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  1. That’s just poor stage design. Did the description instruct you to take steps to p4? Or did it say to move? Because it sounds like you did move to p4, you twisted your waist and adjusted your aim. Something else to think about - there’s only supposed to be one fault line per point of cover. I realize this is two points of cover, but I’m pretty sure that rule exists to avoid this type of situation.
  2. Interesting. I’ve heard good things about the Rock Island 9mms. Is the sig stock or did you have work done?
  3. Like the title says - anyone running a Sig 1911 chambered in 9mm? I have a Shadow that pretty much runs flawlessly, but I thought maybe I’d change things up and run something a little different. However, it seems like every 1911 chambered in 9mm has some sort of reliability issue. Are the sigs any better, or more of the same?
  4. Thanks! I'll keep an eye on the page for more content, but this is a nice start.
  5. I'm wondering the same thing. I need a few shotgun stages...
  6. Looks pretty nice! Interesting checkering on the grip - the checkering on my pistol is considerably finer.
  7. I understand the slides are different, I'm questioning if the barrels really are or not. I'm fairly certain they are different lengths.
  8. They really are nice grips. I don't even know that I care to find a small frame pistol now. Although I'm still looking... anyone with a small frame Stock II or III? Or Limited? Let me know!
  9. Hi everyone, My new grips showed up today, direct from France. I placed my order on the 23rd, the order shipped on the 26th, and I received the grips today, the 5th. So shipping time was pretty decent. The grips are really, really nice. And really, really narrow. If you want to know how narrow they are, take your factory grips off. That's pretty close. They're nice and grippy with sharp (but not too sharp) checkering. I do kind of think that I should have bought the black ones, but the silver might grow on me. Anyway, here are the pics:
  10. Here's some additional info: Frame styles: (steel): - standard frame: with or without a rail, rounded trigger guard, used on standard models, Witness Match and Stock 1. - competition frame: large square trigger guard, extended beavertail, aggressive checkering on front strap and backstrap, built-in magwell. Competiton frame has four dustcover variations: - short dustcover (Limited Pro and the "not in the US" version of the Limited) - standard length full dustcover (Stock 2, Gold Custom Eric) - long slide full dustcover (Hunter, Bullseye, and US version of the Limited) - long slide
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