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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to get in touch. And I see magazines are restricted to 10rounds? To use bigger magazines for sport shooting do you need to get a special license? Or do open shooter have 10 rounds in the gun? ?
  2. Thanks, but how can you train without a private bay? That's exactly what I'm looking for, but 4hours drive it's too much for regular training. Are these kind of range so unusual? I'm not from US so I'm familiar with the way people train here. Thank you by the way!
  3. Hello everybody, Is there somebody from the SF area that knows if there are any shooting range (public or private) where it's possible to properly train for IPSC (or any action pistol sports like IDPA, USPSA) ? With properly I mean, private bay, possibility to place targets, use of holsters and no rate of fire restrictions. Thanks!
  4. I'm from Parma! Not so far from Rimini Thank you all, appreciated!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm a competitive shooter on a long business trip to Santa Clara. Due to state regulations I can't rent a gun, so I fear my marksmanship will perish . I'm wondering if there's any shooting group that maybe I can join for a refreshment. Thanks everybody!
  6. Hello everyone, beginner competitive shooter from Italy here. I've shot some IDPA (SSP Master) and about to shoot IPSC. Brian's book totally changed my way of shooting, as I guess happened to everyone in here
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