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  1. You could stack 10 rounds in there, turn upside down, remove basepad/spring/follower and measure to the first round to determine where the hole should be. Wouln't you need another hole to make sure you don't have 11 rounds in the mag?
  2. I agree. I have messed up in a match before not remembering I had sfp and need to be at max magnification for holdover to work.
  3. A really like my Razor. I have at times wished I had a little more X but the glass is awesome. Wouldn't it be great to have a 1-8X Razor with the same huge eyebox. Probably not possible, just wishful thinking.
  4. Wish I had a picture of the rig someone built here in NC. It is a pull wagon with a wagon size solar panel raised above the wagon high enough to put one of the common 30" or so square 120V fans on one end. Works like a charm as long as the sun is shining. They have a big beach umbrella, pretty comfortable till you have to get up and go paste and set targets.
  5. Very good point. Too many people just look at trajectory and say the 55 shoots just as flat but fail to look at what the wind does to a lower BC projectile. The wind is not your friend when you start stretching out. There are so many good ballistics programs now, it is very easy to compare loads and bullets on paper. How accurate they will be requires range work of course.
  6. The Stoeger M3K is a very good gun for the money IMO. It is certainly no Benelli, I don't know how anyone could take that position. You can just feel the quality when a Benelli is in your hands and you run the bolt by hand. Smooth as butter.
  7. The aluminum tube is pretty thin where the threads are cut and I have even seen some tubes fail where they screw in the receiver. Throwing them around and in dump barrels I think you can count on failure at some point without supporting a long tube. A longer mono tube is still best IMO.
  8. Good luck with the SLP, sounds like you know what to do. I had bad experience with a couple of them many years back, soured my taste for them. I decided to never work on them again because of unpredictability. They may be better now.
  9. Why would it be different than a right handed gun? The ejection port is on the left side and the shell latch is on the left side right? I can't see any reason it would be engineered different than the roll pin method used in the right hand model. I am obviously missing something if Benelli does it this way? If it does use the little clip like show above then the very narrow slot will be easy to see, just look inside the load port where the pin is located.
  10. Get a Tikka (IMO as close to a custom action as you can get), then find a good used scope on Snipers Hide Forum. You can get a solid scope, the glass won't be the best but if it is solid and reliable then you can always upgrade glass later down the road.
  11. You will want a rifle that will consistently shoot a honest 1 MOA or under for matches and many large frame semi autos struggle to deliver. With the heavier bolt carrier group I think fitment of parts, etc. may be more critical than in small frame AR. Semi autos have frustrated me more times than I can count. Bolt rifles not so much.
  12. If I were limited to one bag it would probably be a Gamechanger. I would hate to be limited though, I am bag poor, I think I have about 20 bags. I added 3 more to my collection just recently.
  13. If you can swing it, get a Tikka T3X TAC. It is worth the extra bucks over some of the other chassis rifles. The Tikka action runs smooth as butter. Normally very accurate also.
  14. Mega IMO can not be beat. I am sure there are some that will match the quality but I always feel I am not giving up anything when I buy Mega billets.
  15. The Savage actions are long and typically do not function as smoothly as a Remington 700, Tikka or many customs. With time of the essence in matches you need an action that will cycle reliably and fast. The barrel nut or floating bolt head is really not an issue IMO. The Savages out of box make for some very accurate rifles. I also think they are ugly but I guess that is a matter of taste.
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