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  1. These will work in a 9mm Para/Remington R1 double stack but you will need to replace the base plates with ones from Dawson.
  2. Revolver Supply are great and works for my 625s.
  3. Sage Reloading Supply. Currently he opens his website as he takes a certain amount of orders, puts in stand by, fills the order and ships, then opens for more orders.
  4. I use Speed Beez Holster for both my 686 and my 625.
  5. Picked one up last summer and shoots great.
  6. Congratulations and looks like a great start. I will have to research more. Good Luck.
  7. Thanks for the information. Just ordered my Q5 and this will help out on getting my loads setup with the 147 round nose bullets COL.
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