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  1. What are my options if I want to mount an RTS2 to my Legion? I am not seeing anything on the Springer website. Is there another shop that makes mount plates?
  2. I'm putting together a CO build so I can have fun and play with some friends and have fun with it. But nothing compares to Open.
  3. Thank you for all of the help so far guys. I'll keep this in mind as I consider the possibility of a relocation.
  4. I have a potential work relocation to the Louisville KY area. I'd be working downtown, would like to live a little bit outside the city, and would like to live close enough to be able to shoot USPSA matches regularly. Can anyone point me in the right direction of ranges that have matches or potential areas to look for housing? I'd be looking to rent a 3-4 bedroom house. Thanks!
  5. I love my Cameron's Custom Limited gun.
  6. I am in town for a wedding and would like to be able to do some shooting while I'm there. I'd be interested in shooting some clays, a USPSA match, Steel match, Rifle range, or even an indoor range to plink around. I would also like some advice on what gun shops are in the area I should check out. Thanks! Jay
  7. I would also like recommendations for a bladetech/safari land style holster for a 6" STI.
  8. Are you getting 20 or 21 reloadable? Which pad/spring and follower?
  9. I'm looking to try some new basepads to replace the Dawson's 19's I have now. Has anyone tried these and have feedback?
  10. 1 Magnet, 4 pouches. 1 mag in the gun, 3 mags on belt. I hardly ever have to use the last 2 mags, but they're nice to have in case something goes wrong.
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