had zero issues, but they will not run in my new gun. The mags are great otherwise.
  8. What are my options if I want to mount an RTS2 to my Legion? I am not seeing anything on the Springer website. Is there another shop that makes mount plates?
  9. I'm putting together a CO build so I can have fun and play with some friends and have fun with it. But nothing compares to Open.
  10. Thank you for all of the help so far guys. I'll keep this in mind as I consider the possibility of a relocation.
  11. I have a potential work relocation to the Louisville KY area. I'd be working downtown, would like to live a little bit outside the city, and would like to live close enough to be able to shoot USPSA matches regularly. Can anyone point me in the right direction of ranges that have matches or potential areas to look for housing? I'd be looking to rent a 3-4 bedroom house. Thanks!
  12. I love my Cameron's Custom Limited gun.
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