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  1. it's actually not an exact mirror image of the right handed versamax. The shell latch is on the right side with the ejection port on the left hence it's not easily accessible. I tore it down again and could not locate the little clip. Doesn't appear on the versamax schematics.
  2. I took another stab at trying to remove the roll pin on the feed latch of the lefthanded versamax and I cannot the slot with the retainer pin for the life of me. I think I'll have to send it off to the gunsmith eventually if I want a enlarged release button installed. Was hoping to do it myself. Thanks for the input
  3. Thanks for input. I'll look for that carrier latch pin. Couldn't see it before but it's probably because I wasn't looking for it.
  4. Hello everyone, new member here, I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the shell latch on a lefthanded versamax. They're different than the right handed version in that there is no openning at the top of the reciever to push the pin down. Thanks
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